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  1. Well for Target for ZQuest v2.10w I put "C:\Program Files\ZC 2.10\ZC2.10\zquest-w.exe" -fullscreen -large -scale 1 it works but not perfectly [although it is in fullscreen]
  2. Yes I tried asking on the forums and no I do not have a DOS and I have Windows Version downloaded. I think it may be the resolution I may have to set it differently though (for ZQuest).
  3. I tried advice and it works even on my eMachines Windows XP. #1: on a Vista how do I get ZQuest of Zelda Classic 2.10 to work [and be in] fullscreen? #2: On my eMachines WIndows XP how do I get ZQuest of Zelda Classic 2.10 to work [and be in] fullscreen? Yes the quest playing part on my eMachines Windows XP works perfectly and is in fullscreen when I double click it.
  4. Such as religious talk, political talk, double posting, triple posting, quadruple posting, five truple posting, posting links etc. Here is almost certainly one of them http://www.flamewarforums.com/ I am Fira from Flame War Forums if any asks tell em' I introduced you/other(s) I am Jason from the western part of North United States of America.
  5. If I understand you correctly (if I do not please explain more, thank you) pop in a Compact Disk (CD or Compact Disc) into you E:/ or other drives click on the bottom left that brings up stuff, click on Documents click on the arrow that would be able to bring down a list for you to go to other places than document, choose (disc drive) and then right click and choose what you need/want/both.
  6. Fira

    Error on Page

    I would shut down your computer(s) and then turn your computer(s) back on and log into the user your situation happened and then restart the computer then log into the user your situation happened and go back to My Assistant this may or may not help. If it does or does not let us know.
  7. I think ROCKY V is the best no ROCKY 5,000 (Just kidding watch the end of the movie Spaceballs to know more and/or contact me) just kidding, anyways seriously thought ROCKY V (ROCKY 5) is the best ROCKY IMO (In my opinion) because their is a different type of fight (street fight) at the end, wonderful beginning and wonderfull music at the end of the movie
  8. Like me for example please, thank you: When me and my one friend went to go and try to get his (friend's) game, and my friend and I had to run to his house, I ran about 17.4 MPH (Miles Per Hour) that was FAST Or maybe it was when I was in 6th grade I ran from my classroom into the office, into my used to be school club group discussion room in about 5 seconds. I heard of someone running 26 MPH now **** THAT WAS FAST!!
  9. * Not exactly sure what Vista her's is. BTW it used to work on my Log In (I am not administrator), I right clicked Zelda Classic v2.10w and click on Run as Administrator and I typed in my sister's password it used to work fine but now at the luckiest Zelda Classic 2.10 will be at small screen version but as soon as it goes to Full Screen version (I click on Fullscreen in Etc. if I remember correctly) and then at luckiest now (Fullscreen) it will show some yellow green and then cursor and maybe one tile made and that is about it. Are their any ways of rectifying this problem? Thank you all for
  10. I am using Game Maker 7.0 unregistered I am struggling with when hp is less than 1 game_load('kylento1') lives-= 1 (both in code and in Destroy Event). Every time PacMan get hp less than 1, He gets destroyed Game Load File 'kylento' (yes 'kylento' is a saved file name) is activated he loses a life but he is still destroyed. I am using Game Maker 7.0 unregistered on my sister's Windows Vista (Not exactly sure what Vista though ) Basically here is what I want done: PacMan each time his hp goes below 1 he loses one life and where ever he last saved (i.e. say 'kylento' for example as a save game f
  11. About me: Name: Jason How I found this forum(s)/website(s): Google Search Engine Country I live in: North United States of America I live in the western part of North United States of America I will explain more about myself in another post in this thread if rules allow. Questions for this site: #1: Are links allowed in signatures? #2: If someone/people made a game(s) is he/she/they allowed to upload them or no? #3: Are links allowed to be posted in Private Messages, posts in any forums etc. if it/they is/are relevant to the topic(s) say if someone needed Game Maker Moving Platform help and a
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