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  1. System specs: 256 MB RAM(133MHz), Intel Pentium III 1 GHz and I don't know about the other, but I think I am going for Windows 98 SE as if I am correct Windows 95 may be unstable with 350Mhz+ processors??
  2. Hello. If I am correct Windows 95 has problems with cpu clocks above 350MHz? And Windows 98 SE can at a max utilize 2.8 GHz? Anyways I at least know that they aren't capable of using Multi-Core CPUs and/or Multi CPUs. So I wonder , is this driver related or system related? Because I remember that in Windows XP, Service Pack 2 is required to be able to use more than 1 cpu/cpu core. I had a look at a fresh XP install with a Pentium M 740, the driver version was signed at 2001, then, after XP SP2. It was signed 2004, and that year is when Service Pack 2 was released. So it makes me think, if it would be possible to make a cpu driver or maybe modify one from XP, and then put it in Windows 9x systems, giving suppport for high clocks AND multi-cores/multi CPUs . If that is not possible then maybe take the Windows 98 SE or Me cpu driver and put in in Windows 95, so Windows 98 will be able to run well on CPUs with a 350Mhz+ clock speed. I believe it is driver related, rather than system related as I found out that thing with Windows XP(although it's a NT based system, not DOS). Is it possible that I am right?
  3. OK, I got an old Best computer which has Windows 95B(the one with usb support) on it. Now I wonder, should I keep Windows 95, or should I upgrade to Windows 98 SE? 98 drivers do work on 95B don't they? And same with applications?
  4. Ok so it might work, but probably not? Well I would like to give it a try so I am still wondering how to fool the program to think it is running under a different OS, because if I am right Windows Server 2003 and XP can pretty much run the same applications because aren't they sharing the same like you wrote kernel and driver architecture? So I mean I could install the program by having an option to pick "Windows XP SP2" instead of "Windows XP(no service pack at all ). And that was what I asked at the beginning! HOW DO I MAKE IT THINK THAT IT IS ANOTHER OS LIKE WINDOWS XP SP2 because if I pick XP(no SP) it will say "You need Service Pack 2 or higher". Edit: Heh sorry, it looks a little bit weird but I'm desperate :x
  5. It is supported look at; http://www.safer-networking.org/en/spybotsd/index.html And I have used the latest version on Windows 98 SE without any problems. Yeah I agree it sux that there's kind of no "modern" security software on Windows 9x Really sux Edit: Oh wait I found that Symantecs Norton Internet Security 2005(2006 will install 2005) works on Windows 9x. More info(2006): http://service1.symantec.com/support/nip.n...c=tranus_con_sl More info(2005): http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/nip.n...&view=docid They are still being updated so you don't need to worry about that (or I think so, at least 2006 is being updated and I think that definition updates can be used by pretty much all versions of Norton Internet Security or the "modern" ones) Getting it shouldn't be a problem hehe Finding it might shouldn't be a problem
  6. Maybe you could use some other software to search for ad/malware(which includes trojans) like Spybot, but still use your firewall software??
  7. Well it's simple If software and hardware support wouldn't had disappeared for Windows 9x then I would still have been using it. I mostly use Windows XP as Windows 98 SE can't support multi-core/multi-cpu systems and can't support a lot of ram either(there are patches I know). Installing Windows 9x is full of hassles, but if you love computers like me then it is just fun to install Windows 9x and fix the problems until you have got a fully working OS, which is satisfying that you have managed to do it. However I can't say that any OS is hassle free , I had a lot of issues installing XP x64 Bit on a Lenovo Thinkpad T61, and the "add hardware" sux in windows xp And then we got the terrible Vista. It is so unstable and is so slow!!! But if I was to choose between a fully driver installed and fixed OS, then I would without doubts choose Windows 98! But then again all this flash player talk what does it have to do with the original post in the thread? Isn't it off-topic? It's like saying "Mmh butter taste better than margarine". So WINDOWS 9x FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and the reason to people choosing vista is probably that it is what you get these days when you're buying a new computer. AND a lot of software designed for example XP can still be runned under Windows 9x, but maybe refuses to run as it says that it is not a supported OS, is probably some co-operation with MS to destroy Windows 9x
  8. Ok maybe a late reply hehe but can't it be like that Windows 98 just doesn't support the hard drive type? I think it is a SATA drive so... If I am correct Windows 98 does NOT support SATA, unless you install some thingy? The computer is already dead but it wasn't caused by the hard drive but just to know in the future so I can install Windows 9x on other systems.
  9. Ok thanks for the reply and info. But are you sure that they just claim that it doesn't support XP x64, and that the installer just refuses to install on Windows XP x64? Because for example when I was running Windows 7 on another computer I had to check "Windows Vista" in the compatibility tab to install Norton 360 v2.0. So I'm pretty sure that all I need is to fool the program to think it is either Windows XP SP2/SP3 or Vista or Vista x64. If I am correct Norton Internet Security 2006 or so had support for XP x64 and then they removed it??! But does anyone know HOW to fool a program to "run" under another OS?
  10. Okay, I have a computer which I made a clean install from and removed vista and installed the XP x64-Bit edition, and I need to install Norton 360 v2.0. The problem is that the installer claims that it can't support this version of the OS, or that it is incompatible. Now I know this is bullls***! (Probably some co-operation with MS to make XP unsupported but they won't defeat me!! ) Anyways if I am running it under "Windows XP" compatibility mode, it says that it needs at least Windows XP SP2 to be able to run, and refuses to install :angrym: . So I wonder if it is possible to update the compatibility menu so I can pick "Windows XP Service Pack 2", or maybe fool the computer in another way to be either XP SP2/SP3, Vista or Vista x64! Anyone knows? Thanks
  11. Hmm yes you need to have your windows activated before you download updates. Is there some kind of notification in the taskbar telling you to activate your windows within a X number of days? If so click the icon and activate it either by telephone or via internet. Now if I'm correct you have never been prompted before to enter ANY key during the installation process nor activate your copy of windows? Well maybe it's some kind of installation cd which automatically installs it with the product key and activates. Anyways it seems like the other users are right, you have installed too many times(you can still install how many times you want, but you will not be able to activate XP more than 10 times or so) and activated the product key. Now you'll either have to buy a new key, or just skip the activation which there are many guides on how to do it manually on the internet (I'm afraid I can't give you a link Probably some forum rules preventing me from doing so, but check your PM ) If you do so then you will be able to download updates as it is activated and your key is still valid after the maximum number of activations. So good luck!
  12. Scanned, nothing was found And of course, it didn't solve the problem... btw just wondering, does anyone know what file is used as CPU/processor driver?
  13. Hello. Ok I have a HP Compaq nx8220 with Windows 98 SE installed and applications, especially installers and utilites that extract or copying files are running VERY slow, and sometimes my system seem to freeze and I am forced to shut down the computer by pressing the power button. I don't know what is causing this, but everything is like I wrote beforce, running VERY slow. So as I don't know what is causing this hopefully someone else can help me
  14. YESS! Thank you! Now I got a fully functional cd-drive so I can begin using this s***ware

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