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  1. Sorry xan1242 , but you have not looked my topic on this site and because of wrong chipset you must choose between rloew option or selling your MBO and buying AS ROCK AM2NF3-VSTA which is without question BEST modern MBO with official support for Windows 98 SE and if I do not make mistake ONLY MBO with Windows 98 SE official drivers for AM3 processors (in your case:ADX250OCK23GQ processor)
  2. This MBO is not on the list because of my thinking has been that Socket 462 MBO in May 2007 is too old technology (and there has been other problem with socket 939). I have tried to be neutral and write 2 types of MBO for Intel and AMD (socket 479 is latter added). In my part of world only real Win 98 socket 462 option has been for very, very long time ASRock MBO created around SIS741chipset.
  3. Nvidia like other computer corporations are "joking" with Windows 98 SE support. It is possible to download Unified drivers with support for nForce, nForce2, and nForce3 from 2004 for Win 98 SE on this Nvidia page. If you want to download from other sites then you can try to download nForce3 Win 98 drivers from December 2006 on this site You will still be without sound support in Win 98
  4. - NVIDIA® nForce3 250 Chipset What is the functionality or driver-support for Windows 98 for that chipset? What is it using for SATA controller? Do you have that motherboard? Are you running Win 98 on it? My MBO is AsRock 775i65G with 1 GB (max 2GB) memory and SATA I which I do not use. ASROCK AM2NF3-VSTA is having only SATA I and you can download drivers for NVIDIA® nForce3 250 Chipset on this web site . Sound on MBO will not work in Win98 because AsRock is using special, different chip I do not see point in using SATA I on ASROCK AM2NF3-VSTA or AsRock 775i65G because speed is very similar to ATA and possible installation problems are much greater. With SATA II things (speed) are very different, but SATA I is................
  5. Your options are very simple: Low budget GPU with 512 MB in Windows XP/7 or High budget GPU with 256 in all Windows Yes it is little hard to find ALiveDual-eSATA2, but not too much I do not see reasons for OC on single core processors (only possible reason is price) because you can buy Intel processors with speed of 3.8 GHz or dual core with speed of 3.4 Ghz. Why I am using this examples ? Because of 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0 MBO (SATA II but PCIE only x4) or 4CoreDX90-VSTA R2.0 (SATA I, but PCIE x16 and weaker CPU support) Which are having official support. If you want to believe to our friends with user made drivers then you will buy something like this or this. I am sure that you will be very happy with second example
  6. Yes Computer Translation of his words about GPU: "Modified by installing NVIDIA ForceWare drivers 82.69 + 93.71 (unofficial version would ZakMcKracken84/MSFN forum), include support for PCI Express GeForce 6xxx/7xxx. We have successfully tested it with GF6600GT PCI-E GF6800GT PCI-E GF7300GT PCI-E GF7600GS PCI-E GF7900GT PCI-E GF7950GT AGP. It seems that the important role played by the size of VRAM, while the 512 megabytes GF7950GT version did not work, so 256 megabytes version worked without problems. There have been several experiments with the cards 8xxx series, but none could break in (or 8600GT with 256MB of memory). Although the drivers install, but after rebooting the system gets stuck at boot error protection." PCI-E is having beautifull bonus if it will work with user made drivers because GPU cards with turbocache or HyperMemory if everything will be OK will work with 256 MB in Windows 98 and with 512 MB in Windows 7 (example) For example of GPU card with turbocache you can look this link. About MBO: If you want (and you can find) socket 939 MBO then ASRock 939S56-M is very safe solution because even ASRock is saying:"Microsoft® Windows® 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / XP 64-bit compliant" ALiveDual-eSATA2 is hybrid so this can create interesting problems during installation. If you want situation without "problems" ALiveSATA2-GLAN or AM2V890-VSTA is better solution because you can download all MBO drivers from VIA site and you are safe because if there will be problem with GPU card MBO is having integrated GPU which will work (very weak, but....) This is link CPU supported with this MBO (and other informations). You can use any other MBO with K8M890 because they are 100% supported with official chipset drivers. I am 99 % sure that you are not interested in must modern solution for Win 98 (in other words VIA). This solution will be something like this, then after few months change CPU with Nano x2. Let us be clear CPU which is now in this MBO is very weak even if we will look even Athlon LE-1620. With MBO you will have single core Nano (until your upgrade to Nano x2) with benchmark 491. On other side Athlon LE-1620 is 642.
  7. Maybe somebody will be surprised but I do not understand question. My configuration is: Core2Duo 1 GB Ram 256 MB Radeon 9600. Everything is working from beginning without problem and without any "software tricks" with memory ?
