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  1. Yes Nvidia3 is working with Windows 98 SE without problem, but soundcard on this MBO will not work (in Windows 98SE). To tell truth I think that there will be maybe problems with Uli1695 but it can work because here is download for Uli1695 and Windows 98 SE http://www.nvidia.com/page/uli_drivers.html Can you latter write if everything is working OK ?
  2. Yes 4CoreDual-SATA2 will work with Windows 98 SE but you will need to have look very good about GPU. In my thinking this MBO is maybe having problem GPU. I do not know if problem is with Nvidia or ATI. In the end this will not be your problem because you will buy is shop PC with MBO and GPU and then they will connect that. If it is not working then this will become shop problem (they will need to change GPU) I think that best possible GPU which is supporting Windows 98 SE is Nvidia GeForce 6 series (Nvidia 6x00) because it is using pixel shader 3.0 . Other possibility is ATI Radeon 9550, 9600 or 9800 (they support only pixel shader 2.0). They all must be AGP or you will have problems You will need Windows 98 SE drivers for your 4CoreDual-SATA2. here are chipset drivers: http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageI...&CatID=1110 here are IDE-SATA drivers: http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageI...mp;SubCatID=143 here are sound drivers: http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageI...mp;SubCatID=104 (I think that this will not work ??) It will be best to buy separate sound card which is supporting Windows 98 SE I have writen here links for drivers because they are not on ASRock site.
  3. Windows 98 is ignoring second core
  4. Maybe stupid question but what is Project64 1.5 ?? I am having original Windows 98 SE without any updates .... About Core 2 Duo I have wanted to say that my Core 2 Duo E 4300 is not having problems with Windows 98 SE. Because of writings on this site I think that Windows 98 SE is using only one of two E 4300 cores but for me this is not important. Important is that everything work OK. On PC I am having Windows 98 SE and Windows XP so XP is using both cores when I work or play with modern software. My MBO is ASRock 775i65G . About other MBO which are working with 2 cores and Windows 98 SE you need to read http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=97588 where I have made list of all modern MBO which are working with Win 98 SE and 2 core processors
  5. I am interested to listen what is point in having swap file on Windows 98 SE with 1 GB or more RAM ? I am having Core 2 Duo with 1 GB ram and 256 MB Radeon 9600 Everything is working superb without swap file
  6. Amazon is selling new motherboard on which Windows 98 SE is working. This is: MSI K9MM-V Link is http://www.amazon.com/Motherboard-U-atx-Du...1996&sr=8-1 I have not expected to find new Windows 98 SE MBO on Amazon
  7. It has been ulmost 6 months from first MBO list and now is time for new list because many things has changed. AM2 Motherboards for Athlon 64 and Sempron which can work with Windows 98 SE: ASRock AM2NF3-VSTA (chipset nvidia 3). This is old AGP type of MBO which is having Windows Vista logo. Users will be without sound in Windows 98 SE if they do not buy sound card Gigabyte MF3 (chipset nvidia 3). FSB of this MBO is only 800. Because of that Semprons will work 100 % OK but Athlon 64 which needs FSB 1000 will work 20 % lower of what is possible. MSI K9MM-V (chipset Via K8M800) is old AGP type of MBO. Foxconn K8M890M2MA-RS2H (chipset Via K8M890). This is PCI Express MBO !! She can work with Windows 98 SE only if we use integrated GPU on MBO. This GPU is having direct X 9.0 support and motherboard is having Windows Vista logo. ECS K8M890M-M (chipset Via K8M890). Similar like Foxconn version. Windows 98 SE drivers for all this MBO will be needed to download from chipset producers sites. Links are: http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageI...mp;SubCatID=164 for K8M890 GPU http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageI...&CatID=1110 for all Via chipset http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_udp_win9x_4.27.html For Nvidia 3 Next month I will write something similar about Core 2 Duo motherboards
