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  1. I really dread a future without Vlite and Nlite. Using "lightened" XP and Vista is a daily part of my professional and personal life. I can not imagine using Vista SP2 or Windows 7 without making it lighter using vlite first. Too many good projects died when the author lost interest, threatened by some big company or just daily life intervened. I hope Vlite/Nlite follow a different way. Best wishes to Nuhi... Levent
  2. No, it is not a method of slideshow. Sideshow is for some new notebook which has a secondary, small LCD screen on their lids. If you do not have such a fancy laptop, you may remove it. Some games, like Lost Planet v1.004 , require this service to be present on the computer. So, if you want to be on the safe side, leave it. If you do not play any games, just remove it.
  3. Hello all, In my slipstreamed SP3 CD, I have SP1.cab, SP2.cab and SP3.cab files. It looks it is not necessary to keep SP1.cab and SP2.cab, as SP3.cab seems to have all the files these two have. Am I right and should I just delete these two from the image? Many thanks, Levent
  4. Hello all, Sorry, I'm not able to send the session file as I did my vLite rip in 3-4 sessions, but last night I solved the problem. The culprit is "Parental Controls". If you remove it, the game does not work. Remove everything else but leave "Parental Controls" alone, the game works. I tried a lot of combinations and am quite sure of my result. I guess other games or oncoming games may also need that parental control thingy, so maybe Nuhi would consider adding that option to compatibility list. Many thanks, Levent
  5. I'm sorry to ressurrect an old topic, but there really is something wrong between Lost Planet updated demo and Vlite'd Vista. I tried this both with Vlite'd Vista and Vista SP1, and also non-Vlite Vista SP1. Lost Planet DX10 Demo works without problems, but when you update the demo, it crashes at the start. On a non-vlite'd Vista, the updated version runs fine. I know Lost Planet is quite old by now, but I'm resurrecting this topic as it is clear that there is a conflict or something between Vlite'd Vista and a game. It may be another game in the future. Nuhi, could you please investigate that issue? You'll be needing Lost Planet DX10 demo and the update pack for the demo, which is about 4MB. Many thanks, LP
  6. Hello, with Darksen's suggestion I managed to find a list of SP1 hotfixes and learned that all my essential hotfixes are already included in SP1. So my problem is solved for the moment, but still a file version check as the one in nLite would be useful in the future. Thanks for your help...
  7. Hello all, good evening, I'm creating a Lite Vista using Vlite and a pre-integrated Vista Ultimate 32-bit DVD. I also have some hotfixes which were essential for me in the Pre-SP1 era, and when I try to integrate them also, Vlite does it. On Nlite, when you try to add an older version of a file into a WinXP image, there is a warning box telling you about file versions. In Vlite, there is no such feature, as far as I see. So, by integrating pre-SP1 fixes into my SP1 disk, am I corrupting SP1 Vista? How can I be sure that hotfixes are included in SP1? I hope I managed to express my problem. Best wishes to all, Levent
  8. No Ponch, the source CD is not made by me and at the moment it is looking more and more suspicious. Tomorrow I'll test again using a clean WinXP SP2 CD. Your idea is also very logical, many thanks. On the other hand, it is very strange that when I setup nLite to create another user named Levent or something, it does not create that user or user's folders. Anyway, we will see what happens using the clean source. Many thanks!
  9. Hello again, Nuhi, I did some more experiments. I want to share my findings, because maybe that will help someone else, or maybe will connect to someting other. I tried with not touching the services, or not integrating any hotfixes or drivers. Still no good result. But I have observed two details: - The setup CD's I create work OK in Virtual PC etc. They fail at my test system consisting an Athlon X2 cpu, nForce 590 board etc. Could that be related to my spesific hardware? - I tried using nLite to create another administrator account on setup, with another name. I noticed that in the failed installations, the folders for that account is not created. Additional to the Admin and Guest users allready built-in, I setup nlite to create a user named DHW, beloning to Admins group. After the XP installations, I find no trace of such an user on the hard drive. What may cause such random failure in user creation, do you have any idea for me? Next thing I will try is to use a pure XP SP2 CD for new CD creation. So far I used a XP SP2 CD with all the updates allready slipstreamed. Maybe that is a problem, we will see. Many thanks, LP
  10. Many thanks nuhi... I was also suspecting Server or Workstation services, which I do change to MANUAL start. I'll try this first thing in the morning.
  11. Hello all, After trying and failing again and again, I wanted to tell you my problem, hoping someone else may have experience with a similar situation. Using nLite, I'm building a lightened WinXP SP2 install CD. As a source I'm using a WinXP SP2 CD with almost all the updates slipstreamed. With nLite, I'm removing most of the unnecessary components (for me) and drivers. None of the red labelled items is removed. A lot of services also disabled or changed to "MANUAL" start. My problem is about nLite creating user accounts. When I use my newly created install CD, sometimes something goes wrong and it does not login into administrator account. It shows the user as "Administrator", but in effect WinXP does not consider the actual user as an administrator. Thus, I find myself in some kind of "user limbo", unable to reach services.msc or user management, etc. I do not change the name for admin account. I also do not use automatic login (If I try to use it, it gives an error informing me someting like "the system can not log you in....". I tried and tried with different options, and have lost really so much time. The chaotic nature of the problem (a problematic install CD sometimes installs without any problems!) is making it also more difficult. Does anyone else have a similar problem? Any insight would be appreciated. Many thanks, LP
  12. Is that problem really fixed? Because I'm using 1.4 beta and the same problem still making my life hell. What is more, the thing seems completely random, as the same CD sometimes installs without creating this problem, and sometimes it does create the problem. nLite is a great tool but I lost really too much time because of that problem. Hope it will be solved soon, greetings...

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