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  1. Only Windows 98 users can imagine my surprise with discovery of game published in 2009 which is working on windows 98 ???!!!! OK if we look data about game it is working on Windows ME, but it is close enough and maybe I am mistaking that it will work on Win 98 with patches. In the end it is not important which sort of game this is (name is Restaurant Empire 2) Windows 98 is still alive http://www.paradoxplaza.com/index.php?opti...&Itemid=245
  2. Old discussion about printers: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...33221&st=40
  3. My first comment has been writen in sarcasm tone like warning to other Windows 98 users, but if we want to speak without sarcasm maybe Jetico Personal Firewall is very good under condition that user don't delete trojans. We need "modern" firewalls which even today support Windows 98, and in theory Jetico Personal Firewall is possible answer, but let say I am afraid to try JPF again. Next on my list for testing is Outpost, but I will not test that until last days of May. If I do not make mistake Spybot don't support any more Windows 98. My OS is Windows 98 SE with last official and nonofficial updates
  4. I must say that Jetico Personal Firewall is best Windows 98 firewall. With JPF users will never recieve malware, virus and similar. I am sure that somebody is now asking is this real ? answer is YES. Around month ago I have installed Jetico Personal Firewall or better to say jpf2beta file on my PC with Windows 98 SE. After instalation Jetico Personal Firewall has started to check my sistem. Result was been discovery of trojans. After question if I want to delete trojans and my answer Yes JPF has killed my internet connection. Only possible solution has been new instalation of Windows 98 SE. Because of that I can only say that Jetico Personal Firewall is safest firewall for Windows 98. If you are not visiting web pages or recieving emails you will never recieve malware or virus from internet.
  5. Earlier user has been right. Epson still support Windows 98 and this is possible to see from my little example: Epson Stylus Photo 1400 is possible to buy on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw?url=s...p;x=13&y=18 and on Epson site is possible to download Windows 98 drivers http://esupport.epson-europe.com/ProductHo...PV41&tc=6#7
  6. I can't agree with point that we are having compatible hardware problem. Even today is possible to buy in computer shops components which are supporting Windows 98 SE with official drivers. Problem is software support which has ended ! It is not important how good, or how nice is computer if he is without software support he is DEAD and this is today situation with Windows 98 SE which is supporting "only" DirectX 9 and it is using single core !
  7. Thanks for help halohalo I have not thinked about this (BIOS) This is taken from another forum: when you put the card in the slot, the selections in the BIOS change. A selection in Integrated Periferals appears between Init First and AGP Auto Calibration called: AGP VGA Selection. It allows you to boot with either the onboard VGA or the AGP VGA when a VGA adapter is in the AGP slot. When AGP is selected (default) the System Share Memory Size disappears and all the memory that was reserved for onboard VGA is released VGA is disabled automatically when you put a card in the AGP and BIOS selections change. Maybe this will be my another mistake, but in my thinking point is if you will use integrated and card in AGP slot you will need to play with BIOS (if this is possible) everytime when you are going between Win 98 and Win XP
  8. In theory it is possible. All in all I am not 100 % sure, but I can't imagine reasons against this solution if you will "kill" card in Windows 98 ! More interesting problem is about VGA (or DVI) out toward monitor. Will you change VGA (or DVI) cable every time when you change OS or you are having 2 monitors and first will be for Windows 98 and second for XP ? In the end my proposition for you is to take nvidia card which is having unofficial drivers for Windows 98 SE. It is better solution if everything will be OK About this unofficial drivers it is possible to read: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=128328
  9. I am having "stupid" problem with infrared. My old computer created aroud SiS chipset is having infrared connection, but new (Core2Duo) created around Intel865 NO. It is not important if I speak about Windows 98 SE, or Windows XP and I really can't understand problem ? Can somebody please give me advice ? I am using USB connection for infrared
  10. It is possible to download Chipset or Platform driver Drivers (current) for this MBO from Via site, but...... If you want to use official drivers for any video card you must use AGP cards. It is possible to download Windows 98 drivers for number of PCIE cards, but this drivers are made in somebody home and not in any company. Similat to that you will need to download patch (you can find links in this forum) for 2 GB, because Windows 98 can work with max 1 GB.
  11. My only shutdown problem is with internet ! After end of my internet session sometimes shutdown is OK, but sometimes...... In using all other programs/games everything is OK !