  8. This is bad news but ..... Windows 98 SE is working with SATA drivers. When you speak about Seagate there is no better place to see data about how to install SATA hard drive on Windows 98 SE sistem of this: http://www.seagate.com/ww/v/index.jsp?loca...000dd04090aRCRD
  9. Nvidia has stoped support for Windows 98SE with nvidia 3 chipset, because of that nForce 430 is not supporting this OS This forum is having list of MBO which support Windows. You can look that list
  10. It will not work with Windows 98 Chipset is wrong
  11. SiS is having interesting chipsets. Like example I will use chipset SIS® 662&964 with IGP. ECS has around that created MBO 662/1066T-M2 which is supporting Core 2 Duo processor. For this MBO is possible to download this Windows 98 drivers on ECS website: SIS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter, SIS SATA/RAID driver, RealTek Codec Sound on board driver, SiS Compatible VGA Multimedia Driver. All in all this are all needed drivers for MBO to work on Windows 98 SE (only new needed drivers are for USB 2.0) It is important to say that on that MBO only working solution is IGP card (with 128 MB ram) because no other GPU card will work with Windows 98. Similar situation is with SiS - ECS solution for AMD. Name of socket AM2 MBO is 761GXM-M. ECS site is giving Windows 98 SE drivers for SiS AGP VxD Driver, SiS180/181/182 Raid Driver, RealTek Codec Sound on board driver so it look that this will work with Windows 98 SE
  12. Sound problem for this Gigabyte MBO is very easy . If normal PCI (no PCI express) is working OK you need only to buy sound card. On http://www.cmedia.com.tw/?q=en/driver you can see which sound cards support Windows 98 This are CMI 8768/8768+ and CMI 8738. Sound card CMI 8738 is possible to buy for 10 US dollars or less
  13. In this site I have created article where on 1 place are all modern MBO which support Windows 98. This article is on: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=97588 To make long story short for this processor: AMD SEMPRON 2800+ Socket AM2 64 you are having this MBO: MSI K9MM-V ASRock AM2NF3-VSTA Gygabyte GA-MF3 There is few problems with this 3 MBO but they will work. For more information you must look article for which I have given you link. Intel MBO are giving better support for Win 98 SE About socket A (462): In my region of the world it has been possible to buy until month ago ASRock MBO K7S41GX which support Sempron socket A (462) until 3000+ ( so it is supporting Sempron 2800+)
  14. I do not see point in socket 939 MBO but in my region of the world there are now more of 20 different MBO Socket 939 MBO which are without questions working with Windows 98SE are: EPOX, s. 939, 9NDA3+, nForce 3 Ultra, BUS 2000 MHz, serial ATA RAID, 7.1 zvuk, DDR 400, 1Gps, FireWire, Firewall, ATX 2 EPOX, s. 939, 9NDA3J, nForce 3 Ultra, BUS 2000 MHz, serial ATA RAID, 7.1 zvuk, DDR 400, 1Gps, ATX 2 ECS KV2 Lite, s939, VIA K8T800 Pro, AGP, SATA, RAID, LAN
  15. This is socket A MBO and I am really interested from where it has come ? You are having Athlon XP 2200 on Amazon GPU need to be AGP card with Radeon 6x00 or ATI 9*00
  16. For begining I have problem with your MBO ? You have been saying that name is ASRock K51GX. On ASRock site there is no this MBO so ... Name of MBO for AMD are K7 (socket A), K8 (socket 754), 939 (socket 939). It is not possible for your "configuration" to have problems with memory. Example for that are my windows 98 SE which are working without problems with Core 2 Duo, 1 GB RAM and GPU Radeon 9600 with 256 MB. I have 1 little problem during instalation of Windows 98 and this has been ease to solve. My first instalation has been failure because of wrong order of drivers which I have been giving to system. You are having chipset drivers, GPU driver, USB driver and now I do not know what else. Simple I have been giving things in wrong order. My problem has been with USB and even now I do not have USB 2.0 which is making me angry !!
