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  1. Hm, i do it that way for about 4 years, and it never made any problems. Maybe give it a try.
  2. The settings of the logged-on user are stored in HKCU. This part of the registry is located in in a file "Documents and Settings\UserName\ntuser.dat" (locked while logged on). Make your settings on a fresh XP, log on as a different user and copy "ntuser.dat" to "$OEM$\$DOCS\Default User" - all your settings will be set for all users on the new system.
  3. I decided to raise www.german-nlite.org exactly 2 weeks ago, when i got up from bed about 11 p.m. I went online with nothing than a brandnew, empty board at 8 a.m. Today member No. 500 has written post No. 2500 ... THX a lot !!! g-force
  4. Sorry 4 double-posting. Please spread the news - there is no chance to tell the users on the old website. THX Greetz, g-force
  5. THX for your patience - we`re online! german-nlite.org Hope 2 see U soon... Greetz, g-force
  6. Hard to believe, but true. German-nlite.de was set to "Read-only" by (the last) Admin. All other Admin & SuperMods (!) have left the Forum disappointed... Due to our german users and the great effort of nlite (again thx@nuhi) i can´t let go. We`ll soon be back: german-nlite.org Greetz, g-force _____________________ Edited by g-force due to avoiding more trouble...
  7. g-force


    So, reallife has won again - and that`s okay ! Thank you XPero for all that gif, bitmap and so on. And Thank you for that wonderful logo that we`re using. Best wishes for your reallife! g-force, admin @
  8. I wrote a Sticky @ German-nLite, that re-links to this thread. I can`t believe, how much work some people do on these things! Thank You ! Greetz, g-force
  9. Hi nuhi! We`ve got a problem in german translation, can`t fix it myself. As you see in the screenshot, standardoption for computertype is called "Standard" in german translation. We need to call it "Automatisch", because a lot of users switch to "Standard PC" due to be unsure of what to choose. Screener
  10. nuhi, after update to last version (silent-update) all problems solved, i think. maybe some of the tweaks don`t work proper, but i don`t mind `cause i do so much regtweaks... thanks also from whole crew and users of german-nlite! g-force
  11. Hi nuhi, this is g-force from german-nlite. Found (after several try-outs) a bug in nLite 1.4.5 beta 2. Changing the sytemroot from WINDOWS to SYSTEM isn`t possible. It`s still WINDOWS after XP-installation (and breaks some of my installs & shortcuts). Tests with other builds of SP3 (last was 5508) made still the same fault. Test with nLite 1.4.5 beta -> everything works fine.
  12. I lost my password and changed email-adress, so i created a new account. Known as g-force i`m mod on www.german-nlite.de. Hello to everybody!

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