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  1. Only adding the PCI DID, VID to INF file will 99% not help. 9xxx cards are based on newer GPU core. It's the same case when I was trying to run 7300GT with latest official drivers 81.?? with added INF entry. Drivers was installed OK then but buuted to VGA screen. I had to wait for unofficial 82.69. Nobody still proved if they work on 8xxx so I doubt it will work on 9xxx. As a last resort try universal VBEMP drivers by Bear Windows. It works fine if VESA BIOS is not crippled but it hasnt any kind of 2D/3D acceleration.
  2. What you mean by "full support"? PCI-E devices are controlled the same way as normal PCI devices, you just have more virtual PCI busses resources.
  3. I just got Asus EN7900GT/2DHT/256MB DDR3 PCI-Express in my hands and I can confirm that it works with 82.69 drivers well. I tried few games I usually try - GLQuake, QuakeII and Unreal tournament - any problem observed. Compared to 7600GS it gives much more power (better fillrate) to this older games, eg. Quake II gained ~800 FPS from ~200 FPS Of course in Crysis it is not so much but still well significant. BTW it would be good idea to sum all tested graphics cards in 1st post or some place together.
  4. As I suggested you may try to reflash BIOS from similar 256MB 8800 model. It should be always possible to flash it back with another PCI card inserted in PC. But rather ask guys here, they should know if this approach will work. BTW I'll get some cheap 7900GS 256M passive so I will report how it will work, hope it will
  5. AGP aperture size just says how many system RAM can be additionaly used for VGA so if you disable it you could get same rasult as with PCI-E which doesn't use system RAM. BUT there's still entire VRAM mapped to Win98 kernel space and it seems that 512MB is too much. Look in your device manager/PC/memory resources how the top gigabyte (C0000000-FFFFFFFF) is occupied by various other devices... Here are available two 256Meg 8800GT from Asus (EN8800GT/HTDP/256M, PCI-E) and Gigabyte which cost about 3000 CZK while 512Meg is for ~ 4000 CZK so it's not problem. I would buy it if it will work in 98se but nobody from friends have this 256M.
  6. Yes... BTW you don't need to boot XP, for automatic shutdown you can boot to W98 DOS mode and there are utilities like FDAPM which can shutdown ATX supply. I also wrote small program that can shoot off ATX supply directly from windows but it have one issue, that even if I use sync tool to write disk buffers then because of win98 are not correctly shutted down then scandisk will appear on nex boot. Also some changes from registers maybe forgotten because system saves them at normal exit which didn't happen.
  7. >glocK_94 I think VRAM size is important because of Win98 maps all memory-mapped devices (including VGA framebuffer) to the top 1GB of address space which is also used for kernel, drivers and shared buffer. In my case the 256MB framebuffer is mapper in range E0000000-EFFFFFFF. If you have 512MB VGA it will eat one half of kernel space and other things then may not fit. It doesn't matter if AGP or PCI-E. In XP the kernel space is normally top 2GB so it's larger... Maybe RLoew would say more accurate info to this. BTW thx for link to bench. That Asus 7600GS silent is same as mine. Nice to see 7800 is also made as silent. As I can see performance gain is really big so I will upgrade then, probably to some 7900GT 256M because 7800 makes much heat (110 vs 90nm) and 7950GT-256MB is hard to buy here... Currently I can play Crysis in 800x600, most settings high except object details which is locked to low, shadows detail=low and shading=medium - this options have the most impact to graphics perf. With this setting I can play in acceptable FPS not going under 20. >StarRiver Thank you for confirming that 7950GT works. As I said VRAM size DOES matter I'm not sure how to limit VRAM size by software but I guess if you flash VGA BIOS from 256< version on 512M version, which use same VRAM speed and timings it would work. But if BIOS autodetects VRAM size it will not work, I don't know...
  8. To memory problems I suggest to look at http://www.msfn.org/board/Help-I-need-to-G...0&start=120 thread and try himemx.exe replacement. >glocK_94 What 8xxx do you plan? And what VRAM size? It maybe important for Win9x. There are choices of 256, 384, 512 and 768 MB I saw... I thinkg such big VRAM is not so important I would rather take smaller amount of faster VRAM. BTW what performance gain I should expect when replacing 7600GS by best model of 7800? Esp. in new games like Crysis. I don't know if this help because of 8xxx/9xxx line brings new features that are missing on 7xxx and this may cause big performance diff.
