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  1. ***** SOLVED ***** Went into the HP RAID utility and rebuilt array, took about 2 hours. Boots no problem at all now. Customer now having a nice UPS! Thanks for everyones help.
  2. Says DEGRADED If we try and rebuild will we loose any data?
  3. Customer had a power failure while server was on. (No UPS on site). When server turns on goes through the HP logo screen, goes through the RAID screen, then screen goes black with a flashing cursor in top left of screen. Server has 2x 250GB in a RAID Mirror. I have tried unplugging each hard drive but the machine will not boot. I have left server on overnight to see if it will finally boot but not hopeful. Does anyone have any suggestions for the next step? Thanks
  4. When we go to http://IPADDRESS/Remote in the list of Addition Links there is no "Download Connection Manager" link. On our server it is there and works fine then we can use Outlook easily. With another customers server it simply is not in the list. Under the ClientApps folder there is also no "Connection Manager" folder. Is there an easy way to add this to the server that doesn't have it. Have no idea why its not there as its been setup the same as all the others. Thanks!
  5. Yeah, Had a spare PC running XP which had 2 spare SATA ports. Plugged both server HDD in to them. Booted XP machine and installed RaidRecovery software. Used all default settings in the wizard (as we didn't know what raid setup it was). Then choose the HDD of the XP machine as the destination (make sure enough space!) then it just took 2-3hours to recover. I was impressed that it managed to keep all the directory structure and file names, in most recovery programs I have used in the past you get file names like recovery001, recovery002 etc. So got all the data from their server shares this way, then exported their PST files on their workstations to get all their e-mails. Easy
  6. Solved Got ALL the data back I used this software: http://www.runtime.org/raid.htm Would recommend it to others!
  7. Hi Have a Dell server with an adaptec sata raid card. There are 2x 80GB attached. Not sure how the RAID is configured (we think it is Spanned). Anyway we are getting errors from the adaptec card when we boot up. We ordered a replacement card but when this was put in we had kernel controller errors, so we think that card is faulty so a replacement is on its way. In the mean time we have got a brand new HP server which we have loaded with 2x 250GB on a RAID mirror using the onboard RAID controller in the HP server. Both servers were running SBS 2003. Basically what we need to do is recover the data (only documents etc. and not the OS partition as there is only 4-5 users to recreate. and we can get access to their old e-mails by backing up their PST files from Outlook on the client machines. When we plug the two old HDD into the new server they show as 2 drives with all the space being unallocated. My question is simple: How can we get the data off the drives? - looks like customer has no backups so thats not an option. Thanks
  8. SOLVED: Yes Using the Media Center Edition OEM CDs work fine for installing Windows XP Tablet Edition using the Product Key of Tablet Edition. It does install all the Tablet Edition features.
  9. Need to reinstall Windows XP Tablet Edition on a customers laptop (the COA is on the laptop) but they user has no CDs and there is no recovery partition. Can we use the OEM Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2 CD set to install the Windows XP Tablet Edition using the COA on the laptop? Thank You
  10. When I go to that section on my TS when I want to add the groups that should be added under the location it has got "TERMINALSERVER" and it wont let me change it to "SERVER". "TERMINALSERVER" is my Standard server and "SERVER" is my SBS2003 server. Shouldn't the TS be able to see the users on the SBS2003?
  11. The SBS2003 does have AD yes. How do I make a OU? Thanks
  12. Got a SBS2003 server and a Standard 2003 server. When using terminal services it goes to the standard 2003 server which is fine. Works fine with the Administrator login, but when I use any users login I get an error saying that they are not a member of the Remote Desktop Users group. I have double checked and they are! Any ideas?! Thank You EDIT: I have even just added the user to the Administrators group as a test and I still get the message. The standard 2003 server is connected to the domain which has the SBS2003 as a domain controller, but the standard server doesn't list in the computers list on the SBS2003. Should I remove the standard server from the domain and add again?
  13. He shouldnt need a static route for this to work, His VPN is clearly up at this point, the traffic will know where to go, infact all traffic will now go via the VPN instead of the local subnet. However the firewall is a good point. If you do an ip scan of the 192.168.10/24 subnet once you are VPN'd in does anything reply? If not i wonder if you have forwarded GRE through the firewall too? Im pretty sure it wouldnt have let you get this far but its something to check. It won't let me open the Windows Firewall on my SBS2003. Haven't got any other software firewall running. We have Symantec Client Security A/V but no other software firewall. How do I do the ip scan you mentioned?
  14. I have changed my IP settings on my router at home. Please find attached my screenshot of my ipconfig. I am not able to ping the server by name or IP. Any suggestions please? Thanks
  15. Trying to setup VPN for the first time. Have enabled on server and opened all the ports needed for PPTP on router, also made sure the user has been allowed the dial-in option. We are using No-Ip.info as we don't have static IP. When I make a VPN connection in my client PC I can get it connected no problems and it gets an IP. What isn't working is that I can't then get any local resources such as server shares. Shouldn't I be able to create mapped drives etc? Any help appriciated. Thanks

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