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  1. Today I tested new Seamonkey 2.3beta but doesn't work (neither 2k nor XP mode).
  2. I just collected info posted in old thread that couldn't be modified, I don't have account on KX wiki. Also a lot people here provide incomplete info to fill it in rich way that it's currently on KX wiki. Someone else with enough time can rewrite it...
  3. Audio and video decoder windows seems to be OK.
  4. I successfully tested latest FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder r3943 2011-07-18 with KX 4.5.1 in XP mode. Set compat mode for installer, install and set compat mode for ffdshow.ax
  5. Hello, this is sequel of an old thread that tries to collect informations from users about working apps under Win98SE+KernelEx. I'll try to manage a compact and sorted list in the 1st post for better readability. In your posts please note exact version of app (you can include link), version of KernelEx and compatability mode you used. If it's working partially, shortly note what doesn't work. - = What is worinkg with KernelEx = - 7zip 18.06 (command line tool only), KX 4.5.2, XP mode Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0.9, KX 4.5, Win2k mode, notes: Backup MSVCRT.DLL before installing and then restore it Adobe Flash Player, KX 4.5.2, XP mode Adobe Flash Player (plugin), KX 4.5.1, notes: tested with Firefox 3.6.23 Adobe Photoshop CS Adobe Shockwave Player Alcohol 120%, notes: This is the last version working natively in 9x, without needing any patches. AlShow 1.7, KX 4.0 AM-Deadlinks 3.3 AptDiff, an excellent freeware binary diff ArtRage 2.5 ArtWeaver 0.5.7, KX 4.0 Audacity 1.3.12-beta, KX 4.5, Win2k mode Audio-Con 1.0, KX 4.0 Avanti 0.5.9 FFMPEG frontend, KX 4.5.1, XP mode Avast 4.8, KX 4.0rc2 AviDemux 2.5.2, KX 4.0, notes: Loudness adjustment doesn't work bbLean BitTorrent 6.4, KX 4.5 BlueCat VST and DirectX audio plugins (tested on the free plugin packs only) BOCHS PC emulator ver. 2.5, KX 4.5.1, XP mode Burnaware Free 2.4.2, KX 4.0, notes: Delete the WnASPI32.dll from Installations folder. Calcplus Charmap from XP Cole2k Media CodecPack 7.9.0, KX 4.0 CoreCodec CorePlayer 1.3.6 build 7427, KX 4.5.2 Corel Paint Shop Pro X CyberPower Audio Editing Lab 14.0.1 Daum Potplayer, KX 4.5.1, Win2k mode DC BASS Source Filter 1.2, XP mode Download Master DownThemAll 2.0.x, KX 4.5 Eraser 5.8.2 rev. 3 FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 1.1.3943 2011-07-18, KX 4.5.1, XP mode, notes: set compatability for installer and ffdshow.ax FileZilla 2.2.22 Flock 2.5.5 (Firefox clone), XP mode foobar2000 0.9.4.x, notes: Needs setting of [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion] CurrentVersion key to 5.1 DON'T FORGET to delete it afterwards! GIMP 2.2.17 Google Picasa 3 Haali Media Splitter, KX 4.0 Haihaisoft PDF Reader, KX 4.0 Haihaisoft Universal-Player-EN, KX 4.0 HOLMImpulse, a program for speaker gain and phase response measurement I2pdf 1.020, XP mode Infrarecorder 0.50, KX 4.0 IrfanView Kadmos OCR plugin, Win2k mode, notes: Displays some error messages but conversion works. Java Developer Kit 6 Java Runtime Environment 6 update 31, KX 4.5.2 K-Lite Codec Pack, notes: Dont't let it to "correct the registry", and i prefer to just use KMPlayer. KnobMan and SkinMan, two applications for creating knobs and skins for VST plugins Kerkythea, a free state of the art 3D renderer with some features you won't even find in most high end 3D packages LeaderTask personal organizer Liquid Resize 0.67, a seam carving application Media Player Classic Unicode, notes: Works with the exclusion of the program itself from kexver.ini Media Player Classic Unicode [HomeCinema] 