  9. Nobody tried 82.69 drivers with 8xxx card yet? I googled a lot but no results.
  10. Thanks. I didn't know about this feature. But I disabled pagefile on ramdisk for stability reasons. Sometimes I work with huge sound files in goldwave and 800MB of pagefile wasn't enough. But I also had problems when copying a big file, say 600MB to ramdrive - in about 60% of progess system falls to BSOD. I tied it again with different file size copied. For less about 400MB it didn't fail. I didn't figure out the source of unstability so I disabled ramdisk and put page file back to HDD. As I have quite fast SATA drive it's not problem.
  11. Thanks dude. I can confirm that this works also on XP SP3 CZ final.
  12. Hi, I just tested new bighdd package aslo with scandisk and defrag are working now I use NU2002 anyway but good work. Tested om 500GB SATA drive with 2x192GB FAT32 partitions
  13. >GreyPhound I finally had time to read through entire thread from the beginning. Thaks for your effort with translation of Igor's technical article, I got some better view or windows memory management now. Spasibo! But it's still not clear why in some cases himemx.exe works and himem.sys not. Anyway I'm use this solutoin more than week and didn't found problem. I only sometims hit the limit of swapfile in ramdisk when etiting huge soundtracks in goldwawe, swapfile ran out of space and shoot windows down. If I would had set swap to HDD it could grow to bigger size. But from ramdisk it runs pretty fast! Unfortunatelly memory protection is poor so instead kernel should shoot the app exceeding memory it allow shoot off all system It depends on used program.
  14. I'm not sure about it. When you have small clusters then FAT must be greater and seeking for the specified cluster will take long time when browsing large FAT. And when using the ramdisk for paging file the minimum allocated size is one page - 4kB so smaller clusters don't bring any advantage. Anyway for my ramdisk size and FA16 FS limitation the smallest cluster size is 16kB. I didn't checked what value was automatically set.
  15. No, /c1 parameter only set cluster size I don't care about it let it set automatically. Parameter /t is important.
  16. Hoho, it works So now I got 850MB ramdisk for swapfile c:\dos\xmsdsk.exe 850000 z: /t /y And thanks for thoughts about himem vs himemx. I don't know windows kernel magic how it can behave with different xms mgrs. EDIT: Ou, seems that windows cannot use xmsdsk ramdisk for swappping. I cannot see the drive letter in swap file setting dialog EDIT2: Aha, it can be redirected in system.ini now it works [386Enh] PagingDrive=Z:
  17. Shortly 1) I upgraded io.sys patch to replace himem.sys by himem.exe so rename of the file is needed 2) I can confirm that /max=... parameter IS NOT really needed in config sys (so then I wondew why MS himem.dont work and this himemx works) 3) I did a finetune of MaxPhysPage and ended at value 488FF. Crazy is that when I set 1st itme edit 40000 to 48000 it booted but in VGA mode and display ed error of VGA configuration and open resolution change CPL. But whe I go back an increment MaxPhysPage with smaller steps and do rebooting between every change I was able to reach 488FF (over I got insufficent memory). I tried also xmsdsk again but always got VFAT error BSOD.
  18. Good poit, can we display or log what will io.sys really call? Anyway renaming to himem.exe is the simplest way to be sure. Another thing is if /MAX= is needed at all, StarRiver claims he run without this parameter. Hm, I will need to do some more testing.
  19. Hi, I wrote a small patch yesterday http://www.volny.cz/rayer/os/w98iopat.exe which fix IO.SYS to load himemx.exe instead of himem.sys for safe mode. I don't have problems with crashing in safemode (btw I know about mentioned fixed vcache.vxd). Just copy patch to root dir beside io.sys and run it (make backup before). I didn't much experimended how can be RAM increased, I just try a few values 1.5G 1.25G (physpage=60000 resp 50000) and it hangs during boot so I gave it up, some additional few megs + are not much important for me, I need stable system. I laso tried to eat excesive RAM with XMSDSK but it didn't work for me.
  20. Currently, with only replacing the himem.sys its unable to boot safemode coz windoze then load himem.sys on its own. But I found the strings in IO.SYS and patched and then it run also in safemode. I will program some small patch utility to rewrite it. Installation of himemx.exe is quite esay, just download it, extract himemx.exe to windows directory and replace the line in config.sys to calling this driver. It has regular EXE stub so you can type "himemx.exe" in command line to get help, also there is included documentation and source code Thanks to Japheth maintaining it.
