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  1. Also please add using Aero Studio 2007/2008 for making multi-boot. Cause, I thought it's pretty easier to use compare to text versions of stuffs, like compare to cd shell?
  2. I don't know. For me, it did what I told to do which I made of. And it took long time for me to make it works like how I made. Maybe you just have to practice more? And also, I think you have to learn how to link the page to page. or button to page.
  3. How do I make split rar/zip/alz using Winzip/Winrar/Alzip/7-Zip? I want to make split rar/zip/alz file using Winzip/Winrar/Alzip/7-Zip. Please tell me detailed description each software seperately.
  4. Lol. Sorry for making you confuse, Idontwantspam
  5. Ok. Thanks everyone for help. I will use all of your advices, when I get married and have kid/s.
  6. Yeah. I know of those bootdisk stuffs that finds the passwords. And that needs to be run using floppydrive or cd-rom drive or others. So, I can just take those stuffs out of pc, then they can't do anything using it, right? Since they don't have building computer skills. And all of the sites that you guys recommanded me, I love them all!!!!!!!! I will use all of them at once, hahaha.
  7. (or at least something along that line) I have to say I don't have kids, but looking at the conclusion above, I'd think the best way to deal with this is to find a router that allows you to block certain PCs from Internet access while you can't watch your kid and have computers that don't get locked out by that schedule password protected. Ok. Well, they can't get around with the stuffs that I do put in their computer, cause they can't beat my computer skills. My current college major is computer and skill to have build computers from the scratch. I'm right, right?
  8. Hello. I have question about the "Parental Control" software. Which "Parental Control" software is good for kids safetfy from "ANYTHING AVAILABLE ON THE WEB AND EVERYTHING AVAILABLE ON THE COMPUTER PRODUCTS" ? For example, I want to block the use of Instant Messenger stufffs, certain websites on the web, block/control the installation of software, anti-virus/spyware/adware/malware, and etcs.
  9. Crossfire/SLI using two graphics card. Each one card requires at least 450-550W for GRAPHIC CARD not the full computer usuage. The requirements you are saying is only use for graphic card If you add more, I'm sure you need more.
  10. Well..... I kinda diagree with you but I'm not meaning to argue about it. I plan to upgrade my current computer and my 550W Power Supply died few days ago. And these are what I have in my pc and what I plan to get upgrades for my pc: 1. Intel Core 2 Duo 8400/8500/later or Latest Intel Core 2 Quad CPU 2. ASUS Motherboard that has chipset of P45/X58/later that has 4 and/or 8-Pin ATX12X CPU connector 3. 2x 80GB SATA and SATA2 hdd 4. 1x 200GB SATA and 1x 500GB SATA2 HDD 5. 1x SATA DVD+-RW 6. 1x Blu-ray/HD Rom Drive or BLU-ray/HD RW with DVD +-RW Combo or similar to it. 7. 3x Case Fans 8. Dual Channel 4GB DDR2 RAM that support my new motherboard that I will be buying 9. 1x Floppy Drive 10. 1x Zip Drive 11. At least 6 USB/USB2 Devices 12. Latest Crossfire/SLI Graphic Card
  11. Can anyone help me with deciding buying the power supplypower supply ? I live in USA. I want the 850W power supply that support both 4 and 8 pins for 12V cpu power. So, I went to Neweggnewegg .com to check out the power supplies that I want. When I did that, I have seen the customers' review of those power supplies. That made me scared of buying power supply. Cause people had put cons of every single power supplies there are. And all of those power supplies had at least 1 or 2 or more problems with power supplies. Can anyone please help me and recommand me a good power supply? P.S. Should I listen to the customer review of all the power supply products?
  12. Just a thought. The x58 Core i7, you think I should wait for that? And if I get the P45 or new board and at least Core 2 Duo or COre to quad, how many case fan should I have at least? And what is the best performance power supply and it's company?

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