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  1. I think it is more secure, but ppl dont have to agree with this but, with all the linux os i used before im sure that if ppl decided to write hakf the amount of viirus etc for these unix /linux based systems most ppl may stop using it, due to the amount of troubles you would have to go through to undo and remove the m.... so far the only thing i will give such systems ratings on is their GUI ( mandriva2008 )
  2. hi guys what up ? whats the most virus, trojan etc you guys AV"s ever picked up in one shot on a pc ? i installed eset on a guys laptop who was runnin avg an zone alram and it picked up 4000 + an after it restarted an aditional 250 , then his pc crashed !! lol ! imagine one pc with so much , who can top that here !! p.s. This post is no way intended to say that AVG dont work <--- lol
  3. ok, here is the problems. There is a Dell gx model optiplex in work which keeps restarting. apparantly some guy installed or at least tried to install Zone alarm on it some days ago and since then the system is acting crazy. As you are prompted with the log on screen to enter username and password and you enter it, the pc logs back out in about 2 seconds before it even loads the desktop or explorer. Now i tried booting in safe mode to see is the problem persists and so it does . i cant access explorer or a run command so im stuck. Any of you guys knows what goin on here ?? As i said , as u log in it logs out, when u enter your pword all u here is the lon out song and u are back at the log in screen !! Help Needed !!
  4. OK THIS MAY BE DUMB, ME ASKING THIS . Usually when you buy a laptop for example, there is a back up cd that comes along with it, incase you crash (bsod) etc.. what ever it may be, you can use this cd to replace your original build from the manufacturer. This normally has a lot of other preinstalled programmes including AV's etc. is it possible to create this withthe default programmes that comes built in with xp ? so if i fresh install with the programmes i want after installing can i create this with the default bacjk up utility ?>
  5. For some reason it isnt updating from the files i downloaded. it is saying up to date but wit the same 2740 updates instead of the 2921 etc
  6. Travis i already have that link, but im not going to keep these always up to date, im not being payed for that, so i just want to keep the icon green in the task bar an eliminate any lil pop ups that will be displayed cus of it being out of date, an when im ready i can always addd more updates to the folder
  7. So here is the thing. I installed eset smart security on 10 work computers but as we all know this programme looks for its update almost every hour ,i think .. So what im tryin to do know is to keep it readin up to date, although its not, maily because we dont have internet on work . So im going to try something to see if it works so for you older heads who may have a lil experience, feel free to shed light on the matter.. ok, so i downloaded the updates to a flash drive , updates till march 4th that is, i created a folder on the system in work and put the update files there, then i copied a link to the files and added it as a server, so nod will now look to that specified drive for updates, so far its reading up to date, so what do you guys think ? would it work ? or is there anything i should also do ? should i change how it updates , wheather it is after a dial up connec is present or every hour, or should i just leave them as default ? THanks in advance 1
  8. boy, if you know how slow my phone operates in work, its sad . i think i may use eset nod32 trial software to do the official clean up . i know it comes updated enough to deal with the recycler virus thing. i gave dem a quotation as to how much it will cost, to puchase full software, so if they dont buy ill give them trials plus my service charge
  9. im studyin the fact that there is no net present, what should i do ? i can run some trials to do the clean up, but since most machines in here are sp1 machines , even if they do get net, it will need a lot more than an antivirus i dont even think we are gettin net since we have no need for it
  10. Heres the thing, my office has about 10 pc's.. there is also a recycler virus on 9 of them except mines . Anyways, after talking to the boss, i have the opportunity to clean all off. Now i work for the gov't first of all. So im looking for an antivirus to use on all 10 Is there any antivirus thats comes as a 10 user or a unlimited user ? I ready dont wanna be buying 4 cds to do this .. NExt thing is, we have no internet inthe building well except me, through my phone (gprs) so i can update them. now im studyin billin. How much should i charge especially for maintainance , which i may do probably ever month
  11. All the versions of xp i have so far comes with sp2. the only thing i remembered attacked sp 1 machines was the sasha virus.. i want a good smart one , an i hoping open the links provided untop wont affect my main machine
  12. Most likely its nothing, when i was using norton 07, 360 & 08 i saw that also. if i can remember right, the cookie was some how related to this site when i switched to nod it never did find this cookie. if u were infected u would know also from anoying pop ups an stuff etc..
  13. Im looking for a virus to inject into my virtual pc's . Any idea of where i can get one, a good resourseful virus. im planing on injecting a virus to the different virtual machines, then install the antivirus after an see really how performance is measured, speed by effectiveness and detection ... So guys do you kno where i can get a goodtricky virus ?
  14. Its Norton 2008 AV :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: mind tooth, i didnt ask which you prefer, plz, if you cant answer or provide any comments of substance, plz feel free not to reply in this thread
  15. ok well i have been using norton since version 04. i recently started using nod32 to see what it is actually capable of so here is the thing. Now this thread is for ppl who actually do research and can back what they speak about not those who like to run off at the mouth For instance, norton 2008 while i was using it , you would have seen pop ups saying " ip address blocked" or someting similar. while running a scan they only thing it would have removed is a tracking cookie, due to the fact that i dont visit sites in which i put my pc under any halth risks. Using Nod32 now, i scan a good bit of times with this software, i had never picked up anything, no blocked attacks etc.. and this is after about a month of use so im wondering, Is is really working >? Otherwise, nod is way lighter, and scans with super speed but does provide phishing and stuff an norton does. Norton on the other hand is heavy although 2008 version is much lighter( dont really see the difference with my dual core) and it seems to be doing a more comprehensive care.... So any of you guys here, actually done any tests etc.. and have seen what im talking about ? p.s. key words in he last phrase : done , tests, " seen what im talking about " ....
  16. what WEI rating would i get off of this card ? do any of u guys have it ? plus i think my board only runs at 8x through its pci express but still im wondering if this is a good card to have . the 8800 is too expensive right now
  17. so are you saying when downloading i should be able to get about 57kbps max on my 460kbps connec
  18. what percent am i suppose to getting from im initial log on cennection ? For instance on 56k modem, am i suppose to ge gettin 56kbs while surfing downloadind etc? im connected via gprs at 460 kbps, my maxy download speed ever recordedis at 17+kbps is this quite normal or is my service provider limiting my speeds . Is there anyway around this problems ?
  19. I have my pc doing a dual boot of both xp and vista. I installed wm ware workstation on the xp partition and installed linux 7.04 (feisty fawn ) on it . i set to the NAT feature when i was doin it originally, so its networked from my main pc sharing internet etc. so i just decided to download some stuff with it. Now my internet is gprs through my cell phone and in the 2 years that i have been using it me download speed never crosses 19kbps. But im downloadin in linux at over 40 kbps !! **** big improvement ! so i was wondering, could it be that windows is some how limiting how fast my download speed is ? usually when i log in it is at 460 kbps...
  20. Good call. Then he is correct in that respect. I think he meant that also
  21. In this day and age od cd burners. Whats the differnce between the conventional IDE cd rom and the new Sata cd roms... Is there any big differnce which makes the sata cdrom better than the IDE, besides the fact that it provides better cooling ? In the case where we line up both types of cd roms / burners to put them to the test both runnin at say 18 or 20 x, should there be a difference between the both ? ~Food for thought
  22. found some good tutorials though http://www.deinmeister.de/cdrep_e.htm
  23. i found that same link last night. i just scrapped the drive down to board, it looked like one of the gears is damaged but im not too sure, but when a cdis left in the drive it opens properly oh well, i recommend a new drive anyways
  24. is there a guide online anywhere that shows steps on how to disassemble one

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