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  1. How to run a REG file

  2. How to run a REG file

    I have same problem. Can anyone tell me what command should be write in "Command to add" ? to merge reg file and delete from hard disk after that.
  3. Is there anyway to make Firefox open all links in a new tab? (without scroll wheel) Maybe an add-on? LE: problem solved with Tab Utilities.
  4. IE 8 error on Windows 7

    Yes. Also, i have tried to reset IE ... and some tweaking programs. I'm waiting few days for IE9 and hopefully, after upgrade, this problem will disappear.
  5. IE 8 error on Windows 7

    The repair script not working ("access is denied" even with administrator rights).
  6. IE 8 error on Windows 7

    When i try to add a url to favorites in IE8 i get an error message: Any solution for this?
  7. Swf to wallpaper

    Too small... cannot be resized.
  8. Swf to wallpaper

    Not working on Windows Seven.
  9. Swf to wallpaper

    Is it possible to make a wallpaper from a swf? The swf file show a real clock, synchronized by pc.
  10. Batch for .reg file

    This is the path. But how to add this command?
  11. Batch for .reg file

    I have a SFX archive which contain one game (installed) and one .reg file (game serial) After SFX installation in Program Files i have a game folder --> Stars (game from Abandonia) From this folder i want automatically delete .reg file after SFX extraction.
  12. Thread deleted

    My last thread was deleted, for no reason. Not aloud to ask information on forum?
  13. Batch for .reg file

    I've managed to resolve my problem, (thanks to MrJinje and Sp0iLedBrAt) Now i want to automatically delete this file after installation. I've tried to add path in "advanced -> files to delete in destination folder" in WinRar, but the file is not deleted. I have to modify or add something in this? ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Setup=regedit /s test.reg TempMode Silent=1 Overwrite=1
  14. Batch for .reg file

    Just want to run a .reg file after sfx extraction. Someone can explain step by step? if not please close this thread.
  15. Batch for .reg file

    I want to make a SFX archive from entire content of a folder and i want to include & execute this .reg file to register my software automatically.