  17. Has anybody tried Windows 98 on MBO with chipset VIA P4M900 ? Because MBO on this chipset are with PCI Express nobody expect that they will work but ... MBO is having : Integrated VIA® Chrome9 HC Graphics, DirectX 9.0 VGA, Max. shared memory 256MB For this GPU you can download drivers on Via site (http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageID=2&OSID=6&CatID=1430). OK there you will not find drivers for P4M900 but for GPU on MBO CN896 VIA Chrome9™ integrated graphics and K8M890CE/K8N890CE Chrome9™ integrated graphics. All this GPU areChrome9™ so this need to work ?? I hope that somebody have will to test that and write on this site. All other drivers (chipset, ATA, SATA) for P4M900 is possible to download from Via site and they will work with Windows 98 SE if we believe to VIA. Gygabate and AsRock are having MBO around this chipset which is supporting Core 2 Duo. For the end I will say again this chipset is maybe working with Windows 98 SE and must important if it is working it is not possible to add graphic card !!!!
  18. In my thinking many of answer which has come to this question has been wrong. Speed of CPU problem on Windows 98 SE do not exist. I can say that looking my PC. I having Core 2 Duo E 4300 with 1 GB RAM and everything (Windows 98 SE and all programs) is working without problems
  19. Because there have been questions about AMD AM2 MBO after long looking I have find this: Gygabyte GA-MF3 This is AM2 MBO with nvidia 3 chipset. She support processors until Athlon 64 FX-62 but ... GA-MF3 is working on FSB 800 (1600). All Athlons are working with FSB 1000 (2000) so they will work on this MBO with lower FSB and lower speed. On other side all AM2 Semprons are working with FSB 800 (1600) so with them everything is OK. Other information about MBO are standard: DDR 2 (until 667 Mhz) SATA AGP Gygabyte is giving only audio drivers for Windows 98 so all other must be taken from Nvidia site.
  20. Now everything is OK. Problem has been because I have made 2 primary partitions. This has been solved with Knoppix (Linux) )
  21. Hard disk is IDE. Processor is E4300 Memory: 512 MB + 512 MB It is not possible to me to start Recovery Console so chkdsk /r is out of question. Windows XP installation is from Windows 98 (which has installed OK).
  22. When I start to install Windows XP I recieve this message. Stop 0x000000ED(0x8673f90,0xC000014F,0X00000000,0X00000000) unmountable_boot_volume I having trying tu put on this new PC dual boot system and instalation of Windows 98 has been OK, but during installation I have recieved this message: Setup found compressed volume or a disk-cache ytility on your computer. Quit setup and check your compressed volume with your disk compression software or remove the disk-cache utility. After that message installation of Windows 98 has been OK without me working anything ! I have lost 5 days without finding solution of my problem. HDD is Seagate 320 GB with 16 MB cache and it is without bad sectors. He is working in ATA 100 mode which is OK. For me is not possible to enter recovery console of Windows XP so can somebody tell me how to solve that problem or if nothing else if it is possible to kill HDD cache from Bios. Today I will lower speed of DVD (now is ATA-66) if this is problem. Microsoft support is not telling how to solve this problem without recovery console of Windows XP so ... I need help to solve this unmountable_boot_volume !
  23. I think that last firewall which even today support Windows 98 is Outpost Firewall. How good it is I do not know
  24. Lan support will not be a problem. Chip on older MBO of nvidia3 (original drivers) has been : Realtek 8201 10/100 PHY for 10/100 Mbps LAN On ASRock is: Realtek PHY RTL8201CL Speed: 10/100 Ethernet Number of chip is not changed so this is it ! USB must work!? It is not important which MBO you use. When you finish work on PC you must tell if everything has been without problems (like I expect).
  25. With audio driver for ASRock AM2NF3-VSTA you will have problem. AsRock has put on this MBO new audio chip so that he recieve right for Windows Vista logo. Because of that nvidia 3 drivers will not be OK ... If I do not make mistake all others nvidia 3 MBO are having 5.1 channel Audio This is having 7.1 channel audio. You must look on web if anybody is having drivers for this sound card and Windows 98 but ....

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