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  1. That did not work Will all my apps still work fine? What about my mails? I need to copy them too right?
  2. I Have changed the username from the control panel>>>user accounts. Only problem is the C:\Documents and Settings\(username) still shows the old username and all the cookies still come in as the old username. Can you tell me how exactly to about this? thanks
  3. Hi, I want to rename my windows user name folder. C:\Documents and Settings\(username) I want to change this to something else. Can somebody tell how to go about doing this? thanks
  4. thanks for the reply. I will give those win 2000 sata drivers a shot, if they dont work I guess will have to buy a new PATA drive. Where do I get these SATA drivers for my motherboard? thanks for all the help! Sandy
  5. NO PLEASE DONT SAY THAT! i am so screwed If this is true then I will have to buy a new hard drive anyone?
  6. I am trying to install windows NT with a SATA hard disk. The Setup doesnt detect the sata drive and wants me to manually install the driver. Please can anyone help me with this? Any drivers? Here is what I am using Intel 865GBF Segate 80GB sata drive Thanks Sandy

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