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  1. Hey guys, I've used nlite to create a pretty nice custom XP installation. My only experience has been with integrating service packs, some drivers, and tweaking some of the settings. What I'd really like to do is create a custom winnt.sif file to put my documents and settings on my D: and my program files on my E: Even better, I'd like to have my My Music on F: and My Pictures on G: Is there a way to safely automate this in an unattended installation? Where does the winnt.sif go and what commands need to be inside? Thanks!
  2. Autologin

    Thanks for the responses guys... I created the account I set it to autologon Logon Count (0 for ininite) set to 0 I set it to have a blank password I set it to have a Password Expiration to 0 When I boot, the computer stalls / halts on "Applying Computer Settings" ... I am forced to reboot --- nothing happens! After reboot, I get the message that "Windows could not log you in" and then it defaults to the simple login prompt to login with Administrator. After I login as administrator, I go to User Accounts, and there is no sign of JOE. What is going on? * Yes, I changed the name to DAN instead! *
  3. Autologin

    I'm using Nlite I want to create the user account JOE to autologon Should I disable my Administrators account? How do I configure this so my JOE logon just LOGS ON without any passwords, etc
  4. errors with nlite and hotfixes

    I used Windows Updates Downloader to download all of my updates. I then used nlite to integreate them into my 2000 folder. A number of error and some hotfixes didn't get installed ... I'm pretty sure the .NET updates didn't get installed. Is the order of hotfixes important? How would you guys do this? I'm a noooob. thanks!