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  1. Winner is : MSI 865PE Neo3-V ATX I do not know is this MBO support your processor so look very good for that on MSI site.
  2. About ASRock MBO: I believe that 775i48 MBO is out of production. She is build around I848 chipset and that is too old. About other MBO I think that ConRoe865PE is best but... Good thing is that she support even x6800. Bad thing in my thinking is that she do not support: "CPU Overheat Shutdown to Protect CPU Life". This is my only reason against this MBO. If you look ASRock MBO that option is supported on 775i65G. Question which you must ask yourself if do you think to buy in future Core 2 Duo. If your answer is Yes then from ASRock list of MBO you must choose between ConRoe865PE and 775i65G (
  3. We will start today with bad news: ASRock has droped from first page of web site MBO ASRock 775i65G. In near future we can expect lower number of this MBO in shops. Because of black situation for Windows 98 in future we can expect that only MBO in 2009 which we can buy that support this OS will be from Via so today I will write on this page about that. MBO of today is: EPIA CN 13000G C7 Mini-ITX Board. With that MBO buyer is recieving processor C7 1.3 Ghz and GPU. It is possible to connect on that MBO SATA or IDE hard drive and DDR II memory. With new games this MBO can have problems becaus
  4. I have come like many others on this site looking for informations about today computer hardware which is working with Windows 98. To make future searches of many others easier to find solution I will here write names of "modern" MBO which support Windows 98. Conditions to enter this list are: 1) It is now in shops near you (not internet but in real shops) 2) MBO are supporting 2007 tehnology, Windows 98 SE and we can still find official drivers UPDATE SUMMER 2011: For this update it have been used information from Amazon because it is possible from this site to b
  5. In your first comment you Andromeda43 you have ask me what is my question ? Real answer has been to learn many new things on hardware level about Windows 98 possibility in future. I have not known that Windows 98 can work on AM2 socket MBO so this is new for me. All in all this is interesting but greatest problem is PCI Express which Windows 98 do not support. If there is no solution for that problem then ..... Can you tell me if it is possible to put new AGP GPU cards (example x1300) on Windows 98 (drivers do not exist) ? I will not put it inside my configuration because they are too hot but
  6. New MBO which support Windows 98 ECS KV2 Lite(V1.0) socket 939 (chipset VIA K8T800 Pro) I am 90 % sure that Via EPIA system support Windows 98 because this system is old and it is having very little CPU power for today. My personal thinking is that Via EPIA simple cost too much.
  7. I have not know if DOS is working on SATA drive, so thanks for information Andromeda43. To stay in topic I have not find any MBO which support SATA II, DDR II and Windows 98. To tell truth I have been thinking about SATA II drive on SATA I MBO which is working on speed of 150 which is better of ATA 100 (intel chipset). After looking 1 Seagate HD on Seagate site for me has been surpise to learn that SATA and ATA version is working on 78MB/S speed, so in the end is there any real difference ? Answer to question why Core 2 Duo is simple. I want cold system what is more possible (I expect that in
  8. Like many others I want still to use old DOS and Windows 98 programs and games. Good example of that is 1 small DOS program which I still use. Because I do not see reason to pay new program 10K or more I will not give up of this old operating systems. Because of that I now buying hardware for Ultimate Windows PC on which will work all programs from 1980 (if needed) until 2010 (possible to start even Vista). Buying of components I must end before june because I am afraid that after that there will not be MBO to find. Ultimate PC: MBO: ASRock 775I65G CPU: CORE2DUO E4300 GPU: ATI 9600/256MB/DDR
  9. My personal thinking is that you have put wrong question. Right question will be in my thinking which today chipset support Windows 98 and MBO of that chipset is still possible to buy ? I will try to answer on that question: MBO socket 775 which are still on market with drivers for Win 98 (all are chipset i865): MSI 865 GVM MSI 865PE Neo3-V GA-8I865GME-775 (rev 2.0 for Conroe) ASRock 775i65G (rev 2.0 for Conroe) ASRock ConRoe865PE (Conroe support) AMD socket 754 with drivers for Win 98: MSI K8MM3-V (chipset VIA® K8M800) K8T NEO-V (VIA® K8T800 Chipset). ASROCK K8UPGRADE-NF3 (nvidia3 chipset)
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