1.3.1249.0, KX 4.0 Meedio MemStatus 2.65, notes: Requires mfc80.dll Microsoft Compatibility Pack for Office 2007 system with Windows 98 support (Eng) by PASAf, KX 4.5.2 Mozilla Firefox 10.0.2, KX 4.5.2 Mozilla Seamonkey 2.1 alpha 3, 2.0.14 and older, KX 4.5.2, XP mode, notes: Set compatability mode also for installer. Ver 2.1 - 2.7 now run with KX 4.5.2 but bookmarks cannot be added/managed. MPlayer MPUI.2009-06-12.Full-Package, KX 4.0 MPlayer WW SVN-r34106(20110916), KX 4.5.1, Win2k mode, notes: if you don't hear sound switch from dsound to win32 (ao=win32 in INI file) MSN Messenger 7.0.820 MS Paint from XP, KX 4.0rc2, notes: Requires mfc42u.dll Nero Burning ROM 7 NGView 2.0, KX 4.5.1 Notepad2, notes: Version 2.0.12 ANSI works without KX. Notepad++ 6.3.1 UNICODE, KX 4.5.1 Odin Password Security Manager 6.5.2 OpenOffice.org 3.1.1, KX 4.0 Opera 10.61, KX 4.5.2 Pale Moon 3.6.26, KX 4.5.2, notes: version 9.1 needs further steps, see page 4 Passwordfolder 1.0b, KX 4.0 PC-Wizard 2010.1.95, notes: Some info cannot be retrieved (like temperatures), some details cause system to hang up, but most of the stuff were detected and displayed correctly. PDF XChangeViewer build], KX 4.5.2 PhotoCreator SE, notes: Only installable on Japanese Windows, but works on non-Japanese Windows. Sometimes the program may crash. Photoshop CS Pixelformer PunkBuster QEMU PC Emulator 0.13.0, KX 4.5.1, XP mode Quicktime Alternative 2.9.0, KX 4.0 Realtime Alternative 2.0.1, KX 4.0 SISContents 1.57, notes: It produces error messages, does not display some text (for example in caption), may crash, but I have successfully extracted sisx file with it. Siteshoter 1.38, KX 4.0 Skype 3.8 SophosFreeEncrytion 2.40.0, KX 4.0 Speedyfox (Firefox optimizer) Starry Night CASP 6 STDU Viewer 1.5.647, KX 4.5.1, notes: Some windows displaying problems but still usable for viewing. Super2009 build 36, KX 4.0 SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition, XP mode, notes: Set XP mode also for installer. SyncBack Textaloud 2.303 TextMaker Viewer 2010, KX 4.5, notes: It crashed when I tried to view html file, but it opened several doc files and tmd file correctly without errors. Thunderbird 3.0, Win2k mode TopOCR 2.6, KX 4.0 TotalText Container, KX 4.5, Win2k mode Triple Cheese Universal Extractor 1.6 beta uTorrent 2.0.2, KX 4.5 Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 VLC Media Player 2.0.3, KX 4.5.2, Win2k mode (crash in XP mode) Voxengo VST plugins (tested on the free plugins only) VST plugins by Melda Productions VST plugins requiring the Pluggo runtime Winamp Pro 5.541, KX 4.5.1, XP mode Wings3D 1.0 WinHlp32 from WinXP SP2, notes: In original WinHlp32 mouse scrolling did not worked, in this it works. WordPerfect X3 Wyzo 3.0.3 (Firefox clone), XP mode xCHM, an excellent viewer for chm files XP-Codec Pack 2.5.0, KX 4.0rc2 Yahoo CA Anti-spy, KX 4.0rc2 ZoneAlarm Pro 4.0, KX 4.0rc2 - = Games that works = - Doom 3 Golly 1.4, a Game of Life simulator JNES, Win2k+ mode Quake 4 Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus, KX 4.5, notes: Requires d3dx9_33.dll, no movie playback. Prey Need for Speed: Most Wanted Ootake 2.40 Race On The Chronicles of Riddick EFBB Demo Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism demo ver 0.02a, notes: Requires d3dx9_37.dll Touhou Seirensen ~ Undefined Fantastic Object demo ver 0.02a, notes: Requires d3dx9_40.dll Zombie Shooter - = What doesn't work = - Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 AM-Deadline 4.3 AviDemux 2.5.3, why: Failed with missing MSVCRT.DLL:_fstat64 BOCHS PC emulator 2.4.6, why: Program starts but failed during boot the virtual machine BIOS. Use version 2.4.5 Chrome, tested with KX 4.0 Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, why: Installs from the .msi but doesn't run. No error message. Use latest native version 9.0 CPU-Z 1.5.7 and newer, why: The error code 0x5003 occured during initialization with KX 4.5.1. Use version 1.5.6 that is last with Win9x native support. Double Commander, why: It doesn't start, no error message displayed. Eraser 5.8.7 and newer Guitar Pro 5.2, why: Program starts but cannot display notes. It also may crash on exit. Servant Salamander 3.0 beta, why: even with latest Kernelex it has missing NetShareEnum export in netapi32.dll Skype 4.0, why: SKYPE caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 0167:bff7436e. Sound Forge 9.0e, why: Doesn't install, says "The operating system does not support this application". Anyone know how to trick the new InstallShield? Word Perfect X4 Xvid 1.3.2, why: Failed to rexister *.AX filter during installation Yahoo Messenger 9 Beta, why: Does not want to install and says it needs Win2k or higher no matter what compatibility i set in KernelEx or registry. KX Wiki compatability page
  6. Winamp Pro 5.541 works with KX 4.5.1 Winamp 5.35 was probably the latest with native win98 support. BTW I think it would be good idea to create application list in 1st post because now it's spreaded on 8 pages that become a mess... I can see that author of 1st post here is signed "banned" so he probably cannot update this. I can help with it if admin allows me to moderate this thread.
  7. Have you tried W2K compatibility mode? I've found some app's are no good using XP compatibility mode, but are fine using W2K mode. Joe. No but it's not 99.99% this problem. I found other user reported that seamonkey 2.1 beta 1 worked for him but all newer version freezed at rendering page. I deleted 2.1 and reverted back to 2.0.14 that works fine. But hope that some future KX version will make it available.
  8. New Mozilla Seamonkey 2.1 starts but freeze when loading a webpage (even on local disk) - kernelex 4.5.1, winxp-sp2 compat. Older versions up to 2.0.14 works fine for me. Another user reported that ver 2.1beta1 worked for him. I hope that's only small issue that could be fixed.
  9. Mozilla Seamonkey up to version 2.0.14 works fine for me. Ver. 2.1 starts but freeze when loading a webpage (even on local disk) - kernelex 4.5.1, winxp-sp2 compat.
  10. Did someone tried to run Win98Se on new core i3/5/7? I got such machine at work - core 5 i760, 8G RAM, intel 34xx series chipset. I may bring my CD and when I'll have a free time some evenin I can try to install. Probably 1st thing I need to do is limit the RAM for install up to 512M... > seam nice to hear that you managed to run usb 2.0 on latest ICH... Did you just used nUSB or something special?
  11. Hi, is here anybody who ran SB Audigy 2 under old WNT4(SP6)? After some googling I was able to find 2 version of driver packs that containded Win9x/NT/2k drivers. It installed fine and after reboot the speaker icon appeared in systray and everything looks like it works but didn't I tried some apps to play sound but no success. I can play with mixer, changed soundcard outputs but all silent. In winamp output plugin/statistic I found that there was only not active message. Normally there's printed dynamic info about buffers, sample rate etc. So something was wrong. I tried both drivers but the same. I suspected may be IRQ conflict so I relocate my soundcard from PCI IRQ3 to 5 but still nothing. I also tried to make binary patch (change device id from 0002 to 0004) of EMU10K.SYS for previously used SB live but it didn't initialized during boot So I'd like to know if someone else had it working or the drivers are crap...
