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  1. You can use my RunOnceEx as reference/example. I also use hide.exe among other things. Using hide.exe because when I started unattended I was all about making the installation look as clean as possible. Don't care now but never changed it.
  2. 3 notes: 1. you don't need autoit, check this topic, Avira supports silent unattended install with switches. 2. the BSOD is caused because Avira wants to do a full system scan after setup. Using the scanmode=0 switch the scan won't run and you do not get the BSOD! 3. This means installation will run perfectly at T13. BUT, somehow after windows setup is finished, it's like Avira hasn't been installed at all!! There is no folder in program files. I don't know what's causing this. So you still cannot install at T13.
  3. BTW does anyone know why the installer is "optimizing my system" at the end? It takes quite some time!
  4. Krose, after Avira is installed, it is automatically started (I dont mean a full test because I use the scanmode=0 switch). This means AV is running in background while windows setup hasn't finished and other programs are being installed. I am trying to seek a method to kill avira processes, but taskkill doesn't work. Do you have any ideas? The documentation doesn't say anything about this. I install all my apps using RunOnceEx and my RunOnceEx is started at T13 of the Windows stage. This is why I don't want the av to be running. edit: nevermind, somehow if you install at T13 the installation seems succesfull. But after guiboot it's like Avira has never been installed, there isn't even an Avira folder in Program Files. I manually installed it at T13 to see if there are any errors, no errors! very strange but it seems this AV cannot be installed at T13 Again an edit: nevermind my previous edit. Avira didn't get installed because the key file could not be located. I know do the following: after extracting the original Avira setup file, I copy the key file from the root to the basic folder. In the INF file, I don't give a location to the key file, just the filename. This way the installer is not bound to static locations of the temp file. Besides, using 7zsfx you cannot predict the temporary extracted folder. This way Avira will always get installed. But it does produce blue error screen at T13. So I also install at first guiboot.
  5. Question for Acheron: I tried to modify my method to get it working with the latest D-tools. I came closer and closer to your solution (because DaemonScript doesn't work anymore and after SPTD is installed you need a reboot to install dtools). Now I don't really understand the complexity, why all those actions in the inf & au3 scripts? Why not simply install SPTDinst-x86.exe and awxDTools1060.exe @T13 (using cmdlines or RunOnceEx)... then install DaemonTools.exe and the regtweaks (including the registration of the awxDTools dll) at first GUI boot? This way you only need an AutoIt script for the Daemontools installer and you can do all other things by simply using your normal methods of installing applications (whatever that may be, cmdlines, batchfile, runonceex, wpi). And is it really necessary to register the awxDtools dll at first guiboot? can't it be done right after the awxdtools installer is finished?
  6. Installing everything at T13 means that your unattended installation is as good as finished at first guiboot. Wich is very nice in my opinion and gives the subjective idea that it's faster (not sure if it is really faster, but you do not really need a restart after guiboot so then it is faster). But I still do Office, Windows activation, Driverpacks Finisher and a tool to create users at guiboot via RunOnceEx (WIHU). And now also paint.net. So there aren't any real benefits anymore. It's just "cleaner" in my opinion.
  7. hehe ok but then I would be better off to install Paint.Net @ first guiboot with my 2nd RunOnceEx (have a shrinked Office2003, never got it working @T13 so I install this with a 2nd RunOnceEx at guiboot). .Net Framework & all other applications installed at T13 and paint.net at guiboot. My goal is to install as many things as possible at T13 but unfortunately it's not going to work for Paint. I also created an MSI using the CreateMsi switch but that doesn't install either.
  8. Unfortunately this doesn't work if you install at T13 ! I haven't found any working method to install Paint.Net at this stage. My RunOnceEx runs at this stage instead of first gui boot. When I extract the downloaded setup file and run the setupfile inside this package without any switches, I get to see the error wich is the reason why it doesn't work: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.5.0727\mscorwks.dll cannot be loaded Ofcourse .Net 2.0 + 3.0 + 3.5 is the first item in my RunOnceEx. But I think a restart is needed before you install any apps that require .net. Is there a method to bypass this check?
