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  1. I have the same issue with the video always freezing at 25:21. Just before this point the video stutters and then freezes. Audio continues playing ok. FF52 about:support page says : Hardware H264 Decoding No PM26.5 about:support page says : Direct2D Enabled Blocked for your graphics driver version. Try updating your graphics driver to version 10.6 or newer. DirectWrite Enabled false ( (yes, I don't care ) I'd say it isn't caused by hardware acceleration. Haven't experienced it on Youtube since I never used their HTML5 video player. For me it happens in custom players and also in internal HTML video player as well so it is a rather general problem with HTML5 video. But it's really no big deal.
  2. Let me just dig out this thread. I couldn't find anything regarding this issue so I'm posting it here for future reference in case someone will be so desperate as I was. I had to reinstall the OS numerous times to find the culprit. At least we have flash drives these days and I did not have to burn a cd for each attampt. I was installing my Lenovo Thinkpad W701 and could not get the integrated Wacom tablet to work. It installed alright in device manager but the pen did not work at all and launching the tablet control panel just produced following errors : "The tablet driver was not found." and "There is a problem with your tablet driver ..." So in case someone stumbles across this thread the solution is : Do not remove "Operating System Options / Logon Notifications". I reinstalled OS with Login Notifications included and voila, tablet works as advertised. A few tags for poor souls searching for solution : IBM W700 W700ds W701ds
  3. Pale Moon 25+26 on XP behave the same way. FF52 on XP (same system as above) : I don't have all the Unicode fonts installed so this might have something to do with it.
  4. Guys, I don't like to be the one to disrupt your conversation, but please create a separate topic for it or use PMs. This topic is about compatibility layer for Windows XP. Thank you.
  5. Microsoft wants us to forget, but we never will.
  6. Well, yes I have the app on my HDD incl. S/N, but shhh. Should be easy to get it somewhere if you know your stuff.
  7. I remember using KMCS Registry Compressor. (and it worked) Homepage doesn't exist anymore. Webarchive snapshot can be found here.
  8. Back then, I used this driver with nV 7900 GS: Tweaked Unofficial NVIDIA Display Driver 82.69 for Windows 98/98 SP1/98 SE/ME Version 1.03 Modded by Maximus-Decim 12-22-2008 Still have it on my harddrive. It is available here from MDGx's site. Although now when I look into the readme, it says 8xxx and 9xxx series are supported. I'm not sure if there was a problem with those or they were just too pricey for me at that time.
  9. GeForces 8xxx aren't supported. I used to use GF 7900GS 256MB without any problems. Gaming at 1024x768 was fine. There aren't many GFs 8xxx around beacuse of RoHS anyway.
  10. I'd rather use both than any of both. I still have command.com on the C: drive and a working Win98 system somewhere else, so that i cany copy it back in the case something goes wrong...
  11. I celebrated this anniversary with migration to my nLited Windows XP. No more crashes because of resources depletion.
  12. Tried that, when I opened the older Msconfig, the option was already checked and it didnt help ... as I expected. Never mind, I got used to restart the PC instead of shutting it down. Theres no doubt, those drivers are buggy.
  13. I have the same problem except mine doesnt hang while restarting, so I shut it down by pressing the power button after the keyboard blinks. (7900GS 256MB)
  14. @ Tihiy : The applications I mostly use are : Firefox, Azureus, ICQ 5.0 and WinAmp 2.91. Sometimes the resources get totally depleted so that closing all apps helps only for a while and restart is unavoidable. In my case, Azureus and Firefox suck all the resources, that is for sure. So a patch would be worth it for me ! The resources are the only thing that bugs me about Windows 98 and make me play with the thought migrating to XP ... but Im not a kamikaze.
  15. How can I help ? Is it a lot of text ?
  16. Yeah right, but lets see if lowering RAM helps. It should. Im at 479MB right now.
  17. Decreasing the amount of RAM in msconfig is enough. 98SE, it is in my profile and in my signature. Nope, my system is practically clean and does the same as above.
  18. @ Ninho : Nope, that didnt help. Other thing I found out is that when the virtual machine writes over 1GB of data I get a BSOD in Win XP. @ jaclaz : QGUI runs without problems and the internet can be acessed as well. I have one more question. Is it possible to share a folder with the guest machine as in VPC 5.1 ?
  19. Virtual PC does that. Decrease the size of your RAM. At least that worked for me.
  20. For those, who are interested, the solution is : ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Turn on the USB legacy support in BIOS! now : BT speed : 135kB/s GPS : 500kB/s
  21. ... For dummies ... exactly for me Thanks a lot, I will test it out and report here. (because ReactOS should run in Qemu)
  22. @ starcraftmaster : Virtual PC 5.1 works, but networking is buggy and the virtual machine (XP) has no internet access. Or am I doing something wrong? And Qemu has no GUI.

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