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  1. I just did a new install. Now I come up with this. What did I do to cause it? My last install just shut on down.
  2. I have an RJ-45(5e) cable. I thought this would be a simple undertaking, but it looks like I need to do a major study. I saw something on eBay that just plugged into a USB. I wish I remembered what it was.
  3. What do I need to fill in in unattended-Owner and Network ID? I have 'computer name', 'Full Name', 'Work Group', 'Organization'?' Under 'Domain' I have 'Domain name', 'User name', and 'password'. I guess that would be my ISP information for logon. I don't have a clue as to Networking!
  4. I have a laptop now. I am told that I can link them through an ethernet cable. Do you know what I need to leave in to accomplish this? I'm running Vista with SP3 on my laptop and XP with SP3 on my desktop.
  5. Yes, if you tell it to. Otherwise it will make you think you have a good overwrite. I had that trouble when I started using nLite. Imgburn won't eject the disk after it erases, either. In fact, it will tell you that the disk needs to be erased. I was just trying to tell the man what could be happening.
  6. Are you using the same CD-RW every time? If you are, then the nLite burn program does not erase the files that are on it, and it doesn't tell you otherwise (I have found). Use 'Imgburn'. It's free, and it does the job right.
  7. It's a Kodak camera. It doesn't show up anywhere (ie, Explorer, or hardware device. I built a new install, but I can't test it until I get a new hard drive. I added everything you folks suggested.
  8. I thought I would give you guys an update. I have not found the problem. I can'r do anymore testing until I get a new drive to test a new build on. I did get a temporary solution for my problem by purchasing a memory card.
  9. I know all of the prerequisites. I've been around for awhile. I installed the driver from my CD. When I turn the camera on, I hear a 'plunk' like it recognizes it, but it doesn't show up. I hope you can help. LAST_SESSION.INI
  10. Does anyone know what I could have left out that causes my computer to be unable to recognize my digital camera? I included everything, that I know of, that concerns the camera wizard.
  11. I was just trying to help. You don't have to get nasty. Bye the way, I can produce bootable CDs with Nero. Of course, they have to be RWs. Any fool should know that.
  12. @HowdyDoody If you just "copy files", it won't work to install from USB. I don't think you read my last post. I know that you can format a CD and a floppy to include the system files. I imagine you can do the same with a USB stick. Like I said, I really don't know.
  13. I haven't used USB drives, but can't you format them to include system files?
  14. Why not extract the files from the ISO and copy them to the USB?
  15. I would imagine that it would install everything that you left out.
  16. Go to "services" and enable print spooling. Right click "My Computer". Click on "Manage". Click on "Services And Applications".
  17. What's wrong with the one we have now?
  18. I just purchased an external hard drive enclosure. Windows sees it alright, but it does not load the driver, as it should. Does anyone know where they are on my original XP installation CD?
  19. I install Windows, drivers, and tweaks via nLite. Then I make the changes that I prefer. I then install my software with WPI standalone because I have all of my programs in WPI, including some that I might need later on. This way I can install the ones I need under normal circumstances.
  20. You folks are trying to see how small you can make the install, and, down the road, it's going to bite you. I made a small install and used it for about 3 months. One day I need to install a program for temporary use. It wouldn't work. It need something that was not there. I installed my original Windows on another hard drive. Everything worked. Now I use nLite to create a silent install with just the tweaks and to remove things like languages, messenger, AMD processor support, etc.
  21. I rebuilt my hard drive. Now when I try to run nLite, I get this error: "nlite failed to initialize". I've searched the forum, but the search doesn't seem to working for me. Anyone know why I get this error?
  22. You probably click "finish" rather than ceate ISO as I did on my first try.
  23. Are you trying to install to a virtualPC? VirtualPC's are a pain in the ???. Some day they will be perfected. If "yes", then burn it to a CD and look at it. OR, you can look at it with 7-Zip without burning it to a CD. Then, if it's not there, rebuild your ISO from a new source.
  24. Dowload ImgBurn. It's free and it does everything right. Download

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