  12. Hi, I like to note next 2 programs I successfully run under KEX RC5: Avanti 0.4.9 GUI for FFMPEG encoder (compat XP-SP2) MKVMerge GUI 2.9.8 (compat XP-SP2)
  13. I tried new KEX RC5 and it still has notes drawing problem in Guitar Pro. But there's small progress that I can reboot windows normally after runing GP5 (before it hanged during shutdown). Other apps that I use works well as with RC4 (Mozilla 2.0.10, VirtualDub)
  14. I just tried KernelEx 4.5 RC4 and it seems that solved VirtualDub plugins loading problem (mentioned before), thnaks I also tried Guitar Pro 5 but have only partial succes. It starts, I can load tabs but there's some drawing problem because notes are missing. See the screenshot: http://rayer.ic.cz/350d/gp5.png It plays tab OK. There's also problem with closing the app. The window disappear but process gp5.exe is still hanged on and cannot be killed (neither standard task manager nor ATM) and when I attempt shutdown/restart Windows it cannot shutdown because this process is running. It display obligatory wait/terminate window but terminate has no effect. So I had to press multiple ctrl+alt+del to force restart... Hope that some future KernelEx version will run it better
  15. I solved the problem with Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX550 by installing the driver from original CD, hehe It seems that din't disturbed nUSB any way and all works together. But maybe someone wants to integrate DMC-FX550 support to nUSB directly, so here's is the original driver: http://windows98.ic.cz/#DMC-FX550
  16. Interesting. When I set compatability for virtualdub.exe it didn't die silently but display some error message that Virtualdub crashed and I can take error log and close it. But if you try to uninstall kernelex you will see that it start with all plugins. And this seems to me a bug - affect programs that doesn't have compatability set.
  17. And did you run my test package or from official site? There's no plugins in official download so it statr but with that plugins don't.
  18. I found a compatability problem with VirtualDUB, resp. with some its plugins that I use (e.g. FFVDUB.VDF, VDUBAUO.VDF, MP4InputDriver.vdplugin...) and Kernelex. Before I installed Kernelex it ran fine. Now VirtualDUB don't start (no error displayed, I see it only in task manager as a zombie process). I don't use global compatability I rather use individual. Enabling compatability for virtualdub.exe didn't help. When I uninstall Kernelex (ctlpanel/programs/remove) it started to work again. I also tried to downgrade to version 4.0 but the same. Even with old 0.3.6. If mentioned plugins are moved/renamed from plugins and plugins32 dir it starts. Here I made a small VirtualDUB 1.9.9 test package - please try someone else. I don't understand how Kernelex can affect other programs that don't have compatability set. Is there some similar issue with another program that sopped working after Kernelex installation?
  19. 1st I had to set WinXP SP2 compatability to installation package, then install and finally set compatability for seamonkey.exe. Then I converted my profile from Seamonkey 1.1.19. I didn't find any problems yet, browsing and emails seems to work. I don't print much often-not tested yet. GDI resources consumption seems to be same as with old Seamonkey.
  20. I played with KernelEx 4.5 yesterday and successfully installed Mozilla Seamonkey 2.0.4 and BOCHS PC emulator 2.4.5. Good work.
  21. Hi again, did someone tested nUSB with some new Panasonic Lumix camera? I just tested DMC-FX550 compact, it was detected and asked for driver so I click next and find the best, found USBSTOR.INF, next and got BSOD . I can go back to windows (not a hardcrash) but camera doesn't work. I resterted and tried again but got BSOD immediatelly when plug-in the camera. I had to delete usb entry from registry. Under XP it works fine as any other mass storage, except you cannot delete files but it seems to be common f*kin limitation of modern Panasonic cams... But I have card reader so I don't worry a lot.
  22. Can I just replace those 3 *.SYS driver files in my W98 by this newer? (I could use CZ version). This are original WinXP files or modified some way? Tihy wrote about Windows 2000 SP4 *.SYS files but nUSB 3.3 already use it, what's the point? I think that INF file needs extension for intel ICH9 and ICH10. EDIT1: I just installed USB20DRV.EXE over nUSB 3.3 but my EHCI stopped work: NTKERN.VXD failed to load driver code 2 I checked that SYS files was replaced OK. I tried redetect EHCI and point USB20DRV.INF but still the same. I found that USBPORT.SYS has missing import of some kernel funcs EDIT2: I tried USBPORT.SYS 5.00.2195.6941 and 5.00.2195.6926 from KBs suggested by Petr but then I got "Windows protection error" at boot in text mode and I had to revert older version 5.00.2195.5652
  23. Yes but other slots worked even without making smartcard dummy. So only advantega is that I don't see ! error mark Please could you look at INF of XP driver that I provided on link above if it would be possible to mod it for w98.

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