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  1. Yipes.. I had no idea.. They just made an ISO of it and said that it was a maintenance tool.. .Never used it before but from what I have heard, its really good which is why I wanted to add it... So technically, this is warez ? And my Supplier is the person from whom I bought my PC.. Edit ; OK, I see.. I better get rid of it then.. I have never used the thing so I assumed it was freeware.. Back on topic, can anyone inform me anything about UBCD4Win ?
  2. Hiren's Boot CD is warez ?? I got it from my supplier along with my PC
  3. Hey guys, I was just wondering how to get UBCD4Win working on a MultiBoot DVD ?? I tried to just copy over the folders and extract BootSector image but IsoLinux gives me a Image Checksum Error Went through a lot of work and still no results.. Any help guys ? I am willing to hardcode the full thing into my current DVD if necessary... Also, ERD Commander on bootup asks me for a Windows 2003 Server Disk ?? Is that normal ? or is it because I tried it on a disk which has no OS installed ? Last Qn, whenever I try to boot up Hiren's Boot Disk,i the VMWare machine crashes saying Virtual overstack or something saying that its likely due to either an OS malfunction or CPU something... Any help aapreciated.. Priority to Q1 please lol
  4. Hey guys, I recently started work on my first Multi-Boot DVD and got my first issue solved ( Regarding WPI, must say hats off to Kel for his blazing fast responses and support ) Anyway. I was just wondering if it is possible to integrate Norton Ghost 14 also ? Right now, I just have installer and valid serial.. Integrating with BartPE is also acceptable I am a bit of a newbie to MultiBoots so please be patient with me Thanks in advance
  5. Cool Thanks for the advice.. So EasyBoot supports images in the BootMenu ? And best of luck with usbd
  6. Thanks for the quick replies dude You are truly an awesome developer and quite supportive of users too But regarding the coding, perhaps you could tell me how you set up your Multi-Boot ? And is it in any way similar to FlyaKite's ? http://flyakite.msfn.org/ EDIT: Didnt see your previous reply.. I must admit, you are very fast lol So, I can just place the WPI file in E:\ and then create copies of $OEM$ in each of the OS folders ?
  7. ok... So,it would be like this ? E:\WPI E:\$OEM$ ??? Shouldnt $OEM$ be placed in the install dir of the OS ?? The OS is set to see its install dir as /AIO-DVD/Setup/<osname>... etc
  8. Here's a picture :_ Assuming that my E: drive were the DVD, how would I proceed ? E:\AIO-DVD\SETUP\XP\Professional :- Copy of XP CD E:\AIO-DVD\SETUP\PRO1 :- Copy of Boot Files (Flyakite's Tutorial) The other OSes would come somewhere in Setup folder except Vista which would be like AIO-DVD\Sources or something similar You can ignore the BOOT folder in AIO-DVD as I havent used it for anything yet.. It just contains a few files which I didnt want to clutter up
  9. Hey guys, I have been using WPI for a while and it rocks Right now, I am making a Multi-Boot DVD which will have 3-4 OSs on it... How can I get WPI to work on all four ? This is based on Fly-a-Kite's Tutorial.. However, I want to make a single WPI work for all 4 OSs... Same settings.etc but the problem is that its close to 1GB so I cant make a separate copy for each OS Will greatly appretiate help Drive Structure :- XP CD :- E:\AIO-DVD\SETUP\XP\Professional Boot Files of XP :- E:\AIO-DVD\SETUP\PRO1 Similar with other OSes.. I got the $OEM$ folder thing done on XP.. but now, I want to know if I ought to make any edits to make sure all the programs can access WPI ? My $OEM$ dir contains cmdlines.txt & RunWPI.exe Cheers

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