  21. I use 500GB HDD few months and didn't find problems with DOS version of scandisk on large partitions (I have 2x192GB FAT32 there). Under DOS it's used INT13h BIOS extension - no any ESDI_506.PDR or other driver. So I think you don't need to wory about it. Just replace ESDI_506.PDR before windows first boot.
  22. Problem (partially) solved! After some days of messing I finally found HimemX XMS manager freely available here http://japheth.de/Jemm.html which allows you to limit XMS size by /MAX= option. After I limit XMS to 1GB it boots and seems to work fine! Of course windows sees then only 1GB but it's acceptable for me, I don't need then any commercial patch. Here's my lines of system.ini: [386Enh] MaxPhysPage=40000 [vcache] MaxFileCache=261120 MinFileCache=32768 ChunkSize=4096
  23. Problem (partially) solved! After some days of messing I finally found HimemX XMS manager freely available here http://japheth.de/Jemm.html which allows you to limit XMS size by /MAX= option. After I limit XMS to 1GB it boots and seems to work fine! Of course windows sees then only 1GB but it's acceptable for me, I don't need then any commercial patch. Here's my lines of system.ini: [386Enh] MaxPhysPage=40000 [vcache] MaxFileCache=261120 MinFileCache=32768 ChunkSize=4096
  24. Problem solved. I used older driver distributed on Gigabyte installation CD. I will upload it on windows98.ic.cz EDIT: Working RTL8111 driver is available here: http://windows98.ic.cz/net/rtl8111.zip I also did a small update of intel chipset inf files (change in 945.inf), download here: http://windows98.ic.cz/chipset/intelinf.zip
  25. Yes, this is now also my case of troubles: I still use Win98SE (multiboot with DOS, WXP, Linux) and I just upgraded RAM from 1GB to 2GB (my system is 945/ICH7 mb & 7600GS PCIE 256M VGA). I hadn't any problems under 98SE with 1G, as I know about VCACHE issue I limited it in system.ini: MaxFileCache=261120 MinFileCache=32768 ChunkSize=4096 ... MaxPhysPage=40000 As this works fine I didn't expected further problems with adding more mem. I just pull two 1G DIMMs and when 1st booting 98SE it hangs in text mode screen with blinking cursor. I tried safe mode but got insufficent memory message during boot. When I tried normal mode again, it went further but I got only VGA mode 640x480/16 with message "There is a problem with your display settings. The adapter type is incorrect, or the current settings do not work with your hardware [OK]". Then display dialog appeared. I tried to set some higher resolution, reboot but then it hanged again. I search a lot of topic on web and try adjusting vcache size and lowering physpage limit, even some patched vcache.vxd but nothing helped. I also found Loew's memory limit patch demo. 1st problem was that I use czech win98se so patch didn't applied. I had to seek some torrents to get eng. ISO. I backup my system and made clean win98se-eng installation. I needed to modify system.ini physpage to complette installation to solve insuficent memory error. System seemed to work OK with 2GB installed - seeing only 1GB. But after I installed ForceWare 82.69 drivers for my nVidia it become unbootable like my CZ version, hanging during boot. So then I tried Loew's parch 3.2 demo. Now it successfully patched the english files. I booted safe mode and it booted OK and even show up all 2GB. http://rayer.ic.cz/350d/WIN2GBPT.PNG Well but the problem is that in safe mode VGA drivers are not loaded so I cannot see if it will works together like in normal mode. I don't need to use whole 2GB under 98SE (1G is enough) I just want boot it in normal mode with display driver in usable resolution. I also tried to change VGA to my older 6600GT 128MB and same problem. It seems like VGA LFB memory mapping conflicts with something else. But I don't understand why. If I'm right, W9x use for this system area located C0000000-FFFFFFFF. My VGA use LFB at always at D0000000-DFFFFFFF despite I use 1GB or 2GB RAM it's in system area where it fitted well before. Do you think that Loew's patch (full) will solve it or is there other way to use it with limited memory? Can be size of memory limited at very low HW level? I mean e.g. program 945 MCH chipset to temporary disable one DIMM bank to reach same effect like when DIMM removed physically?

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