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  1. Recovery console works normally with the cracked setupldr.bin. I have used it many times. Something else must be the cause of your problem.
  2. You need to modify all BTS scripts that use the directory OEM. (e.g. in I386\PRESETUP.CMD change OEM to anything you want)
  3. Yes, 2003 R2 is 2003 SP1 plus some extras on a second cd. (First cd is exactly the same with 2003 SP1)
  4. Yes it won't work but at least it tells you what's wrong This is the reason that it is better to have two boot folders. But if you don't mind you can merge them into one.
  5. Having the AMD64 directory and trying to install to a 32bit processor you get the following message: "Attempting to load an x64 operating system, however this CPU is not compatible with x64 mode. Please install a 32-bit X86 operating system." Without the AMD64 directory you will get: "Please insert the disk labeled Windows blah blah x64 Edition CD-ROM into drive A:"
  6. Check this: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=58446 it automatically creates the boot folders
  7. I have uploaded a new version, check it out and post how it worked for you, the syntax is now: Usage: create_boot_folder setup_dir aio_dir boot_dir1 boot_dir2 flag_for_using_cracked_setupldr You have to open create_boot_folders.cmd with notepad, modify the included examples and then run it by double clicking the file
  8. Make sure you are running create_boot_folders.cmd and not create_boot_folder.cmd Also read carefully the included help.
  9. Having 150kb limit for each post how could I uploaded here? My only option was to upload to rapidshare.de
  10. No it won't. As I said it works for any version of Windows 2000, XP, 2003
  11. Download the self extracting rar file in the first post, execute it and it will ask where to install. Browse to your AIO-DVD folder. When finished it will create #TOOLS in there, open create_boot_folders.cmd which calls create_boot_folder.cmd, modify it in your needs and execute it. It will create the boot folders, modify setupldr.bin, modify txtsetup.sif, create the boot sector and copy the tag files. Everything described in http://flyakite.msfnhosting.com/ for Windows 2000/XP/2003 is made automatically B). Doesn't this topic deserve to be sticky ? @amd64lover please give us feedback for 64b
  12. Edit: New version. You can automatically create the multi-boot folders and files using my batch file for any version of Windows 2000, XP, 2003. Everything needed is included in the file I have uploaded. File attached so people don't need to wait for RapidShare's download ticket ~ Alanoll Here I will post only the main batch file: create_boot_folder.cmd @echo off if [%1] == [] goto :usage if [%2] == [] goto :usage if [%3] == [] goto :usage if [%4] == [] goto :usage if [%5] == [] goto :usage if not [%6] == [] goto :usage if not exist "%~f1" ( echo Directory "%~f1" does not exist. goto :usag
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