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  1. Well, the Sager has a GeForce GT 425M 1GB video card. That's better than the Dell's GT 420M. Also, I can get the Sager for a lot less than the Dell.
  2. Well I plan to use it for programming and entertainment. The reason I want the 1080p screen is for programming. I hate 720p because I can't fit many lines of code into the screen. I also like to play a game once in a while, so I would like to go with a dedicated graphics card. Did you ever have a Sager laptop? Or maybe friends/colleagues?
  3. Hello everybody. I am in the market for a laptop around 1000 USD. After looking at some options, I have come across this laptop: Sager NP5135 It has high-end components for the price, but I have never heard of the brand name or the firm that makes it (xoticpc). I would like to ask you if you ever bought Sager branded notebooks, or notebooks from xoticpc. What experiences do you have with them? Do you think it's worth it to go with that laptop, or should I go with a more known brand (Dell, HP, etc). On the Sager notebook, I plan to choose the 1080p screen, Core i5-580M CPU and the Seagate XT hybrid HDD (500 GB + 4GB SSD). With these components, the price is 1026 USD. I don't think I can get the same specs for this price point in a more well-known brand of laptop.
  4. These kind of problems are usually caused with dust building up over the years, and overheating the components. Check for dust in the CPU heatsink. You might also have dust in your power supply, but that's a tricky thing to open and clean up.
  5. Thanks. Also, is there a place where I could see the software posted on MSDNAA, except for my university's site? So I could check it out every once in a while and see what's new there. My university's site just lists an alphabetic list of the software, so I can't see what's new, and what was posted when.
  6. Hello. I have a MSDNAA subscription from my university, and I have some questions about it. This is mostly about the Vista SP2 integrated ISO not appearing there, but these are general questions too. I know Vista SP2 integrated ISO appeared on TechNet and MSDN, but I was waiting for it to appear on MSDNAA too so I could download it. But there has been nothing so far... I know that when a new product appears, the teacher that supervises MSDNAA for my school has to enter an admin page and approve it so it can be downloaded by the students. I have spoken to the teacher and he said that Vista SP2 integrated image is not available. There is only Vista Business, Vista Business with SP1, and Vista Enterprise in the same flavours. First. When a new product is available for MSDNAA, is it available to all the members in all the world at the same time no matter where they are from? Does Microsoft make any difference between schools in different regions? Second. I know that Windows Vista with SP2 integrated ISO is available for MSDN subscribers. Shouldn't it also be available for MSDNAA subscribers? In general, how long after the initial release of a product does it appear on MSDNAA? Third: The software that is on MSDNAA, is their ISOs exactly the same as the ones from MSDN and Technet? Does Microsoft modify the ISOs that are put on MSDNAA? Or are they exactly the same as the ones from MSDN and Technet? Fourth: I clicked "Details" on the MSDN page for Vista with SP2 ISO and it said it was available to the following levels of subscribers: That includes "Developer AA" which I am a part of. And still, it is not available for download. Why is this? If there is anyone who knows how things work regarding MSDNAA, I would be very grateful if they could answer my questions. PS: I know you guys are all about customizing Windows and integrating hotfixes and stuff. I don't want to integrate SP2 in my existing SP1 ISO, I want it untouched from Microsoft
  7. So it is available on MSDN... I have a question. Does that "MSDN" include MSDN Academic Alliance? I have MSDNAA access from my university and Windows 7 RC isn't there. Only Windows 7 beta.
  8. Finally... I've been waiting sooo long to see new features implemented in Total Commander. And now, we get the first public beta of Total Commander 7.50. I've downloaded it and gave it a run, and I really like the improvements (quick search, breadcrumb bar to name a few). Let's hope that the release version isn't too far away. You can grab a copy at the author's site www.ghisler.com
  9. Well, it surely was the ISPs fault. Today, the problem was finally fixed. He has such a bad ISP... he should only pay for 3 weeks a month. If you add up the downtime, I think he is offline almost 1 week per month.
  10. Thanks for the help rv31, but this didn't do the trick... I used those DNS servers but the problem still didn't go away. It must be a problem from the ISP that can only be fixed by them.
  11. I have booted Ubuntu 7.10 from DVD (haven't installed it) and I configured the internet connection. The patitions aren't even mounted. And the Internet still works as bad as it did before. Being saturday, the ISP left early and now there will be noone there until monday. My friend still would't get off my back until I did what they said. I erased all partitions, rewritten the MBR, powered off, removed the battery, waited 10 minutes, plugged everything back in, reinstalled Windows XP. After Windows finished installing, I didn't even install drivers, I configured the internet connection, connected, and what do you know... same story... After I installed the drivers I tried again... still nothing. I'm sure they told him the first thing that came into their minds to make him waste an entire day, so they shouldn't have to work on saturday.
  12. Ok... I have a friend who has internet access from a local ISP here. Usually, it works at 200 - 300 k/sec real download. But for a couple of days, it has been working very slowly... That is, the webpages load slowly (or even don't load at all - they get timed out). But P2P applications like StrongDC++, torrents and messenger transfers work great. Even if a page does load, and he manages to click a download link in one of those pages, the download works great 200-300 k/sec. I told him to go tell the ISP what is happening, and here is what they told him: It's bad, the same thing happened to another person who has internet from them. It seems that a virus has infected his computer, a virus that not even symantec, nod32, or kaspersky can detect, and that he should immediatly format his entire HDD (delete all partitions), and remove his battery from the motherboard, wait 10 minutes, then put the battery back in, and then reinstall windows. A virus that can't be detected and makes your pages load slow? I kinda doubt that. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? Or is this just bull**** from the ISP? PS: He uses Windows XP 32 bit and ESET Smart security 3
  13. Hello. I have downloaded Windows Vista Business from MSDNAA, i get a free license because I am a student. Now I see that they have also added Windows Vista Enterprise to MSDNAA. I have been looking everywhere to see what difference there is between the two editions, but I came up with almost nothing. Can anyone tell me the differences between the Business and Enterprise editions of Windows Vista?
  14. I also don't think SP3 caused a reduction in system performance. If anything, it made it a bit faster. I know that because I use XP on my 650 MHz Pentium III with 256 MB of RAM, and there, any performance loss is really noticable. The same goes for Vista vs Vista SP1. I never had any problems with Vista to say that I've upgraded to SP1 just to fix those problems. But Vista SP1 is faster. It even installed a lot faster than Vista with no SP. When a new Service Pack is released, I install it as an upgrade over my existing installation. Then, I wait for the CD/DVD that has that service pack already integrated to appear straight from Microsoft. I don't mess around with slipstreaming and modifying current discs to add the new SP to them.
  15. I found this in your "session.txt" file (line 457): You checked an option somewhere in nLite to disable EXE icons. I don't know where it is because I don't use nLite, but that has to be the problem
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