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  1. Thanks I'll start off with same system only. Other than what is in the guide what do I need to know about Ping because I haven't used linux before, on a scale of easiness for a relative duffer how does Ping rate ? Forget about the network stuff I just want to create a bootable iso. I've made a bootable win2k disc with sp4 slipstreamed in the past but that's as complicated as I get
  2. I have a fresh install complete with updates and a few basic programs, what is the simplest way to make a bootable clone/copy of this to load complete onto other [larger] sized hdd's? I have two pc's and two external hdd's, but not a pc with 2 internal hdd's.
  3. This is getting weird. The same thing also began happening with win2k pro. Not only that it also happened with a previously working fine XP home install on a different HDD. I changed the soundcard with one from another machine - after uninstalling all drivers and associated software, then installing different drivers for the other card and it replicated the same faults. Then with the original sound card installed again, I popped in an even older HDD that has a very minimal install of XP Pro on it, and it works fine without any buzzing or interference. Only problem now is - this is an ancient HDD that is on it's last legs which is why I stopped using it in the first place I can exclude microsoft updates from the equation because I fully updated this old HDD and is still fine. On the problem installations high speed downloads, av updater or watching streaming movies does not cause this buzzing so it can't just be to do with load or cpu use.
  4. Everything was fine for years but suddenly whenever any web page is loading, irrespective of using Internet explorer, Opera or Mozilla a kind of buzzing pans back and forth between the speakers distorting the audio and as soon as the page loading is finished the audio returns to normal. Came on suddenly whilst I had quiet background music playing on my system as usual. I have win2k pro on another partition and that still works fine. No audio problems I tried uninstalling all audio related software and reinstalled the audio drivers on XP Pro (soundblaster) to no avail. Device manager indicated everything was fine for all audio stuff listed. In the end I reformatted and reinstalled XP Pro and immediately got the same problem with a fresh install. I'm at a loss! Everything else works fine. Compaq evo 510 sff, p4, 2 ghz, 760mbram. XP PRo/SP2
  5. Since installing sp3 I get interrrupts and glitches on any music or other sounds I happen to be playing whilst using my pc or browsing. If a web page is loading the sound stutters whilst the page loads, if I open windows help or a folder full of lots of files the same again. I have a soundblaster audigy card which has been functioning perfectly until loading this SP3 and it works perfectly again if I uninstall SP3. The other irritant is that whilst SP3 is installed updates of any description from windows update will download o'k but then I get a message that some updates cannot be installed [it should read all updates] there is no error code. I tried autopatcher after getting fed up with trying this and it has no problem installing the same updates.When I return to windows update to doublecheck it does not select those installed updates for download. I have now returned to SP3 for the second time and exactly the same thing is happening. I've reinstalled latest soundcard drivers to no avail
  6. An amazing difference in performance! "Hardware interrupts" cpu usage is negligible now Thanks
  7. No I don't browse offline. Guess I can remove it from startup then. Primary IDE was set to dma Secondary IDE was set to pio which I have now reset to dma. guess that is the burner channel I've not time to try any burning just now, but I'll let you know how it goes. Thankyou
  8. I've been trying out win2k on my second machine [win2k + slipstreamed sp4 on a P3 1ghz with 512mbram ] and as I'm not familiar with it have been looking under the bonnet a little and wondered if Synchronization Manager - mobsync.exe needed to be loaded at startup. Next question concerns dvd burning. If I look in process explorer whilst burning I notice that "Interrupts" - "Hardware interrupts" is using a very high amount of cpu, is that normal? it happens regardless of which burner I use or whether it is data or a film. I've had xp on this pc in the past and it didn't suffer from cpu being overly hogged whilst burning. Other than that 2k functions very well and I'm happy with it Xp is a good work horse but after all this time I still plain don't like using it. Thanks
  9. Thanks a lot this fix has saved me a lot of bother! After installing [and uninstalling] a software that tweaks explorer, non of my shortcuts in desktop, task bar quick launch or start menu would work from left click, they'd only open from rt click then "open" I know this is an old thread but this fix is worth resurrecting
  10. Thanks eyeball, think of the two I'll go for the cable router route which one do you recommend that is at the affordable end but reliable?
  11. I'm an existing ntl/virgin phone customer and spoke to virgin about having their broadband installed and they say 98se won't work with their cable modem, is this true and if so what is the difficulty, or is it Virginspeak for we don't offer any support for 98se connection problems? The 98se pc is a pentium3 with an intel® Pro/100 VM network connection. The other pc is a P4 with XP with a network card, I don't need wireless and have no wish to file and printer share between the two pc's so what is the simplest and cheapest way to go for connecting them both up to broadband? Thanks
  12. As a safety precaution whilst still messing about with PM I did retain the original 98se system files on a hidden but reduced 3rd partition [approx 5gb] I was going to delete it, but I guess it would do no harm to leave it there then? Xp now has around 14gb and the new first 98se partition has approx 20gb I'll play around with xp file compression and see if it helps Thankyou!
  13. I like the idea of a data partition Rainyshadow, but I don't have any particularly large files on this pc, mainly lots of smaller ones I like fast access to. I'm not going to significantly reduce the 98se partition size Ponch therefore I doubt the gains to xp would be that much, This is primarily my 98se pc, so guess I'll have to put up xp being slow if there is no other solution.
  14. Thankyou both for your advice. I had already proceeded before reading your warnings Soporific however by chance I did have around half the drive free. I had backed up my data on 98se and then deleted it from the partition before moving/copying it to speed the process up. 98se now is working faster again but I simply seem to have swapped the problem over because xp is now running slower. I have converted it to ntfs with the same slower result.
  15. Thanks very much for that, but you are talking to a complete partition novice here I haven't a clue about where on the drive the partitions are placed lol I fired up partition magic and that's what came out. So............how do I move the FAT partition to the beginning of the drive please?

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