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  1. Thanks so much guys for your replies. I updated my firmware and now it is working perfectly fine. Just afraid though to "DIRECT BURN" again as it may happen again.
  2. I've tried but no luck. Please help...
  3. I installed the latest version of Nlite which is 1.4.7. After doing so, I started to make my unattended WinXP SP3 version. I never experienced any problem while integrating and slipstreaming all my desired update packs and add-ons. Problem was, when I tried to burn it onto a cd. Usually after a successful burning it will eject the cd and we receive a confirmation box saying 'twas a success. Sadly, mine stucked right there at the end, meaning, it reached 100% but never gave me a confirmation (after waiting for a long period of time, I decided to just terminate nLite using task manager). Now, I'm having problems with my DVDRW and CDRW, it no longer reads cd's and dvd's. Whenever I tried to insert any dvd/cd all i hear was a grinding sound but can't open the files or movies and any of the cd contents. PLEASE HEELLLPPPPP....

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