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  1. I don`t have a real solution for that. But I know some websites change just the foldername, not the filename. Example: ftp://root/2009.10.10/myfile.exe Next day: ftp://root/2009.10.11/myfile.exe
  2. Kel, thanks for your fast reply, I think you`re right. Other opinions?
  3. It is really TEMP - the files are there after I started installation. It took 10 seconds to install, then files are quickly deleted. Too fast to backup.
  4. THX Kel, I know about the endless threads. Background of my question is, that somebody at "German-WinLite" has written a tool containing the wimfilter again. I´m owner of the forum, so I wanted to know more about it. In fact - would YOU release that tool, or is it better not to release? I´m pretty unsure about that, sorry.
  5. But how did you do that? I can`t extract the files, 7zip fails with error. Usual setup extracts to TEMP, but cleans up too fast after installation.
  6. In my opinion you should leave your system like it is. Maybe move some files from HDD0 to HDD1, that`s all. There`s no really need to change your partitions by risk. If you`re running out of free diskspace, get a 3rd HDD.
  7. "wimfilter" was deleted from vLite by some reason. Now I need to know the reason due to some user-created tools at "German-WinLite.de" - I don`t want to meet MS-Lawyers. Does anybody know why nuhi removed the wimfilter?
  8. Should be this one: DellBPA04_x64.rar
  9. Is the batch working if you execute it on a running system (logged on)?
  10. Should work if you integrate these drivers: SAS.rar
  11. And maybe this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthography
  12. That`s not possible. You can create an image (e.g. Acronis True Image) to get it back on your PC. Due to hardware-changes (new, other PC) you might fail.
  13. @botanic That`s "Installation", not "Integration". Updates are missing, too. It`s a way to get IE8, but that`s not what the threadstarter asked for.
  14. mirri888, take a look at the usual wayto install it: http://www.easy-network.de/ipv6-installieren.html But I think you`ll fail, cause even if you copy "ipv6.exe" into system32 it won`t finish install. I don`t know where to find the INF to install from a genuine XPCD, sorry.
  15. IE6 "opens" itself or is it "coming from background to foreground"?
  16. nLite does not work with the angry version of "mailmaster"
  17. 1. SP3 and Hotfixes are missing 2. Drivers are missing (can easiely be integrated with nLite) 3. Missing WMP might cause problems playing some filetypes
  18. As long as you slipstream your hotfixes with nLite it`s the correct forum. Which hotfixes won`t install - or do you mean "won`t slipstream"? What are your problems on WMP11 and .NET 1.1?
  19. You`ve got to use the german hotfixes. You`re invited to "German-WinLite", see my signature.
  20. I don`t think these are Nightlys, but you should find your needed version: http://downloads.videolan.org/pub/videolan/vlc/ Edit: I´m sorry - just seen that the directory is empty: http://downloads.videolan.org/pub/videolan/vlc/0.9.0/win32/ Too bad - I`ll check my computer when I get back home.
  21. I think you`re integrating about 100 drivers - no problem. If you would integrate the whole extrated drivers of all DriverPacks, we are talking about thousands of drivers - that may cause problems.

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