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  1. JCarle, First, thanks for the great work. I agree with DarkShadows. I have stayed with 2.3 for many of the reasons hes states, mostly the lack of download feedback. If I would do anything, add intelligence to skip files already downloaded even if checked. That wasn't in the previous version. I'm lazy and like to 'check all' so I don't have to sift through the categories and check them individually. I would like more categories. It makes locating and integrating easier. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Gary
  2. Bug in determining %ROOT%?

    This is also applicable when running from a network share. I also think of root as C:\, Y:\. I would prefer the variable be named WPIROOT to eliminate any confusion. I like that you grouped it in 7.2.
  3. Category Sort Order

    I am getting this too. I sent the info via email.
  4. Install Order

    I always thought install order took priority. I like the options in your original note.
  5. config.js and Config Wizard

    I prefer it remember last config always
  6. GUI Annoyance

    Quick update... Unfortunately, no change with 7.2 on my bare metal VM. What can I check for you?
  7. Error after config change

    Quick update... Still have the same issue. I have tested it with XP as a value and it works. Tried it with 7.2 also. Wierd. I can use the Vista value in one application condition, but I get the error as soon as I put it in more than one application. More details to follow.
  8. I saw a topic on this before, but haven't seen the cause or fix. I am running WPI on a clean, fully updated/patched XP SP2 VM (VMware Workstation 6.5) with IE6. IE7 is not allowed in our corporate image. The first image is with IE6 installed and the buttons are not drawn properly. The second image is with IE7 installed and properly drawn buttons. They do function properly after clicking them once, but its annoying enough that I can't let my techs loose with WPI. Thanks for you assistance.
  9. It's been a while since I've used WPI. I am testing the latest version on a clean, fully updated/patched XP SP2 VM (VMware Workstation 6.5). IE 7 is not installed and not part of our corporate image. I get an Internet Scripting Error (see attachment) after saving my config. The only change is the addition of the condition (see below). This is 500+ lines into my config.js file (attached). The error occurs only after this change in some of my programs, not all. Installing IE7 does not change the problem. Your help is greatly appreciated. prog[pn]=['Microsoft Office 2007 Standard']; bit64[pn]=['no']; uid[pn]=['MSO07STD']; dflt[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Office']; forc[pn]=['no']; excl[pn]=['MSO03PRO','MSO03STD','MSO07PROPLUS']; cond[pn]=['getOSver()=="Vista"']; pn++; config.js
  10. When I save a UNC path in Execute Before (config-tools), the leading \ gets removed. Ie. NET USE Z: \\SERVER\PATH... becomes NET USE Z: \SERVER\PATH... and then fails when executed. I checked this by putting in 3 \ (\\\) and it took off 1 when saved. I can work around it but it should be fixed when you get the time. Oops. Can you put this in the Bug forum please?
  11. Does anyone have an update list file for Windows Server 2003 x64 English? If not, I will try to build one myself when I get the time.
  12. 5.6 and future releases wishlist

    I'll admit it. I'm lazy at times. More comfy with batch than JS. I like checkboxes. Things like OSes, reboot, etc. I really liked the WaitCfg tool, but that project died. I would like to see built in support for the most commonly used cmd functions (del, ren, erase, move,etc...) so I dont have to tinker with it myself.
  13. Explorer - Refresh Problem?

    I have seen this odd behavior in Windows Explorer. When the folder pane is refreshed, many items are displayed multiple times and clicking on them doesnt always go where you expect. This problem began with SP2. I have tried to isolate it without success, using clean installs. It happens after upgrading XP to SP2 from any previous version, builds from a slipstreamed cd, and even from my MSDN master CDs (XP w/SP2). Attached is a couple of screen shots to illustrate.
  14. New Version

    GM, Awesome work. XP works great, but i'm having a problem with 2k. The explorer folder pane is grayed out. This was apparently a problem some time ago and discussed here link. This has only occured with the new version. I have been able to build successfully with the old version using the same files (except ones the old version cant handle properly). I am still testing to isolate more specific details, but looking for any ideas or suggestions.
  15. Just off the top of my head.... Somewhere else in the forum I saw a method for a presetup. You could launch a batch file to get the user info and modify a variable or even the oobeinfo.ini. Another method I have used in the past is a floppy with a batch or text file with the specific user info. This could be launched from cmdlines. Both would allow for unattended with only minor input at the very beginning or modifying the file on the floppy. Hope this helps...