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  1. Was this problem solved? If it wasn't, a registry entry may have too restrictive of permissions. It was a problem on my end. I was using an old repository of critical updates. When I used the source that Ponch recommended, everything went pretty well.
  2. No problem. The latest slipstreamed CD worked great after I realized the updates have to be date sorted. Thanks for all the help.
  3. Thanks to Ponch for the xdot.tk link. Using the tool from that site to download the updates made a LOT more sense than the Windows Updates Downloader tool I used previously. After following the same procedure I used previously but using the update store from xdot, the image built like it should. When I installed it and ran Windows Update, only two Critical Updates showed up: KB2879017 and KB890830. For some reason, KB2879017 didn't install. Now that I have a good base to work from, I should be able to figure out what I've done wrong. I realize it's frustrating to deal with newbies, but I assure you I read both the reference guide and the FAQ before I posted. Sometimes it takes a while for things to sink in. Thanks for your patience. Here is last session.ini, but at this point, I just need to work with nLite a little more and do some testing to get a better feel for how things work. LAST SESSION.INI
  4. "Have you checked the "reference guide" in the sticky post?" Yes, of course. Multiple times. "With the info you give, it's not possible to tell what you've done wrong. nLite is meant to be ran on an original Microsoft XP installation disk, reading the rest of your post, we can easily suspect you ran it on a random iso that you downloaded from "somewhere"." Your suspicion is incorrect. It is being run on the original installation disk. "What's that bit about "assuming" nLite is trying to integrate Windows Live Essentials when you don't want to install anyway??? So where would nLite get it from?" As I explained in my post, it got it from the folders that were created by Windows Updates Downloader. "We're not keen on helping people coming with fairy tales, it's just a waste of time." Fairy tales? That's a strange response.
  5. Yesterday, I made an ISO with the selections I thought would be best for my installations. When Windows starts, it immediately reboots (even though automatically reboot on error was disabled.) Since I'm not very familiar with nLite, I decided to make a disk with NO changes - totally stock - not removing any components. That didn't go so well, either. The updates were downloaded with Windows Updates Downloader. One update was reported as not being compatible. Windows Media Player reported as not be installable (I'm familiar with that issue.) .NET 3.5 did a funny install/rollback thing during the integration. Is there a better site to download updates? Windows Updates Downloader puts the files in folders named "MS Security Products", "Non-Security Updates", "Optional Updates", "Service Packs", and "WMP 11 Updates." Am I correct that the contents off all folders except Service Packs and WMP 11 Updates should be included in the "Integrating hotfixes" page? While I was typing this message, nLite just threw up, "[path]\wlsetup-all.exe - This is not expected type of hotfix." Where should it have been placed? I assume that's Windows Live Essentials, which I really don't want to install anyway. If someone will kindly help me understand some of these basics, I'll take another run at building an ISO. [Edit: Question removed to avoid confusion.] I did successfully slipstream SP3 into XP in 2009, but things are not going so well at the moment.
  6. No, just XP Pro. Unfortunately I don't understand what you are saying, and I don't know what a T13 process. When I do a Windows Update, I'm prompted to install .NET 1.1, which is what I hoped to do to the slipstreamed disk. Thanks for hanging in there. I know it's just as frustrating trying to answer a question as it is to formulating the question. While I'm a computer expert, believe it or not, I have no experience with slipstreaming and nLite, other than what you see here plus one successful slipstream a long time ago.
  7. g-force, I'll answer your questions a little later, but for now, I don't understand what "Load Last Session" accomplishes. I have to complete the tweaks every time I do a new build. It seems that the session information should be for remembering some decisions already implemented.
  8. Which is the proper forum for asking why a particular hotfix did not install? I'd like to fine tune my slipstream. Plus, I don't understand the details of .NET 1.1 and WMP11. I assume that nLite is not the correct forum. Thanks for the help so far!
  9. When I started the project, I let nLite grab the source from the XP installation CD and copy it to a folder on my hard drive. Are you saying that I have to start at that same point each time, or is there a way to just add the additional updates to the folder on the hard drive that contains the prior session results? I want to slipstream IE7 and WMP11. I have learned how to do IE7, but I don't understand what needs to be done with nLite to enable me to install WMP11. After I build a disc, I'm installing it on a computer and running Windows Update to see what's missing. It's a laborious process, but I don't know another way to get it right. Your list is excellent. These updates can be hard to find. If you would, please tell me 1) what do I need to do to include WMP11, and 2) how do I include a folder that contains a set of utilities, for example, to be copied to the hard drive during installation? In other words, when the XP installation is complete, there is a folder called Utils that has any number of utilities or scripts. Thanks for all of your hard work. This task must be a labor of love!
  10. It's taking me a lot of trial and error to get the right combination of files to create a successful slipstream of XP SP3. How do I pick up where I left off using nLite? Is that what "Load Last Session" does? For example, I just added IE7 to the build (I hope), and I will need to go back and add the critical updates. I assume that I have to go through the complete build again since the cabs have to be compressed. Is there a short cut to add additional updates? Also, I grabbed all of the updates with Windows Updates Downloader, but I'm not clear how to include those in nLite. The first time I tried, I added everything in the download folder, but I got tons of errors. Then I downloaded the xable.net update list, which worked great EXCEPT that I still had a ton of Windows Updates to do after it was loaded. Windows 7 was not part of the package. I sort of understand the concept, but I am definitely missing some fundamentals. Any guidance you can provide is very much welcome.
  11. I just installed a slipstreamed version of Office 2003 (including SP3) from a shared drive on a peer-to-peer network. After the installation completed, I natuarlly ran Office Update. It found some small updates. However, the updates were not installed bbecause Office said that the update had to use an administrator option since Office was installed from an administrative location. Severl other updates downloaded and installed without a problem. The last one had to be downloaded manually and installed. Why does Office care that it was installed from a network resource? That's why it's slipstreamed -- to speed up rolling out the program to multiple computers. Is there a way to tell Office to forget that it was installed from a network share/administrative install?
  12. Try the registry tweak at this link: http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/regs_edits/startmenupin.reg
  13. Where is this registry tweaks file? I cannot locate it.
  14. I just used WUD to identify and download all updates for Windows 2000 Professional. After slipstreaming the disk and installing the OS on a computer, I still had to do a lot of Windows Updates: KB942615 KB941569 KB891861 KB890830 x2 Root Certificate Update KB829019 (.NET 2.0) .NET (1.1) Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (Windows 2000) Q329115 KB897715 KB923191 KB891861 When the disk image was being updated by nLite, a lot of errors were encountered. It was necessary to click on "ok" to get screens to go away that listed switch syntax. So, something went wrong somewhere, but I don't know where. Can someone point me in the right direction? I was hoping for one or two reboots at most. Edited to add the following ADDITIONAL updates: KB942615 KB941202 KB938127 KB905495

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