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  1. Getting ClientName from Terminal Server

    I've tried using those (WTSManager.dll) in a vbs script, and the script works when run from the terminal server itself. But I can't find a way to get the script to work remotely from another computer. Looking through the article I noticed it mentions using "WTSOpenServer( LPTSTR pServerName)" to connect to a different server, but I haven't had luck getting it to work yet.
  2. Getting ClientName from Terminal Server

    Unfortunately, no. The closest thing it gives to client name is session name (RDP-TCP#xx), but I need the actual host name that the client is connected from.
  3. Does anyone know if its possible to obtain the Client Name (that is, the host name) of a user connected to a terminal server remotely (with a script or command line tool)? You can obtain this information graphically from the Terminal Services Manager snap-in (see screenshot). The Query User command (or QWINSTA) only returns the Session Name. Alternatively, remotely reading the user's %CLIENTNAME% environment variable would work as well.
  4. No icons in A43

    A43 has some kind of bug that occus when there isn't a drive C defined for whatever reason. This causes the icons not to show up. If you don't have a C drive you can use the subst command to map C to another drive (it doesn't matter which, as long as C exists).
  5. Help with .ADM files

    I've written a few VBS scripts to accomplish this. KillSearchAssistantXP.vbs and RemoveLangBar.vbs which are a part of a package of scripts I've written. You can use them standalone or as User Logon Scripts via Active Directory Policy. You can get them here: http://justin-credible.net/scripts-scriptpack.shtml
  6. CDImage/MKISOFS Boot Floppy Image

    Is it possible, and which would be better to use for creating an ISO with a 2MB bootable floppy emulation? (CDImage or MKISOFS) I currently use Nero to create these discs, but I would like to automate the process using the command line. I know its possible to specify a boot loader, but I'm not sure if its possible to use a bootable floppy image with these tools.
  7. Detect ACPI Power Button

    Anyone know if it is possible to detect when the power button is pressed in PE? I want to issue the "shutdown /s" command when the power button is pressed.
  8. No icons in A43

    I'm using the A43 file manager under BartPE, but there is a problem... There are no icons. The tree view of folders is just text and files don't have icons. Any ideas on this?
  9. Secondary drive letter assignment

    You mean using the ASSIGN drive letter command? I was under the impression that BartPE wouldn't save this setting because it does not save changes to the registry on reboot.
  10. Secondary drive letter assignment

    I have two partitions on a hard drive, one with BartPE and the other with some data. I know that it is not possible to change the boot drive from X: (as it is hardcoded) but is it possible to have the secondary partition mount as drive Y: or any other specific letter? I want the secondary partition to always show up as Y:
  11. Windows Workstation (Thin Client OS)

    I've been creating this for a project at work. I'm not really sure how legal it would be to distribute this since the main part of the OS is actually BartPE (does anyone know the legalities of this?) I may consider releasing the shell... we'll see!
  12. Windows Workstation (Thin Client OS)

    I'm still tweaking it, but it isn't really anything special as far as BartPE plugins go. Mainly just the XPE plugin with the BuildInfCache modification to allow drivers to work when installed on the hard drive. The real magic is in my custom shell. I may write something up when I'm done though.
  13. Windows Workstation (Thin Client OS)

    Thought some of you WinPE/BartPE users would find this interesting... Rather than get rid of a bunch of old computers at work that were too slow to run Windows XP, I figured there had to be some use for them. Thus Windows Workstation was born. Windows Workstation is a thin client OS I've created, based on BartPE, that boots up fast and connects directly into a full screen RDP session with our Windows 2003 Terminal Server. Computers that were practically unused, now have a new life. Users can run Office, browse the internet, basically do anything they would normally, except its all happening server side. The best part-- I've designed the logon screen to work and look exactly like the real thing so users won't know the difference. More info and some screen shots are available here: http://www.justin-credible.net/Programs-Wi...rkstation.shtml
  14. hiding a splash screen

    If I can't find a way to disable a splash screen I usually load up Resource Hacker and open the EXE. Usually you can find the form and resize it down to nothing so you won't see it. If that doesn't work you can check to see if the bitmap is there and replace it with something else. I replaced my APC UPS splash screen with a banner with my computer specs.
  15. AutoInstall CD-ROM Builder

    Not sure about the subscript error. You are most likely getting the "Incorrect path to Windows Installation CD" because the i386\winn32.exe can't be found in the path you specified. I haven't used nLite before so I can't say if it will work or not.