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  1. I've decided to go back to an INI that has it correct and remove a few things at a time.
  2. Right click My Computer. Click Manage. Disk Management is gone. Does anyone know what I removed in nLite to do this?
  3. I had just finished downloading the program when I posted here. I hope it is the current version. It took me 45 hours to download it using dialup. I'll try using it when I get a chance, and let you know how I come out.
  4. Maybe I don't understand the purpose of your program. I use nLite to decrease the size of the installation. I don't what you mean by 'have you made any changes to nLite". Changes to what in nLite? I don't use addons or WPI.
  5. I tried your WinBuilder. It freezes up at nLite.
  6. The only time I have received that error is when my CD was bad. Try another one.
  7. Download the next 3 files and put them in an empty folder. Click on the first one and it will glue them back together. This is a more elaborate program, but sometimes it finds folders that it can't delete. That's why I use it after the first one. I didn't realize that the upload limit was just 200k, so if you want the other two files, you'll have to email me at arnoldh@cumbytel.com. Create_Remove_Empty_Folders_red_v2.1_setup.exe
  8. I have attached a little program that I use to remove empty folders. Before I use it, I always create a restore point and I use GoBack (just in case). I have another one that I use, for, more or less, cleanup, but I have to break it up into sections and I don't have time right now, so I will post it later. Arnie EmptyFolderNuker.zip
  9. Have you tried installing without the drivers? You need to narrow-down where the problem is coming from. Arnie
  10. Just delete them before you create the ISO. Arnie
  11. Well, you lost me. I used VirtualBox one time. I created the virtual PC on my secondary harddrive and installed from there. I don't really remember how I did it. I do remember that I had the choice of places to create my VirtualBox. I chose not to take the chance of messing up my primary system to experiment. Sorry I couldn't help, but good luck, Arnie
  12. I don't think you can do anything to prevent the CD from starting. I'm sure your ISO supplies the proper hidden files to boot the CD. You may have a glitch on your CD. I have had the install stop at places, and I have had to burn my ISO on another CD. I would try to burn the ISO onto another CD. Arnie
  13. I finally go my basic installation to work like I want it. I did find a bug and a couple of things that I don't have the option to leave out. The bug: nLite doesn't recognize the 800x600 screen resolution. I just changed that once the install was complete. I tried the stripped down method of the Windows CD that you recommended, but I got errors. Now I'm trying to install my drivers and programs with WPI (stand alone). I haven't figured that out yet. Thanks for the help, Arnie
  14. Well, that made it faster to copy. It just took 5 minutes. I can live with that. Thanks, Arnie
  15. You can bring your computer up normally. Put the CD in. Do an upgrade, but it won't recognize the registration number.
  16. I only use DVD-RWs or CD-RWs. You'll have to do a complete reformat with something like Nero to use them again with nLite, thought. Arnie
  17. Are you saying that only the i386 folder is changed by nLite?
  18. Last I heard, Windows Firewall isn't any good, anyway. I use Zone Alarm Internet Security, but it has failed me a couple of times.
  19. Certainly there is. nLite will only copy the files that it needs. Which, in my case, is about half of them. Figure it this way: I delete the files from the folder I have just used. Then copy the unused source to that folder. I don't know about your computer, but my 2ghz takes some time. nLite would copy the files it needs to a different folder and make the ISO. If you remake the installation, then nLite would delete the files in the folder that it made (which are much fewer), and you're ready to go again. Arnie
  20. I do have it copied to my hard disk. I was just making a joke about my CD. It still takes a lot of unnecessary time to delete the used files and copy the clean files back to the nLite directory. I did try VirtualBox, but it is slower than just doing a regular install. I'm not looking for an alternate way. I'm offering a suggestion. Thanks, Arnold
  21. We all know that this is a "Trial and Error" program. We have to begin with a clean source every time we make a mistake. I'm not a programmer, so I don't know the 'ins and outs', but it seems to me that nLite should copy the files it needs into a different folder, and create the ISO from there, leaving the source intact to be reused many, many times without reloading from the CD. It certainly uses up a lot of time. I think my CD is about worn out. Just my 2 cents. Thanks, Arnie
  22. I never REMOVE services. You never know when you will need to activate one. Arnie
  23. I have a little program called "WinPatrol" (free). It does a number helpful things (I won't list here), but one of them is to enable or disable services. You might try it. Arnie

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