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  1. so true. All I can say is when the 2nd tuesday of the month rolls by I'm ready to DL both your lists. Makes things go so easy, much easier than when win 7 was around. tx again, regards....
  2. steve thx again. still using your update lists for win 10 and win 11.... regards...
  3. hi Steve: Will you be doing the June 14th 2022 win 10 (and 11) updates? I see they have not been posted and I know you keep up with them religiuosly. Hope ALL is WELL. thx, Ron
  4. steve: Much appreciated for you keeping the win 10 and winn 11 updates current. I download them every month and make new iso's. thx ron
  5. steven: Is the Nov. 10th update title correct? You state it's for v.2004/9. Isn't the latest win 10 ver. 20h2? I'm confused. Thank you...
  6. steven: I have a special need for the win 10 x32 updates. I have an old gateway and after 5 hrs of trying every trick I know (including about 10 different bios changes) 64 bit win 10 will not install. When I use optimal bios settings Win 10_32 v.1909 installs beautifully. GO FIGURE!. If you are unable to post them can you plz point me in the right direction? Regards...
  7. steven Thank you for keeping this list updated as soon as the updates are released for win 10. Same goes for Win 7. The additional links for win 7 make it very convenient. Again MUCH APPRECIATED!! regards...
  8. Steve has responded. see post#1. he has some family issues and he "hopes" to start the updating process again some time. hope everything turns out ok for you Steve. Regards...
  9. FWIW after downloading the _64 ulz from the above link (wincert) Win toolkit bombed on me on 1 of the WUCLIENT cabs (there are 3 of them). I forgot which one but it never got to the other 2. So I deleted all 3 of them from my update folder and did the entire WTK integration over. I am using the 64 bit ultimate edition. It worked like a charm. After adding the NFW 4.52 updates into the silent installers there was only the malicious software tool for June to be installed after testing the ISO on my VM. Every other update was installed. Beautiful! Regards...
  10. The thread is active and the discussion is lively, with several folks doing tests and reporting results. All are welcome, the more the merrier. Cheers and Regards hey thx VERY MUCH. This is a huge help! Regards...
  11. yes you must be correct. I just made my final win 7_64 home premium ISO and there were only 3 updates ready for install. the malicious software removal tool for may, kb971033 for activation cracks and an update that so far I cannot download the msu, kb3035583. I think that has to do with the Win 10 update notification. Other than that I am up-to-date. regards..
  12. yes, last night. Since I have been formulating my own way to get these updates I too came across that. I had the same EXACT question in my mind when I saw it. I was using virtual machine and it was on the win update list to be installed. But I did a CHECK for updates and when the check was complete that update was no longer on the list. It disappeared. This is MY solution. I use win toolkit to do all the slipstreaming, component removal, tweaking etc. I find it better that rt seven lite. I use WUD to get the latest downloads, which we know are now till 3/25/15. I then use win toolkit to make my my win 7 ISO. I then run that on virtual machine (VM) and do a check for updates. any updates that need to be installed I then download (the MSU) from Microsoft download.com. If I do this every month or 2 months then I always have the lastest slipstreamed iso. I keep all these updates (MSU's) on a separate drive. win toolkit only integrates the msu's that are missing from the previous iso. NICE! Regards... ps..now doing this actual procedure and will report back on that kb976932 update again
  13. I'm not so sure that a guy that was diligently updating this post on a monthly basis just doesn't do it anymore "just like that". unfortunately Steve must have fell on some hard times (or maybe even worse). I hope all is well with him and he is able to return. I'm sure he would have left some type of note that he no longer wished to do this with a reason. As far as moving on we are hard pressed to find an alternative. I have googled this issue and there's no reliable source. WUD also stopped at 3/25/15. I assume that maybe this was also Steve's program for updates? regards...
  14. hi: Was just wondering if you are still updating the win 7 UL's? regards....

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