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  1. sry, but integrating the original packages from ms does not work as they leave hundreds of files not matching 8+3 convention. For network installs connecting via ndis2 i will need evrything in 8+3. Those addon packers put the long files in cab packs and it worked until sp3 came... So there is someting wrong with the WBEM /WMI provider thats different from sp2. Also there was NAP added which also cud make probs. Use WinPE/BDD 2007/WAIK instead. Our company migrated away from DOS NDIS installs because of Vista and integrated IE7/MP11 adding multiple long file names to the source files.
  2. Ghost Solution Suite 2.5. It just came out. It has ghost32.exe and ghost64.exe, so you can use it from BartPE, WinPE 2.1 x86, or WinPE 2.1 x64 (just make sure you use the right executable).
  3. sp2 its not needed if u have xp gold (rtm).... service packs are cumulative so sp3 includes sp2 and sp1. That's true only when slipstreaming. When installing SP3 on a live machine, you need a minimum of SP1.
  4. ...which is usually correct, unless: A: they got the VLK from their job and installed it on their home PC (which is still piracy) or B: they got the VLK from their job and are using a company-issued laptop (which is okay)
  5. If you have no intention on running 64-bit on your laptop, stick with XP. If you want to run 64-bit, get as much RAM as you can and run Vista: it loves it and it will love you back for it!
  6. Just make an x64 version of WinPE 2.0 and install from it. Follow one of the tutorials within the forums, but use the AMD64 folders instead of the x86 folders. Also, if the OS won't boot after initial setup, then check this article out: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931760 You don't have to call Microsoft for the patch. Just edit your PE registry according to the article before using DISKPART to create your partitions.
  7. Can Windows 98 even run 1.5 GB of RAM? It can barely even run over 512 MB of RAM without a reg hack!
  8. To be honest, making a WinPE 2.0 disc is not as user-friendly as I'd like it to be. However, once you get the hang of it, it's great! Look at this topic for more info: http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t83722.html The batch files that are in it make things A LOT EASIER! The post from paxamine is what you're looking for.
  9. No you didn't. Running the SP2 file locally is NOT the same as an in-place upgrade. An in-place upgrade is reinstalling the entire operating system on top of itself. Installing SP2 and running it locally is NOT EVEN CLOSE TO the same thing.
  10. Also, you can't boot to a GPT disk without a motherboard with EFI support.
  11. I've used WinPE 2.0 (which is actually a portable Windows Vista, not XP, by the way) and Ghost 8.0's "ghost32.exe" on multiple systems. It works like a champ! Best case scenario: the PE disc will detect your SATA drivers and you're good to go. Worst case scenario: you'll have to add them while building your PE image. After you do so and burn it to a CD, the disc will detect your SATA drivers.
  12. Also, most repartitioning apps are not compatible with Dynamic Disks.
  13. The problem with that onboard RAID controller is that it's all or nothing: either every drive on that controller is RAID or nothing is RAID. If you want RAID on two drives and the third drive as a single drive, you're going to have to put the single drive on another controller. If there are no other SATA controllers on your motherboard...well guess what? You're going to have to get a separate SATA controller. This time, get a PCI controller and not PCIe if you don't want to risk it jacking with your PCIe x16 lanes... Even better: 1) While your two drives are attached to your PCIe RAID controller, clone the data on it to another drive or a network share. Use Ghost or Acronis to do so. 2) Remove the PCIe RAID controller. One of two paths from here 3a) Install the PCI SATA controller 4a) Connect your third drive to it 5a) Put the onboard controller on RAID mode 6a) Format and reinstall Windows XP, then restore your cloned data OR restore the clone, get a BSOD, and do a repair install with F6ed RAID drivers or 3b) Install a PCI RAID controller 4b) Connect your two RAID members to it 5b) Put the onboard controller in non-RAID mode (IDE, JBOD, whatever it's called) 6b) Format and reinstall Windows XP, then restore your cloned data OR restore the clone, get a BSOD, and do a repair install with F6ed RAID drivers. Either way, it's not easy...
  14. Start -> Control Panel -> System (in Classic View) -> Advanced System Settings -> "Settings" button under "Startup and Recovery" -> uncheck "Automatically restart" -> OK -> Apply -> OK. Now instead of a reboot, you'll get the real Blue Screen of Death. Write down EVERYTHING on the Blue Screen of Death and post it here.
  15. Here's a workaround: 1) Back up all your data first 'cause if this doesn't work, you've gone from being inconvenienced to being in deep doo-doo. If you're not willing to take that risk, stop here. Otherwise, read on. 2) Slipstream SP2 on your installation media. 3) Do an in-place upgrade. That should repair whatever files are messed up as well as upgrade you to SP2. If you have IE7 installed on your machine, then you will need to slipstream that on your installation media as well or you'll REALLY have problems...
  16. You probably have a bad burner. Try a different burner and see if you have the same problem.
  17. MCE 2005 has Windows XP Professional w. SP2 (with domain joining option greyed out), .NET 1.1, and a bunch of security and reliability hotfixes for both the OS and MCE itself.
  18. Use CD-RWs to test and avoid excessive coasters. Also, brand name of burner and burning software used?
  19. You would have to copy the contents of the ISO to your hard drive, do your additions, and use nLite to re-tweak it and make a new ISO.
  20. If you integrate IE7 when ANY IE6 hotfixes are integrated, you'll get the lsass problem. Either integrate IE7 or integrate IE6 hotfixes, not both.
  21. Remove all the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" in Device Manager. Now right-click your computer name and left-click "Scan for new hardware" with the iPod connected.
  22. You're getting a suppressed Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). In Vista: Start -> Control Panel -> System (in Classic View) -> Advanced System Settings -> under "Startup and Recovery", click "Settings" -> uncheck "Automatically restart" -> Apply -> OK. Next time your computer "restarts," it won't restart...it'll give you a true BSOD. Write down EVERYTHING on the BSOD and post it here.
  23. Sorry to jump all over you. THe WFP/SFC pop ups are the one major rant I have with nLite. If you could include this fix into nLite in future release it would be very much appreciated! Otherwise it's a truly GREAT product. You have succeeded where Microsoft has failed. Microsoft wants users to run the Windows they think we should run. You have allowed users to run the Windows we actually want to run. And for that I'm grateful! That's like saying you know of several instances where people we're killed wearing seatbelts and by airbags in their cars. Does that mean you should remove your seatbelts and airbags in your car so you can be safer too? I don't think so. To be sure WFP protection doesn't catch everything. Neither does any single Anti-Virus, Firewall, or Anti-Spyware software. But it's much better than no protection. Without WFP any piece of software, driver, or any user could delete any Windows file at any time without any restrictions. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. IMHO nLite itself doesn't make your PC less safe at all. I think the modifications I've made in XP have made it safer by removing services I don't use which can be exploited: eg Outlook Express/Address Book, Windows Messenger/MSN Messenger, Remote Registry, Remote Assistance turned off, Netmeeting, System Restore. Joemama1969: Does this fix still work as of the date of this particular reply? This may have to be the stopgap until nuhi and ElTorqiro can figure out the issue...
  24. If anyone's still curious, NetMeeting is one options for 2K...
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