  12. When I have started this section in May 2007 my thinking has been that in near future we will not have new motherboard which are supporting Windows 98 SE, but situation is very different Today I will not write about which MBO is supporting which processor because this will be long story (for example many MBO are supporting Core2Duo 6700 but not 6750) and answer is possible to find in stores. All motherboards on this lists are having official Windows 98 SE drivers: Motheboards for Intel processors (socket 775): ABIT, s. 775, IS 85, i845G, BUS 800 MHz, VGA, serial ATA, 5.1 zvuk, LAN, DDR 400, mATX ABIT, s. 775, SG 80DC, SIS 661FX, BUS 800 MHz, VGA, serial ATA, RAID, 5.1 zvuk, LAN, DDR 400, mATX *ABIT, s. 775, SG 95, SIS 662, BUS 800 MHz, VGA, serial ATA, RAID, 7.1 zvuk, LAN, DDR 2, mATX *ABIT, s. 775, IP-95, VIA P4M890, BUS 1066 MHz, serial ATA, RAID, 5.1 zvuk, DDR 2, LAN, ATX 2 *ABIT, s. 775, I-S71, SiS 671, BUS 1066 MHz, serial ATA II, RAID, VGA, 7.1 zvuk, LAN, DDR 2, mATX **ASROCK, s. 775, 4COREDUAL-SATA2, VIA PT880 Ultra, BUS 1066 MHz, serial ATA, RAID, 7.1 zvuk, LAN, DDR 2, ATX 2 **ASROCK, s. 775, 4COREDUAL-VSTA, VIA PT880 Ultra, BUS 1066 MHz, serial ATA, RAID, 7.1 zvuk, LAN, DDR 2, ATX 2 ASROCK, s. 775, CONROE 865PE, i865PE, BUS 1066 MHz, serial ATA, 7.1 zvuk, LAN, DDR 400, ATX 2 ASROCK, s. 775, 775i65G R2.0, i865G, BUS 1066 MHz, VGA, serial ATA, 5.1 zvuk, LAN, DDR 400, mATX ASROCK, s. 775, 775i65G, i865GV, BUS 1066 MHz, VGA, serial ATA, 5.1 zvuk, LAN, DDR 400, mATX *ASUS P5SD2-VM mATX/SiS672/1066/DDR2/VGA/PCI-ex/LPTserial *ECS 662/1066T-M2, s775, SIS 662, VGA, DDR II, mATX ECS P4M800Pro-M2, s775, VIA P4M800Pro, VGA, DDR II, mATX *ECS P4M890T-M, s775, VIA P4M890, VGA, DDR II, mATX *ECS 671T-M, s775, SIS 671, VGA, DDR II, mATX *ECS, s. 775, P4M900T-M2, VIA P4M900, BUS 1066 MHz, VGA, zvuk, DDR 2, LAN, mATX Gigabyte 8I865GME-775-RH, s775, i865G, VGA, SATA, LAN, mATX Motheboards for Intel processors (socket 478): ASROCK, s. 478, P4I65G, i865G, BUS 800 MHz, serial ATA, VGA, 5.1 zvuk, LAN, DDR 400, mATX Motheboards for AMD processors (socket 754): ABIT, s. 754, KV85, VIA K8M800, BUS 1600 MHz, VGA, serial ATA, 5.1 zvuk, DDR 400, LAN, mATX Motheboards for AMD processors (socket AM2): **ASROCK, s. AM2, AliveDual-eSATA2, NVIDIA nFORCE 3 250, BUS 2000 MHz, serial ATA II, RAID, 7.1 zvuk, DDR 2, 1Gbps, ATX 2 ASROCK, s. AM2, AM2NF3-VSTA, NVIDIA nFORCE 3 250, BUS 2000 MHz, AGP, serial ATA, RAID, 7.1 zvuk, DDR 2, LAN, ATX 2 *ASUS M2V-MX SE, Via K8M890, 2xDDRII/800MHz,LAN,VGA,mATX Motherboards without signs * or ** are created around chipset with full support for Windows 98. They are created around chipset which is working with AGP cards. Motherboards with sign * are integrated without possibility to add GPU card with official drivers (PCIE problem) Motherboards with sign** can created many, many problems GPU problems. My advice is not to buy motherboards with AGP and PCIE sockets because of possible problems. Because motherboard producers will rarely give Windows 98 drivers only solution is download from chipset producers sites. Sound drivers are greatest problems and all MBO which are having sound support for Windows Vista they are without sound in Windows 98 !
