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  1. Missing bootmgr

    I want to make a bootable win xp install on a usb drive Tried following http://www.vandomburg.net/installing-windows-xp-from-usb/ but I cant get that to work
  2. Missing bootmgr

    Whenever I try to either just make a bootable disk from withing windows 7 or uses HP usb disk utility I always gets this error. How am I supposed to make it real bootable with xp files? (Doing it with Win7 or Vista have never been an issue)
  3. Need a NAS/HTPC Server vlite

    I currently run a server which only works as a Ventrilo server and mediaserver. But I need it to be able to be my HTPC instead of my main pc aka VLC and some musicplayer So my req is VLC (Dont think this requires any mods) FTP server Share drives (So I can map them as network drives on 1Gb network) Ventrilo server Some remote control (Vnc or something) Will use my Auzentech Prelude and the N8200 on my MB for sound and video. Any things I should out for not to delete? Edit: Went with http://codepad.org/xREnHPFD hope thats gonna work
  4. Vista lag on popups

    Fixed it doing this :
  5. Vista lag on popups

    I have a fast system as well, but your not reading my problem. I would not consider seeing a person getting online on MSN as multitasking, but it still makes me lag. I have the same cpu as you but the problem still stays even if I overclock to 3.4Ghz so thats not the problem! Its a software issue in vista as it happens in both VLC and in WoW or SMPlayer. I am not running any other things in window mode Here is an exampel, having that menu open in the top makes the movie lag insanely much, closing the menu and I have no problems whatching the movie. If MSN had made a popup message saying "Dude123 has come online" It would be the same lag. Here is a few more screenshots first one is lagging like crazy second is running smooth and there its the start menu being open that causes it
  6. Vista lag on popups

    Not sure if I am allowed to ask this inhere, but this is the only place I know with a lot of vista installs. I have everytime I have installed Vista had some fps drop problems, especially in VLC (Playing 720p and 1080p) and in WoW (Window mode) Everytime I get a popup in msn (A new message or a person going online) my framerate is divided by 10 and the same seems to happen in VLC but here its also if I cilck on the menu items while the movie is playing like clicking video -> subtitles etc, just having those "popup" windows forth makes the computer lag like crazy. And apparently its not everyone who have the problem as my friend never have the problem who is also playing WoW. Also if I hold over a program in the toolbar which makes a tooltip come forth the it will lag insanely much as well. It is like the app with the popup somehow is given way too many resources and that limits the programs that really needs them Specs: Q6600 @ 3Gz 4Gb PC6400 HyperX ram Asus 8800 Gts 512 This is currently my biggest concern in vista, so if anyone know how to fix it I would be grateful.
  7. Complete Guide to VLite v1.2 (PDF)

    I got it working now, I just kept everything that had something to do with storage.
  8. Complete Guide to VLite v1.2 (PDF)

    Any idear what may be causing the issues I have ? I removed all the parts marked as safe and 90% of those marked orange/semi safe http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=128366
  9. Some explenation of my problem: http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.as...p;enterthread=y I was going crazy thinking my 900Gb data was gone, but then I tried installing Win xp back and could then see my drive, I then tried again installign Vista (vlited version as I am quite happy about everything else) but same problem, my WD GP drive was not accessable. Then after 4 more reformats and reinstalls I tried installing a default Vista and POOF it worked! So if anyone could tell me which component / service or whatever I should NOT remove I would be truely grateful, I followed the PDF guide just posted here recently to check which items was safe to remove and removed almost everything that was not stamped as unsafe.
  10. I have a Corsair Voyrager 8gb which I would like to use for installing Vista as I often change my autoinstall using Vlite, but I can't get the my computer to boot from it. I then tried to follow this guide http://kurtsh.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!...mp;sa=167664163 but when I use the command list disk my flash drive is not shown, and if I seek for info about how the list disk works it should not list removeable disks. So how am I supposed to do this? EDIT: Apparently you can't see most usb drives with the List Disk feature when running Win XP. So I have to find a Vista machine to format my key from.
  11. Need help finding vista image with sp1 default

    Do they do that? And if they do I probobly have to get it sent from Canada, not sure they will do it then.
  12. Vlite complaints about wim filter

    I have wimfltr.sys wimgapi.dll wimfltr.inf in my dir, but still cant launch vlite. I run win xp x86, cant see why it shouldnt work.
  13. missing wimgapi.dll

  14. I am danish but I bought my dell laptop while on a trip in Canada, I have this oem license (32bit I guess) but I want a vista buisiness edition that has sp1 as default and not slipstreamed as I hate doing that. But what should I look for? Everytime I try to get somethign it says my cdkey is invalid, only seems to work with my oem disc (being oem is prolly the reason). Anyone had a similar problem?
  15. My hardware driver as integrated?

    I have forceware drivers and my sound card Auzentech that I would like to implement, but is it possible?