  8. PCI-E is not supported on Windows 98SE. You can use only use user made drivers for PCI-E (my proposition is for drivers of our Czech friend). If you will use that then ASROCK AM2NF3-VSTA is bad option because it is having only AGP port. If you want to buy PCI-E MBO then my advice is to look internet page of our friend with list of chipsets supported with his user made drivers. Do you want link for web page ?
  9. Strongest possible Win 98SE combination with new computers parts + official drivers is: ASROCK AM2NF3-VSTA (with 1 GB) with Nvidia 6800 AGP graphic card (with 256 MB) This need to work without any problems and any other help, but NO SOUND in Win 98. If you want sound you will need to by PCI sound card with Win 98 drivers. If you will have on computer dual bot (Win 98 and Win XP) you can have 4 GB, but first you must install in MBO only 1 GB, then you need to install Win 98, limit memory usage of Win 98 on only 1 GB, then install in MBO other 3 GB (MBO is having 4 memory slots) and only then you need to install Win XP. For more about MBO and link for web shop you need to look my yesterday edits
  10. I believe that this is my last update about Modern motherboards which are working with Windows 98..... Only MBO which is still possible to buy new is good old ASROCK AM2NF3-VSTA which is officialy supporting AMD processors until Phenom II X4. MBO is without graphic cards so only possible solution is to buy AGP graphic card. MBO is having USB 2.0 + SATA I. Chipset is Nvidia 3 which is last Nvidia chipset with official Nvidia drivers with added sound chips which will create problems with Windows 98/ME (it will not work). MBO is possible to find on Amazon and similar sites, shops: http://www.amazon.co.uk/AM2NF3-VSTA-MOTHERBOARD-SUPPORT-NFORCE2-CHIPSET/dp/B000I0RLBS
  11. Answer is: you must ask chipset name !! If they say CN896, CN700 then answer is YES, but on other side answer for all VX chipsets is NO (VIA is without official Win 98 drivers). Problem is that GPU of CN896 is called VIA Chrome9 HC IGP and GPU of VX900 is called VIA Chrome9 HC3..... Maybe GPU of VX900 wil work with drivers of CN896, but this is BIG maybe.
  12. No problem about new Win 98 MBO :)

  13. Answer on this question is always VIA MBO with C7 (or even C3) processor. For example you can buy on Amazon: VIA VB7001G CN700 & VT8237R MINI-ITX MAINBOARD which is having PCI port, serial, parallel and USB ports. http://www.amazon.com/VB7001G-CN700-VT8237R-MINI-ITX-MAINBOARD/dp/B0032D8ZXG/ref=sr_1_22?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1298739919&sr=1-22 Only important thing (in my thinking) is that you must buy MBO with Integrated graphics and original drivers for Windows 98 SE. All other things in my thinking can be solved if MBO is having UltraDMA connectors (like that earlier example). My advice for you is to look VIA MBO on amazon and then to buy MBO with chipset (GPU) CN700 or CN896 because that 2 chipsets are last chipsets with Win 98 SE official support which is possible to download GPU Win 98 drivers from VIA site. VIA drivers you can find on: http://www.via.com.tw/en/support/drivers.jsp all in all I have seen on Amazon 3 new MBO with chipset which is having official Win 98 SE support.
  14. ASRock Conroe865GV AGI slot officialy supports ONLY this cards: ASUS A9250/128M, ELSA FALCOX 920FX , GECUBE Radeon 9250/128M, MSI RX 9200 SE-T128, PowerColor Radeon 9200SE, PowerColor RADEON 9250/128M and ASUS A9800XT. Only last is having Radeon 9800XT, all other cards are using Radeon 9200 or Radeon 9250. Officialy AGI slot DO NOT SUPPORT ATi 9600/9550 series and Matrox cards !!! Albatron AGP6600GT, ASUS N6200, ASUS N6200GE/TD/128M, ASUS N6600LE/TD/256M, ASUS V9999 Ultra/2DT (Nvidia 6800 with 256 MB), Gigabyte GV-N66128DP (Nvidia 6600), Leadtek WinFast A400TDH (6800), Leadtek WinFast A6600 GT TDH. All Nvidia cards on this list are from 6x00 series. To that list ASRock has added card XFX 7800GS which is Nvidia 7800 GS !?!?
