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  1. Start over with a clean source. You will find the option that you used to disable them.
  2. Any file that has to be extracted and then click setup. It could be a zip or exe. See? I don't know what you mean by xcopy, etc. That's why I asked for a "step by step" instruction. Where do I use this 'xcopy' within WPI?
  3. Can anyone give me a step by step to create an addon for a file that must be extracted?
  4. That's strange. I have an AMD motherboard and my drivers install without a problem. Of course, I create a driver pack.
  5. nLite is absolutely clean! I suggest you run a virus scan and start over.
  6. Get real! That's an awful lot of trouble to overcome a couple of clicks. Copy it to your 'My Documents". Right click it, and send it to desktop (that is, if you included it on your CD). Come on! Use nLite as it was intended to be used.
  7. Turning an electrical item off and on does more harm to it than leaving it on. The only thing you are saving is electricity. I've had my monitor for well over 10 years. When I got it, we didn't even have windows. How long has that been?
  8. When I use Clear Type, my desktop shortcuts get very large. Does anyone know a cure?
  9. Try this: http://rapidshare.com/files/65582285/Smart...kup202.zip.html
  10. The "Tour" option is located in the "Operating System Options". Since your last post, I have no idea what you are talking about.
  11. HowdyDoody


    Mine doesn't act strange. Maybe you have a spook.
  12. I wasn't aware that nLite controlled this. It never has changed for me. I have always gone to "power options" to change "20 minutes" to never.
  13. HowdyDoody


    I beg your pardon, but if you don't check "blank password", you will be asked for it when you do an unattended installation. The "password expiration" is already there by default. Thank you very much!
  14. HowdyDoody


    Make him the administrator and check the "blank password" in user.
  15. I think something is getting lost in the translation. I think it's a pretty good program, but it really needs some detailed instructions. I appreciate your help, but anything that is that hard for me to understand, I just stay away from. I have too much to do to have to experiment with a program. I say again; I appreciate your efforts.
  16. Turned out to be "Logical Disk Manager" in "Hardware Support". Now ain't that logical!
  17. I posted this question on another topic. I guess I messed up. I should have started a new topic. How do you create an addon with WPI when it is a file that must be extracted?
  18. Don't use nLite to burn your CD. ImgBurn is free and it does a good job fast.
  19. Lighten-up, Ponch. Like you said: It probably doesn't have anything to do with nLite. The man was working with nLite, so he assumed it was an nLite quirk. I have had the same problem myself. Some new CDs come formated in a way that your program doesn't like. Never-the-less, nLite does have some funny quirks. I agree that his title was not good, but, hey, don't click on it.

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