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  1. Thx for reply. As I thought only low-budget GPU's are using TurboCache or HyperMemory. I'm planning to use GF7600GS and if it works fine, I will switch to 7900GT, 7950GT or 7900GTO. I'm disappointed that there aren't any drivers for Radeon X1000 series. I need a few PCI slots than won't be obscured by GPU. Also I dont know how good O/C that MOBO can provide. I know that ALiveDual-eSATA2 is using two chipsets - ULi M1695 and nForce 250. I found one guy on that forum, who is using that MOBO. He has no problems at all, except HDD that works in compatibility mode. Anyway a good O/C, eSata, both AGP and pci-e slots (full speed), AM2+ + DDR2 1066 support is enough to take a risk. The only problem is availability, even at the secondary market. I'm interested with strong single core processor, but who know? Maybe Nano is the O/C demon. In spite of all thanks for info. This type of MOBO can be good for HTPC. Can u tell me something about Intel MOBO's with official/unofficial support for Windows 98? I see that there is a nice single core processor based on PDC architecture - Celeron 420, 430, 440 and 450. They overclock really good - 3Ghz isn't a problem with BOX cooler.
  2. Shameless plug follows. But yeah, if you really want to play Counter-Strike with A3D, the above is an option for you. I just wanna try how it really works in CS. I heard that is a little bit unfair, because you hear almost whole map. Anyway there are so many other great games that support A3D - for example Dungeon Keeper 2, Deus Ex, Messiah or Neverwinter Nights. PCI-E is not supported on Windows 98SE. You can use only use user made drivers for PCI-E (my proposition is for drivers of our Czech friend). If you will use that then ASROCK AM2NF3-VSTA is bad option because it is having only AGP port. If you want to buy PCI-E MBO then my advice is to look internet page of our friend with list of chipsets supported with his user made drivers. Do you want link for web page ? You mean that page, right? There are drivers supporting GeForce series 6/7. As I understand maximum GPU V-RAM is 256MB? Yes, I prefer PCIE, because graphic cards using that slot are much cheaper. Can you recommend me a motherboard with good OC that is fully supported by unnoficial drivers from that site? I wasn't using Intel processors since Netburst premiere . At this point I'm closer to build something like that: AM2 - ASRock AliveDual eSATA2 + Athlon LE-1620 or Sempron 140 939 - 939Dual-SATA2/939Dual-VSTA + Athlon 3700+ (San Diego) or Opteron 144/146, eventually FX-57
  3. Thanks for replies. There are no Windows 98/ME drivers for ATI Radeons above the X850. U mean Radeons using both slots - PCI-E and AGP, right? This combnation looks fine, but I wonder if i can use PCI-E GF6800? No sound isn't a problem, because my goal is to use Aureal Vortex 2, which was designed to work under Windows 98 As I wrote I want to make dual boot - Windows 98 + Windows XP. Propably I will be using 2GB under XP, so I will edit system.ini file to prevent Win 98 from using to much RAM. You are right. Steam doesn't work under Windows 98, but I heard that non-steam version works fine. Anyway I can still play original Half-Life + addons in single player.
  4. Hi everyone, I need your help in choosing computer components, which are compatible with Windows 98. Why do I need Windows 98 I have an old sound card Aureal Vortex 2., which allows me to use A3D technology. All seems to be simple, because card works fine under Windows XP using basic Windows drivers. Unfortunately A3D needs to act an original Aureal drivers that were made only for Windows 95/98/ME. I was trying many different ways to activate A3D, but without any result. A3D will be used mainly in Half Life with mods. My requirements regarding to performance. I'm not a demanding user. Fast single core processor, 2GB RAM and good DX9.0 supporting card will be enough for me. I want to play Half Life with different mods (Counter Strike 1.6) without FPS drops. If computer will be strong enough to run some "new" games from 2007/2008 i will be satisfied My biggest problem is graphic card. I dont know which slot should i choose? - PCI-E card is cheap, but Im not sure will it work properly under W98. I found drivers for GF6XXX and Radeon X800/X850 series only. GF7XXX is not fully supported, but it's not so important. Im using GF7600GS in my actual PC, so I could try. - AGP card is expensive comparing to PCI-E, but it will work fine under W98. I can buy Radeon X1950PRO for about 70$. - Last option is to buy MOBO with both PCI-E and AGP slots. I can buy X1950XT/XTX on PCI-E to use it Windows XP and Radeon 9800 on AGP to use it in W98. Second thing is motherboard. I found some nice AsRock's with PCI-E/AGP slots: 939Dual-Sata2/939Dual-VSTA for s939, 4CoreDual-SATA2 (not full speed PCI-E) for LGA775 and really interesting ALiveDual-eSATA2 based on nForce3 250 and M1695 supporting AM3 Semprons and DDR2. These motherboards are the safest choice because of both AGP/PCI-E slots, so if PCI-E card will not work under W98 I can still add an AGP one. There arent official drivers for W98, but i found on this forum couple of users using for example 4CoreDual-SATA2 under W98. I have WD 80GB IDE HDD, NIC card supporting W98 and additional Sound Blaster 4.1 to play old games with EAX. All suggestions are welcome. PS. Sorry, my english isn't good.

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