  15. 99 % of netbooks created around VIA C7 are having official Windows 98 SE GPU drivers. If we are interested in examples of this notebooks or: Netbook Emprex BNB-1021 VIA C7-M which is possible to buy on Amazon is created around VIA C7 and chipset VIA CX700M for which it is possible to download all Windows 98 SE drivers (GPU,SATA, RAID) from VIA site. There is similar situation with HP 2133 Mini-Note PC KS174UT - VIA C7-M (Amazon + VIA drivers) and others VIA C7 netbooks. Sad thing is that VIA C7 is last VIA product with Windows 98 SE drivers
  16. Sorry for late answer. Only possible memory models for this MBO are DDRI (other names for this memory are:DDR 400, PC3200) which are working on 400 MHZ (in dual mode this is 400x2=800MHZ) and max memory is 2 GB (1GB + 1GB). It is not possible to add PCIexpress gpu card to this MBO and only possibility are PCI or AGP cards (like PointofView GeForce 6200 AGP 256MB DDR (directX 9.0) which is stil in few shops). If GeForce 6X00 or Radeon 9X00 graphic cards with official drivers are not good enough for you can always try GeForce 7XX0 AGP or Radeon X300 - X850 AGP (if you can find them) with support for DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 3.0. Unofficial drivers for this graphic cards are created by our forum friend and they are free for download. It is possible to buy Radeon AGP graphic card with DirectX 10 support (example Radeon HD 4650 AGP), but I do not know official or unofficial drivers for Windows 98. Links: http://windows98.ic.cz/ - unofficial MBO and GPU drivers for Windows 98 (free download). http://www.evga.com/products/prodlist.asp?family=GeForce+6+Series+Family - EVGA site with GeForce 6200 AGP and PCI graphic cards. Drivers must be taken from NVidia site. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-4650-agp,2383.html - review of Radeon HD 4650 AGP which is without Windows 98 drivers
  17. If there is enough interested people we can start sending emails to VIA demanding Windows 98 support in new VIA VN1000 chipset with integrated DirectX 10.1 graphics card which will be released this year ?!
  18. My thinking is that this will not work I41Mar because: 1) first you must install Windows 98 and only then Windows XP 2) your file sistem on D partition is NTFS My computer is created with intel 865 chipset, Core2Duo processor, 1 GB RAM, Radeon 9600 GPU. Operating sistems are Windows 98 SE, Windows XP, Windows 7 because of which I am having really funny partitions thanks to Microsoft. It is easy to write about this partitions, but it is hard to believe (I am having two C partitions !!!!). Today it is officially still possible to buy MBO which support Windows 98 SE with official drivers
  19. You can always try Unofficial Windows98 VGA drivers ?? If they are tested and working with intel 965 why not with intel 915 !? http://www.bearwindows.boot-land.net/vbe9x.htm
  20. Few years ago (2 or 3) there has been discussion on this forum that first versions (alfa or beta) of Intel915 chipset has supported Windows 98, but not final version. After looking internet about i915 drivers my today "discovery" is: http://intel.driversdown.com/Intel-drivers/Mobile-Intel-915-Express-Chipset-Family-INF-Update-Utility- http://us.generation-nt.com/answer/win98-intel-chipset-915-help-111915712.html and for the end you can download Gigabyte Intel VGA (865/915/945) Driver Beta http://www.download3k.com/Drivers/Graphics/Gigabyte/Download-Gigabyte-Intel-VGA-865-915-945-Driver-Beta.html
  21. Right question is: Which is chipset of your laptop ? If it is VIA or SiS it is possible that you can download original video (GPU) drivers, but if it's Intel (after i915) or NVidia only solutions are user made drivers (if they are created).
  22. easier is to just remove the card, but on other side you can try to disable card in BIOS. Next link is for very short discussion about disabling card in BIOS: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=683964
  23. If I do not make mistake about instalation of Windows 95 (or 98) on computer with Windows 2000 (or XP) you are in trouble. First you must install Windows 95 (or 98) and only after that Windows 2000 (or XP). Second problem is your Windows 95 version. Only Windows 95 Release 2.1 and latter is having FAT 32, UDMA and AGP. Without AGP support installation is not possible..........
  24. You need to visit Via site: http://www.via.com.tw/en/products/ Today site is having "small" problem so this link is not showing download section. From that link you must go to support and then to drivers at Via Arena, but because of site problem this has not been possible for me today. Other possibility is to take chipset drivers from other sites. I am having 2 examples: 1) http://nodevice.in/driver/company/VIA/Chipset.html site is on chinese language 2) http://www.nodevice.com/driver/PT880/get37366.html Officialy Asrock 4coredual sata2 MBO i having chipset VIA® PT880 Pro/PT880 Ultra. I have writen links for PT880 pro (1) and PT880 (2), but maybe this will work

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