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  1. I've used Firefox exclusively since it was 1.5 beta something, but with only Adblock Plus and NoScript. I also purchased Windows 7 Pro yesterday, so the weekend should be fun. I've never been rabidly pro-Firefox, but sometimes I can sound like an anti-IE zealot. If Microsoft actually has done it right this time I might change my tune.
  2. cluberti - Thank you, that sounds like just what I was looking for. MagicAndre1981 - Maybe I'm being overly suspicious, but in my memory Windows in general and IE in specific are a security nightmare. A significant amount of malware is designed to use either IE or to use functions or features that are a part of IE. When other people can sometimes be using my computer I would prefer that IE not be able to run at all. I am aware that this attitude is emotional as well as rational, and if it starts to swing further over to the emotional side I don't have any problem with that at all.
  3. I do not have Windows 7 yet, am looking at the Pro version, x64 Every nLited XP I make has Internet Explorer removed because I like Firefox and because IE is a breeding ground for malware. The Optimization Guide is telling me that IE can not be removed. Since I do not have Windows 7 yet I have not taken the time to look much deeper. The question I have is that if I have to create an install CD that includes IE, is there a secure and hopefully simple way to remove IE manually?
  4. --> Only integrate SP3 and burn ISO, nothing more. Thank you, that is what I will do. As far as the other folders go, my past habits is to put useful things in VALUE_ADD folder and kill the rest. Microsoft and I have differing ideas regarding "Value".
  5. I think that I know the answer to this, but I'd rather ask and look like an id*** instead of assuming I'm right (and remove all doubt) I would like to take an XP source CD, remove keyboard and language, then integrate SP3, Xable's SP3 Update Pack, and drivers, then do NOTHING else. If I were to make an ISO with these changes, would it be suitable as source material for more complex nLite runs? Or do I have to start with fresh source material every time?
  6. I tried to edit my post yesterday, site was down for maintenance. I found it over at WinCert in the SVCPack sub forum. It's Zortam mp3 Media Studio. I don't know if it will be suitable, the description mentions the iPod a bit too often. But it's more than just a tag editor and less than media monkey, so it could be what I want.
  7. Thanks for your response. No, it wasn't one of those. The one that I remember seeing looked like it may have had more features than just a plain tag editor, but less than media monkey. That's why I want to find it. I want more than a tag editor, but less than commercial software. And media monkey is basically commercial software lite.
  8. First off: Yes, I'm an id***. Freely admitted. A few days ago I saw an addon for a freeware MP3 tag editor. Evidence of idiocy: I don't remember what it was called, or where I saw it, or what it could do other than edit tags. I have looked here, and on WinAddons, and on WinCert. No luck. If anybody here could just remind me of the name of the blasted thing, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  9. OK, so then I'm going to assume that Eraser 5.7 is officially dead. Google found me a link to the install file for it (which I haven't tried yet) but the nLite addon no longer seems to exist. http://www.heidi.ie/node/14
  10. I have tried in the past (and here today) to download the Eraser 5.7 addon from eSnips. It seems to be a dead link, and offers to redirect to the main eSnips page.
  11. OK, 52 views and no reply, so I'm going to assume that there is no answer. The only two types of user account for XP are Administrator and User. nLite's "Power User" option is just a nonfunctional joke. I'll tell my parents that they can either stay logged in as Administrator all the time, or call tech support (that's me) every time they want to change something. They will feel that being logged in as "Restricted User" for basic usage and having to log out and log back in as Administrator every time they want to do anything at all that isn't allowed by "Restricted Account" permissions is more hassle than they are willing to put up with. And since they live in a different part of the country, I'm guessing that it's going to be all Administrator login all the time.
  12. I have made several nLite CDs, mostly for use on other people's computers. I mostly preset to "Safe" and then do minor editing. One of the things I add in Unattended is the creation of a new user account of "Power User" type and set to autologin with that user. What I'm finding in the finished product is that account creation seems to be limited to either Administrator or "Limited" / "Restricted". My questions: How limited or restricted are these accounts? Can other people (parents) use these accounts instead of Administrator without problems, or should I try to get "Power User" back? Is there a way to get back the ability to create a "Power User" account, or is "Restricted" the only other option and maybe a sufficient option for most people's use? I don't have a LastSession to post, but I'm tying not to thin down the install too much. It's mostly a "Safe" preset.
  13. You might want to take a minute to edit your original post. The word "Screenshot" appears on almost every line because the site you retrieved the text from has actual screenshot links for these items.

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