  9. Hi here are the files. Use the 7zsd.sfx file from Oleg, the Antivir.7z file you can create using Cool400 script, and the config.txt file below. Start > Run.. type CMD press ENTER. In the command line window, enter this command: COPY /B 7zSD.sfx + config.txt + Antivir.7z Antivir.exe The result is: if you DON'T use silent switch, you wil get a notification window after Avira Antiv setup has finished (have to click OK) so you will know when installation is done. Don't have a screenshot of this window.) If you use the -? switch you get this: Actually the info above is incorrect! the -y is indeed the silent switch, but if you also want to hide extraction progressbar use -y -gm2. I fixed this in my installer, just to lazy to update the screenshot. And ofcourse you need ResHacker to modify the icon and version info. I also use UPX.exe to make the installer a little bit smaller. You can download my installer here: http://ifile.it/9q81nb7/avira_antivir.exe Here's the config.txt so you can create your own: ;!@Install@!UTF-8! Title="Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE Antivirus" ExtractTitle="Avira AntiVir Personal" BeginPrompt="This One-Click Easy Installer contains Avira anti-virus Personal including the latest updates.\n\t\tPlease click Y e s to start installing Avira Antivir Personal!\n\n\t\t\t(use the -? switch for silent options)" ExtractDialogText="Extracting files for installation, please wait..." ExtractCancelText="Cancel extraction" RunProgram="\"%%T\\basic\\setup.exe\" /inf=\"%%T\\setup.inf\"" RunProgram=hidcon:cmd /c cacls "\"C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\avnotify.exe\" /e /d Everyone" OverwriteMode="0" GUIFlags="6176" FinishMessage="Antivir Antivirus installation finished successfully!" HelpText="Antivir Antivirus One-Click Installer will install an up-to-date version of Antivir • No pop-ups! • \n\n_______________________________________\n\nSwitches for silent install: -y\nAnd to supress extraction progressbar also use -gm2\n\n_______________________________________\n\nEasy Installer created by ZileXa.\n(c) 2008-2009 ZileXa[at]myrealbox[dot]com\n\nThanks to Cool400 for his Avira antivir script & installer creator.\nThanks to Oleg_Sch for his incredible 7z SFX module." ;!@InstallEnd@! The regtweaks to prevent popup after updates didn't work for me so I removed them from the config file above. BTW I recommend you do the following because Avira wil not always install since it cannot find the .key file. This is caused by the fact that in the .INF file you have to give the full static path to the key. But you cannot predict the name of the temporary folder created by the 7z extractor: after extracting the original Avira setup file, I copy the key file from the root to the basic folder. In the INF file, I don't give a location to the key file, just the filename. This way the installer is not bound to static locations of the temp file. Besides, using 7zsfx you cannot predict the temporary extracted folder. This way Avira will always get installed. But it does produce blue error screen at T13. So I also install at first guiboot. You can use the INF file that I attached, just don't forget to move the key file to the 'basic' folder. Download my Easy Installer here: http://ifile.it/9q81nb7/avira_antivir.exe
  10. Well, I thought this topic was created because there was a need for a new solution, because of some major update of d-tools. I just install using /S switch. Then I use a simple autoit script to install Daemonscript because I couldn't find a working silent switch. And finally I run this script (just a text file): DaemonDriveInstall.DaemonScript Version|1.6.0|2| DeviceCount|1| Done! Just need the regtweaks to add Mount and unMount to your rightclick menu for ISO and other image files and you're done. Don't have them available now. But there should be a topic here wich explains everything in details. EDIT: Nevermind, just tested with the latest D-tools, installer needs restart so the solution from Acheron is needed.
  11. I dont really understand why to use all these scripts and Arniworx. Why not just install daemon tools silently (daemontools.exe /S) , install daemon script + a script silently and add the Mount/unMount option to your right click menu via regtweak?
  12. What does /tasks=\"launchsdhelper\" really do? Why do you want to start this during runonce ex? Spybot also runs Teatimer every time you startup Windows. Seems the only way to get rid of this is do a reghack. But if you install manually you have the option not to run teatimer (or doesn't that mean "disable teatimer"?).
  13. sorry for late response, been busy. Will post them tonight
  14. There are new components in the latest 2.4.0 WMLite. I cannot find documentation on any new switches. Does anyone have an idea? Goal: install WMLite with ALL components. Never mind, when you start WMLite.exe, in the information screen scroll down and you'll find the up to date silent switch: wmlite240.exe /VERYSILENT /COMPONENTS="codecs\directshow, codecs\dmo, codecs\vcm, wmf, wmp6ax, wmpcore, browserplugin, audio" I would recommend not to install wmp6ax since wmpcore already supports anything you might do with wmp6ax (activeX control).
  15. indeed jaclaz, that's a great 7z sfx module and you can create pretty cool installers with it for Oleg for creating it AND translating his manual.
  16. I've taken a closer look at your config.txt file, you are missing 2 "" at the end of the 3rd RunProgram variable. This way your installer has a corrupt config.txt and it won't work. I have created a gui with Oleg's 7z SFX, with silent switch. I've also used Reshacker to update the version info. If you are interested I can post screenshots and the config.txt file here, you may use it if you want, I am not planning to maintain it or have an active role in this.
  17. Hey, why do we have to select the program files path and the windows path? You can simpy use the default Windows variables: %programfiles% = the program files folder path, no matter what language you have %systemroot% = the windows folder path, no matter what language you have Btw I see you use the amazing 7z SFX module from Oleg, very good choice. It would be nice if there is still a switch necessary to install. I just accidentally installed Antivir by double clicking... with a switch the installer could be used both silent, unattended and normal. Ofcourse with your AOM you could give the user the option to have a switchless or non-switchless installer.
  18. if you install ie7 or use a ie7 add on, that could kill your runonceex entries in the registry, so runonceex will never run.
  19. Came across this topic. I see no one has a mirror anymore? ofcourse the link I gave is no longer valid. Here's a new link. The download contains the vista sound scheme, no updates since my previous post here. So it's only useful if you do not already have the soundscheme or lost it. Make sure the Media folder is copied to %SYSTEMROOT%\Windows\ and add the contents of the regfile to your regtweaks.reg file that you call via cmdlines.txt (the registry entries must be done during T13 and via cmdlines is the way to do it). %SYSTEMROOT% stands for C:\ in most cases. Edit: sorry forgot the link, I updated post #20 with my new link: http://ifile.it/2x6kdg7/soundscheme.7z check post #20 for more info if you have problems
  20. Will the installer created by this script also disable the extremely annoying popup? I'm looking for an unattended silent way to disable the popup for all users (XP). The normal method is described here: http://www.tipsfor.us/2007/08/15/make-avir...on-more-usable/
  21. Can anyone confirm the created installer will install correctly at T13 (using RunOnceEx, so not at first GUI login but before)?
  22. I read lots of replies from people switching from AVG 7.x to Avast since AVG 8.0 has become bloated and uses more load. But why do you switch to Avast and not for example to Antivir wich is also free?
  23. Quote from the dopdf site: PrimoPDF can do this. Benefits: easy searching from windows deskop search (keywords, title, author).
  24. I think there is an option in AutoIT to do that, run it hidden.
  25. PrimoPDF is very good. It has a great simple user interface and all the possibilities you want. I install it with an AutoIT script, works fine, no log file after install. it's in this forum somewhere. Works with all languages.

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