  13. Second MBO is GIGABYTE ? I do not know is producer of first MBO (AsRock ?)....... MBO with chipset P31 are not supporting Windows 98 (GA-P31-DS3L). MBO created around chipset i865 will work with Windows 98, but you will have 2 small problems. This are memory and processors. For example GA-8I865PE775-G-RH (rev. 4.9) is supporting Core2Duo E4300-E4700, Pentium Dual-Core 2140-2220. You can use even "old" Core2Duo which are working with FSB 1066 (E6300, E6320, E6400, E6420, E6600) but it will work with FSB 800 AsRock 775i65G is having similar processor support, but Core2Duo processors with FSB 1066 will work with full speed. Second problem is memory, because 775i65G will work only with DDRI and if we look prices of this and DDRII memory...... You must buy AGP card (Nvidia 6x00 or ATI 9x00) or you can use integrated graphics (direct X 8). I am using this MBO with ATI 9x00 card
  14. Championship Maganager 97/98 is Top selling PC game of 1997
  15. FUJITSU-SIEMENS is only notebook producer which is using Via and SiS chipset and because of that : FSC AMILO Li 1705 FSC ESPRIMO MOBILE V5535 FSC AMILO La 1703 FSC ESPRIMO MOBILE V5535 FSC ESPRIMO MOBILE V5535 FSC ESPRIMO MOBILE V5535
  16. 3 mistakes: Via is having Windows 98 SE and Windows Vista drivers for souncard on P4M900 chipset (my earlier mistake) P4M900 chipset is having SATA2 and Windows 98 SE drivers ! I do not see point in Nvidia 5X00 GPU. Much better are Nvidia 6x00 and ATI 9x00
  17. In my thinking you need to read 10 May discussion between me and Tonich (page 6), but short version is: 1) User need to "play" with BIOS for Windows 98 SE instalation on SATA drive 2) There is few MBO which are not having Windows 98 SE SATA driver (example Foxconn 671)
  18. If you buy Nvidia 6x00 card you can use official drivers. For Nvidia 7x00 you must use non official drivers
  19. I've got two sound cards (Live! and Audigy2 ZS) I know Live! is 100% compatible PCI... and onboard can be disabled in BIOS? right? I do not know any sound card which is good enough for Windows 98 and Vista ! Maybe my thinking is wrong but if you want sound card which will work in Windows 98 and Windows Vista you need to look for non official drivers. Somebody has writen on this site links for Nvidia non official drivers and you need to look for that site. With little luck you will find on that site all drivers for Nvidia MBO (together with sound drivers)
  20. It is not possible to find MBO which will have sound in Windows 98 and Windows Vista. Now if this is not problem there is number of MBO which will work under Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Greatest problems is that MBO producers are refusing to give drivers so you need to go on web sites of chipset producers. If this is not problem I will write few MBO: MSI K9VGM-V is integrated AM2 MBO. AsRock AM2NF3-VSTA is AM2 MBO. It is classis AGP MBO. If you buy AGP card this must be Nvidia 6x00 or ATI 9x00 because only this are having official Windows 98 drivers. You need to look if ATI 9x00 cards support Vista ? AsRock 4CoreDX90-VSTA is integrated socket LGA 775 MBO (Intel). Gigabyte VM900 is integrated socket LGA 775 MBO. Windows 98 SE drivers for any of this MBO must be downloaded from Via site. If user want clean, without problem instalation it is better to use ATA hard drive (not SATA) Integrated solution are "modern" and AGP are old and they rarely support Vista (only which support is AsRock AM2NF3-VSTA). This integrated solution are giving only Microsoft Windows® Vista™ Basic support but better of this is not possible (if you want Windows 98)
  21. In my thinking any program which want to contact producer or anybody else without asking computer user is SPYWARE. Using this logic Windows XP and Windows Vista are spyware. I can block Windows XP from contacting Microsoft so I can use XP, but I can't block Vista so I will never use Vista or any other similar OS. In this logic only Windows 98 is 100 % OK program.
  22. I do not see point in this because: All intel chipset until i875 (and this) are supporting Windows 98 SE All Nvidia chipsets until nvidia3 (and this) are supporting Windows 98 SE All old Via and SiS chipset (and greatest part of new) are supporting Windows 98 SE
  23. To tell you truth I do not understand problem ? If problem is need to write WIN for Windows 98 start then more or less everything is OK This is not normal but it will work. I am telling you this from my friend old experience which has worked in similar way with Windows 95. For information about problems of your MBO and Windows 98 you need to write MBO information
  24. I do not see any problem with MS DOS and all MBO which are supporting "our" Windows. Windows 98 have been created around MS DOS 7.0 and when you go to Windows 98 shutdown your options are: *Shutdown *Restart *Go to DOS (to MS DOS 7.0) You can even download MS DOS 7.0 image and create MS DOS 7.0 CD

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