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  1. the topic seem to bee a general question but here are the internals on what i am expecting, I have a legal copy of Norton 2003 .ISo file [bootable 3Mb] I want to put this file in C:\ drive or any other drive & make a option to boot from it in the BOOT MEnu. I am using a Windows XP sp2.So that I can restore the image i made without wasting a CD/DVD for Ghost to be Burned.
  2. can anyone give me cheats for slax 8 and dsl4.5
  3. OOPS sorry totally forgot about it.Thanks for reminding!!!!!!!!! Is there anyone who wants to do this multiboot cd: A briefing about it is given below Boot Loader: CD shell(of course its old) CD contents: (SP3 Integrated) 1. XP Professional. 2. XP Professional Unattended. (SP 4 Integrated) 3.Win 2000. 4.Win 2000 Unattended. 5.Norton Ghost 6.Hirens Boot CD 9.5 [Hirens boot cd has win 98 with ntfs version(Live cd)] 7.Reboot 8.Shutdown
  4. is gigarec=1.2 a Overburning format. If so where can i enable it in Nero(any version) or other burner applications
  5. Is there a tutorial on how to write an isolinux.cfg(very important for linux distributions,Isolinux bootloader).My multiboot CD is 800Mb in size Is there any tool that can fit it to a 700Mb CD.
  6. Can anyone suggest me the best boot loader (which can handle any situations,like booting image,making menu,passing command to grub,..etc)
  7. well i wanted DSL Open Suse Live CD and not the Live CD dont forget UBUNTU offcourse
  8. thanks for the encouragement guys.Well i'll set on journey to create the guide that i wanted.(of course with trial and error)Can anyone give me booting process for linux ie(for xpCD it's PRO1.dat then setupldr.bin and then txt.sif) for linux i need one
  9. So i need to wait for someone to write a tutorial? that's great
  10. I sort of expected a beginner tutorial.But thanks a lot!!!!!!!
  11. HAI, Can anyone give me a detailed procedure of how to create an DVD that can install windows and Linux distribution with an boot menu
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