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  1. I usually use "start /wait" in a .cmd - and it works.
  2. Desktop-Icons refer to the logged-in user, so you can only delete them after being logged-in. There are different methods to run batches after being first logged-in (eg. RunOnceEx). Take a look into this guide: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/59/SESSID=5b60b256c3512731ed10c6b22e47d704/ You run a batch from there to delete your icons.
  3. g-force

    XP Home repair

    For repairing needs i use a XPCD with no Unattended Settings in it. I prepare my XPCD with SP3 and Updates (nLite), then just burn the ISO. So every option (Repair, etc.) is still available. There is NO "winnt.sif" on that XPCD.
  4. 1. Add a third, single drive (IDE, if possible). Leave the new RAID connected. 2. Restore your image to that single drive and boot. Install the new driver (RAID will be recognized). 3. Backup again the modified system again (don`t overwrite your first backup). 4. Disconnect the single drive and restore the newer image to your RAID and and boot. 5. Keep fingers crossed...
  5. Maybe "nLite" is your solution: http://www.msfn.org/board/forum/89-nlite/
  6. I prefer WUD too, but this topic maybe is helpful:
  7. g-force


    johnhc is right, but there are a lot of .inf-files that are tweaked by nLite. If you open e.g. "dosnet.inf" you`ll see a line added by nLite, so it was modified too.
  8. Sounds like your working directory is on your Desktop. Maybe that`s the reason nLite includes all files and folders from your desktop to your nLite-DriverFolder (I386\NLDRV). Please choose another working directory, e.g. D:\XPCD and D:\MyFiles.
  9. nLite can`t delete Users that were created in a former session. Even if you delete this settings in your "Last Session.ini", the settings were written to your XP-Source and can`t be undone by nLite.
  10. @ max_carpenter It would be nice to know how you solved your problem(s) - so others could benefit. THX
  11. back again...

  12. Seems like the file itself has changed and was replaced with a wrong file with the correct filename. Take a look at "WINDOWS\cursors" to see if the "arrow_m.cur" matches with the correct symbol.
  13. I don`t think he will do - after 38 months he should have fixed it... But thanks for your solution, it will help anybody anyway.
  14. @ easy Please notice: http://www.msfn.org/board/windows-xp-servi...p;view=findpost
  15. Hi "easy"! Not a german country-flag, but your tool seems to be written in german. So you`re invited to present your tool at German-WinLite.de. Greetz, g-force
  16. YOU told XP to copy files? How did you do that? Maybe you`re talking about $OEM$, please explain what your problem is.
  17. Hi John! Not really. You create an empty folder (not C: , better: D:\XPCD ) and insert your untouched XP-CD in your CD-ROM. Then start nLite and let it do the copy by pointing nLite first to the CD-ROM, then (for copying) to your created folder. Don`t copy the files manually, you may run into trouble (hidden files, read-only files).
  18. "nlite.inf" is interacting with "winnt.sif".
  19. g-force

    .cab files

    Where is the Help and your Howto? Or is it a question...?
  20. "End of the road for XP 64?, My own experiences" I don`t think this is a good suscription for this topic - there`s no relation. You should edit that.
  21. I need some explaination on that: ;Kommentaren nedenfor indeholder SFX kommandoer Path=C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Temp\ SavePath Setup=Setup.exe --mode=Silent --deploymentFile="C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Temp\install.xml" Silent=1 Overwrite=1 What are you trying to do with this comments? To extract the setup temporarly you just need to set "Temp Mode". The SFX extracts itself to TEMP, closes, setup is started from TEMP. What about "repack,exe" - I don`t understand that, what is it good for?
  22. Of cource it is possible to modify your "fresh source" - but what is the goal? You only higher the risk of getting errors, there`s no reason to do so if you are running your favorite "Last Session.ini" again.
  23. The keyword is "SFC (Windows File Protection)". Disable it in nLite at "Options > SFC".
  24. I agree to -X- Please read what we advised and forget about your idea to remove the files. If you don`t want to, then go your own way of integration - but noone can help you. *Over & Out*

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