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  1. I totally understand you there. The reason I switched back to seagate was WD playing the shuffle-the-warranty-period game. they burned me with that, bad enough im going to steer clear of WD for a while. My newest (remaining) WD is a WD2000BB I got when they were $100 new at the egg. You are right, they are quieter on average, but this particular drive seems just as 'loud' as my WD2000BB which is pretty quiet.
  2. CPU usage is actually more controller/driver based then HDD based. Note the test shows CPU usage, seek times, and such on it. the dot map is a seek map. ~~And I definitely agree that transfer rates are nowhere near the only thing to look at when buying a HDD.
  3. Actually jcarle, I am going to have to disagree with you on this one issue. My brand new 7200.10 has serious speed... and it is for sale for under $100 at the egg right now. Here are some tests I ran on it. Please note the drive is on a sata1 port and that it is my OS drive so downspikes in speed are probably the OS accessing it. ~edit~ the test shot has the model number, and by what I read their PATA version is just as fast as this one.
  4. That's actually what I was wanting to do. Albatron does make a mini ITX motherboard that takes turion64 CPUs. That would be perfect for a software RAID5 setup, plenty of horsepower for the XOR calculations and it comes with gigabit with jumbo frame support, usb2, firewire, and a ton more, so it could be the host of one heck of a (superNAS?) setup. The albatron has 4 SATA on it along with 2 PATA, as well.
  5. Thanks for the advice, but I bet it's something simple... I need to find a way to see that BSOD. And as I said before, that was my backup... my brand new drive broke. Worst comes to worst, I have a 20GB and a few 4GB drives I can install a sacrificial 2k3 install onto and do what you suggest. Thanks again for the advice ~edit~ thought so. I dug around for a way to halt at the BSoD and I came up with the good old 0x0000007B (0x81965F00, 0xC0000010, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) Figures. Time to hit the workbench again.
  6. OK, sure. Google "DSL Reports DrTCP" (without using quotes) and go from there. There is a LOT to learn and a LOT to tweak with it, I can not explain better then they did on their own site.
  7. I could definitely be backwards on that. thanks.
  8. Yeah, for emulation I tend to use DosBOX. it's free and works well.
  9. dslreports has a great tweaking guide to do just what you are asking. check there, especially their DrTCP program, and read the guide that is posted for it there
  10. Crash different. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7148748849652085555 easier to play here...
  11. Naaw, that's not a linux toaster... this is. I saw that when it was new, had to google a bit to find the link. (yeah it isnt running nix in the pic but it sure could!) Anyways, don't overclock a cyrix... better yet fry the thing by running 12v and gnd leads across it, then roundfile the thing and stick in a nice PIII cpu. I still use tons of PIII cpus around here, those things are very good performers. Lesee... dual p3-600, P3M1Ghz laptop, P3-500 laptop, dual celeron 433, dual celeron 400, 3x P3 933 chips waiting to go in an STL2 and another mobo. Yeah, I guess I am a bit P3-mad.
  12. not quite exactly, but very close, yes If I misunderstood you, then sorry... but the differences as I see are that I say to make sure both controllers are working simultaneously in one install and imaging that install. Ive found that to be important in some cases, it seems to work more fail-safe then the method I think you recommend.
  13. I never found one I truly liked until I tried WinRAR back in the day (version 1.xxx something). So I finally bought (rare thing for me to do) winrar 3.41 and still use it constantly.
  14. Please help.... crud. Here's the situation. I have a dual P3 600E tyan patriot BX system with a Syba Sil0680 PATA card in it, and a WD2000BB 200GB drive and Seagate 7200.9 120GB drive on it. Both are standalone master. I have a 10GB raid1 partition for the OS (windows is doing all raid functions, the card is in PATA JBOD mode) I have a spanned partition taking the rest of the space on both drives, that is brimming full of data. I moved the computer to another case. When I started it, I did not notice it did not see the primary drive (200GB) and booted off of the second 'plex' on the Seagate 120GB. Since then, whenever I try to plug both drives in and boot the machine, it BSODs and immediately reboots, not giving me time to even see the BSOD. I have tried taking it out of the case and bench testing it to rule out a short circuit. It still works when booting with either hard drive on its own, but does not allow me to access the data on the spanned array (of course). I could really use the data on that partition... Please, if you have any advice? