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  1. *FIX FOUND* After spending countless hours on the phone with Microsoft. I believe I have come up with a couple different fixes/work-a-rounds. 1. Replace %system32%\fdeploy.dll with the one found in SP2. This will solve all folder redirection issues pertaining to this post. or 2. Make sure the users' profiles' folder structure has a "Desktop", "My Documents", and any other folder that you use redirection with. The fdeploy.dll that comes with SP3 handles folder redirection differently and will error out if the profile does not have those folders. If you can, please post how you have your folder redirection set up and how it was fixed. Nate
  2. I finally got this escalated to Premier support. I'll let you guys know what I come up with. And please, let me know if you figure anything else out. Nate
  3. This is ridiculous... SP3 obviously breaks folder redirection and Microsoft will not admit to it. I've been on the phone with Microsoft for over 25 hours this week and have got nowhere. I was able to find a temporary workaround for it though. If you replace the current %system32%\fdeploy.dll (version 5.1.2600.5512) in SP3 with the one included in SP2 (version 5.1.2600.2180), folder redirection in SP3 will work if you are having problems with it. Nate
  4. Hahaha I'm sorry but I had to share this with you guys... I called the SP3 support line, after getting my case number and transfered to a tech, I explained my situation and pretty much quoted this post word for word, the tech said this... Tech: "Ok I understand that Folder Redirection does not work after installing SP3. Have you updated your display drivers to fix this issue?" Me: "Uhhhh, what does display drivers have to do with folder redirection?" Tech: "Oh I'm sorry, do you have the folder redirection service running?" Me: "There is no such thing as the folder redirection service." Tech: "I'm sorry but this sounds like a third party software issue. Have you tried to contact them?" Me: "Huh? Do you know what folder redirection is? It comes built into XP, can we escalate this please?"
  5. And then I found this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/242557
  6. Unfortunately I believe you can only do Folder Redirection while on a domain. But you may want to take a look into the %USERPROFILE% variable and this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders TweakUI also changes these settings. Not sure if that is usable with a batch file.
  7. I have tried creating a whole new OU with a brand new user, using a new share and new GPO for folder redirection. I blocked inheritance to make sure nothing else would interfere. Also, instead of using the %username% variable, I forced the correct path, and check and re-checked permissions and paths six ways from Sunday. The MyDesktop and MyDocuments folders where automatically created after logging in the first time with that new account but no files actually redirect there and I'm still getting the same errors. What should my next step be? I can't think of anything else to test.
  8. I turned on verbose logging as per KB907355 and it's not much help... Here's the output: 08:25:33:814 Entering folder redirection extension 08:25:33:830 Flags = 0x0 08:25:33:846 Group Policy Object name = {7BCBFB95-3E36-4E64-969A-1817F5EDDC65} 08:25:33:846 File system path = \\pti.edu\SysVol\pti.edu\Policies\{7BCBFB95-3E36-4E64-969A-1817F5EDDC65}\User 08:25:33:846 Directory path = LDAP://CN=User,CN={7BCBFB95-3E36-4E64-969A-1817F5EDDC65},CN=Policies,CN=System,DC=pti,DC=edu 08:25:33:846 Display name = Student Folder Redirect 08:25:33:846 Found folder redirection settings for policy Student Folder Redirect. 08:25:33:862 The user was found to be a member of the group s-1-5-21-510418058-1399010721-837300805-21968. The corresponding path was \\student\students\medical\%username%\MyDesktop. 08:25:33:862 Successfully obtained redirection data for Desktop, (Flags: 0x9). 08:25:33:862 The user was found to be a member of the group s-1-5-21-510418058-1399010721-837300805-21968. The corresponding path was \\student\students\medical\%username%\MyDocuments. 08:25:33:862 Successfully obtained redirection data for My Documents, (Flags: 0x9). 08:25:33:862 Successfully obtained redirection data for My Pictures, (Flags: 0x2). 08:25:33:862 Successfully gathered folder redirection settings for policy Student Folder Redirect. 08:25:33:862 Redirecting folder Desktop to \\student\students\medical\%username%\MyDesktop. 08:25:33:878 Previous folder path C:\Documents and Settings\medicaltest\Desktop expanded to C:\Documents and Settings\medicaltest\Desktop. 08:25:33:878 New folder path \\student\students\medical\%username%\MyDesktop expanded to \\student\students\medical\medicaltest\MyDesktop. 08:25:33:878 Failed to perform redirection of folder Desktop. The folder is configured to be redirected from <C:\Documents and Settings\medicaltest\Desktop> to <\\student\students\medical\medicaltest\MyDesktop>. The following error occurred: %%267 08:25:33:878 Redirecting folder My Documents to \\student\students\medical\%username%\MyDocuments. 08:25:33:893 Previous folder path C:\Documents and Settings\medicaltest\My Documents expanded to C:\Documents and Settings\medicaltest\My Documents. 08:25:33:893 New folder path \\student\students\medical\%username%\MyDocuments expanded to \\student\students\medical\medicaltest\MyDocuments. 08:25:33:893 Failed to perform redirection of folder My Documents. The folder is configured to be redirected from <C:\Documents and Settings\medicaltest\My Documents> to <\\student\students\medical\medicaltest\MyDocuments>. The following error occurred: %%267
  9. Path is correct, nothing changes except that when SP3 is installed, it does not work. After uninstalling, folder redirection works perfectly. I'm not changing anything else other then SP3. And yes the Distributed Link Tracking Client service is running. Any other ideas?
  10. *FIX FOUND* Click Here For the Post =================================== We use folder redirection (Desktop/MyDocs) for all student accounts in our domain. After installing SP3, Folder Redirection completely stops working and after un-installing SP3, it works fine. I've tried many different XP installs, computers, and users. Also tried downloading SP3 as the redist package, via Windows Update, and also clean install with SP3 slipstreamed. Anyone else having this problem? (included event ss)
  11. No you are correct, I'm stealing all of the Vista keys!!! MUAHHHHHHAHAHAHA Just kidding, but you do have a good point with the whole unencrypted part. So if you are worried about security, just put in all 1's and then just change it in the actual XML.
  12. Yes that's correct. I'll add something there to make it easier to choose each different version. NeoN
  13. Added support for both Portuguese Brazil and Portuguese Portugal I think it's for the WAIK to figure out which image source was used so it can reload the correct catalog (I could be wrong though). Not sure why it's been put in this script generator. On a separate note, the script generates components with processorArchitecture="i386" but shouldn't it be x86? This is what WAIK generates anyway. I always used the WIM file from the Vista CD and put it in the sysprep folder if setup needed extra drivers/files. Also, even though i386 worked, x86 is the proper syntax and is now corrected. Thanks NeoN

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