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  1. Well, I don't. Obviously one must clean his system from any virus BEFORE formatting anything, who knows if the format will be effective or if it will be a fake one modified by the Virus? But then, once the HD's BOTH internal and external ones are clean from virii, there is NOT one reason in the world to actually format anything. jaclaz Sorry my sequence isnt right. I mean. First: Scan your HDD with an virus scanner. Second: Make a backup Last: Format and restore your HDD. EDIT: So Spoiledbrat is right.
  2. the last time that was happends to my HDD it was a virus. Try to open your HDD with explorer, make a backup and format your HDD. Scan your HDD for spyware/viruses and put your data back on the hdd.
  3. í know you can change things in regedit, but it insnt where i'm searching for. i need a addon for nLite.
  4. Hi there, I was searching for the forum for Addons to make your pc faster. but i cant find addons like that, what I mean is: When I install my costum xp he automatically need to edit the registry with settings like faster start menu and a faster shutdown. Someone knows addons like that? thanks, Niek
  5. nicasius


    oke i will do that next time and thanks for the file!
  6. nicasius


    hi, Someone knows where nLite puts hes reg tweaks? I cant find a file like regtweaks.reg If there isnt a file like that, is it possible to activate the quicklaunch bar with an unattended xp installation and nLite?
  7. Hi, During the installation with the mini-setup doesn't ask the setup for information or next or something. But how do you adjust the sysprep.inf that he will ask me which computer name i would like. Example: ComputerName=WHAxxx WHA stands for my company and the xxx are the numbers of the pc. But if he doesn't ask to change that during setup and the setup is finished all my computer names are WHAxxx So, can i change that he will ask me the computer name next time? Thnx.
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