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  1. All the items in the safe list mean the OS will function normally, but certain programs may not work (i use alternative software) or other annoyances, but the OS itself will work fine. Ran into a problem. In your "Safe" list you have IPsec Policy Agent listed but when you click Next it says its needed for Windows Update. What should i do? Remove windows update or keep IPsec Policy Agent? ---Edit--- Nvm, scrolled back to the top of thread and noticed you updated your list. Keeping IPsec Policy Agent
  2. Awesome thread, makes removing items using vLite much easier. I removed all the "Safe" components that was listed, hopefully everything will go alright.
  3. Kraze

    Help: vLite and WAIK

    F@#k! Ok thanks for the reply, and a fast one too Edit--- Thanks F2F for the direct link! Well, back to downloading WAIK again.
  4. vLite is still asking me to install the WAIK even though i have already. I downloaded Windows AIK and installed it. Moved the wimgapi.dll to the vLite folder and it still asks for me to install the WAIK. This is the WAIK i downloaded; http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en Did i download the wrong version? The above download is for Win7 Beta.
  5. Service Pack 1 comes with USB drivers and without SP1 USB wont work. In your case, the Pen Drive and your External Hard Drive are not working as a result of missing USB drivers. You can still remove components if you slipstream SP1.
  6. Do you have Service Pack 1 installed?
  7. Made a new copy of vLite, installed it and found out i cant share anything. I want to share one of my hard disks and there is no 'sharing' tab under 'properties'. When i go to 'Network and sharing Center' and try turning on 'Sharing' i get an error message. So it must be something i removed with vLite. Preset below; vLite_1.2_Final__Extreme.ini
  8. Looping Restarts is a result of integration using vLite 1.2 RC, quote from Nuhi Just use 1.2 Beta -Extreme till a newer version of vLite is released. or Use vLite 1.2 RC with no integration and it might work, haven't tried it myself so i cant tell you if it will or not.
  9. This is a known issue and Nuhi is working on it. Be patient its an RC version of vLite so its going to have a problem or two. I got the loop as well so what i did was loaded on my previous version of vLite, 1.2 Beta and all is fine. Its always a good thing to hold onto your previous "known" working vLite disks.
  10. OK thanks, better leave it then.
  11. In the description for .NET Framework it says that removing it will remove version 2.0 and 3.0. This i understand. Then it goes on and says, "installing .NET 2 will not be possible later on." My question is, if i remove .NET Framework then will i still be able to install version 3.5 later on? If the answer is NO then the Caution! message is misleading and should incorporate ".NET 3 will also not be possible to install later on."
  12. OK, thanks ill uncheck this for my next vLite build. EDIT: WoW, speech support is 625mb and it says its for voice activating programs, i guess its needed for Ventrillo too :*(
  13. The description for '.NET Framework' says it will remove both 2.0 and 3.0 and you wont be able to install 2.0 later on. Does this mean i cant install 3.5 later on as well? Also, i recently made a vLite 1.2 RC and now when i use ventrillo i can't get text-to-speech to work. What might i have removed that caused this? So i can make another vLite so that text-to-speech will work.
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