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  1. So what do you have? @admin: *please move to nLite-forums*
  2. I never ran into problems with CCleaner and these regentries. Could you please explain what happens?
  3. For some "portable" apps I create a SFX containing the sources and a regfile. Sources are unpacked to the wanted location, regfile is executed, and I add a link on desktop to .exe - everything is running fine. This is no more "portable" because of the reg-entries, but I prefer this method to use programs that keep their settings in its programfolder. I can save settings and update the program - just by recreating the SFX by "Add Files" my SFX is simply up-to-date and can be used again and again.
  4. Really weired. I´m out.
  5. Only integrate SP3 and burn ISO, nothing more. You can manually remove any root-folder exept "I386". That will be accepted as "fresh source" for further steps with nLite. I tried to integrate Updatepacks and drivers and use this as source for further operations with nLite, even to integrate more updates and other drivers. I ran into some unexpected errors. If you use your favorite "Last Session.ini" the whole process is not as time-consumpting as to eliminate unexpected errors. Using nLite since 2004 I prefer it like this.
  6. That`s bad news. If you can`t understand THIS by reading again and again, noone can explain it better than the guide. Maybe you read again and then ask detailed questions, cause noone will explain the whole guide to you.
  7. Wecome @ MSFN-Forums! To troubleshoot your installation, please read this guide: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/31/
  8. g-force


    Give switch "-a" a try (without "").
  9. If you use the Slipstreamer to integrate WMP11, all WMP9 files will be overwritten and replaced with the newer ones - no need to remove WMP9 before.
  10. g-force

    too big image

    The size of the original XPCD is about 593mb. Why has your XPCD grown like that? If you`re using nLite to integrate some things, why don`t you use nLite to shrink it either?
  11. Maybe I don`t understand correctly due to my poor english. 1. You can`t run a newer version of nLite than 1.0RC4 under Win2000 because you are getting errors caused by .NET ? 2. You are looking for download nLite 1.0RC4 ? 3. Why can`t you start with a fresh source of Win2000 ?
  12. Please read the "nLite-licence" and make you sure you don`t use nLite against licence.
  13. Start with a fresh source of Win2000 and load the "Last Session.ini". You can change the settings during this run. Don`t run nLite against a pre-modified source.
  14. g-force

    Slipstream question

    Like here - german VLK (by MSDN) will not install without key.
  15. Well then this makes this 'good news' irrelevant for this thread, because we're dealing with XP64 and XP64 alone. I didn`t say the changes won´t work in x64 - I said I can`t test and prove it.
  16. From first post: I´m sure I didn`t catch that yesterday. I read over and over again - and I missed it, sorry. Fine that you figured out the problem.
  17. This is the thread we show what to change in the INF: http://german-winlite.de/wbb/index.php?pag...30265#post30265 I think translation is not needed. _________________________________________ We wrote another time to Nvidia-Support, if they are willing to change this by default. With the modified INF integration with nLite is working. XP x64: Sorry, nobody tested it.
  18. This is okay, if yor running system is up-to-date. Holy crap, indeed. 3 long posts, no code-wraps or qouting - unreadable. And the problem is in sentence 2 of 1000... Remove "win51ip.SP1" and/or "win51ip.SP2" in root of XPCD.
  19. Google for "norton removal tool" to get completly rid of this crap. Set Windows Firewall to "Off" and try again to access internet.
  20. Welcome @ MSFN-Forums! 1. Please use last version of nLite ( http://www.nliteos.com/download.html 2. Why SP2 - SP3 is the latest: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...08-1e1555d4f3d4 3. Why are you trying to install from USB - is there a CD/DVD-ROM-Drive in your Notebook?
  21. This is no Recovery, the files look like a genuine XPCD. But maybe there are some updates included the "classic" way. So have a look at "I386\svcpack" - if you find some files in there, these are maybe updates added by a manufactorer (OEM). nLite regognizes those files, deletes them and cleans up "svcpack.inf". Kingbeez, you should be able to use nLite to integrate SP3 by choosing "Yes" to delete these files.
  22. You did not integrate the SP3. Back to problem: Try to remove the old Windows-drivers from XPCD with nLite. Check all BIOS-Settigs, especially RAM and CPU. No overclocking. Remove any unneeded Hardware.
  23. I don`t love my Windows - I use it. Most of time XP.

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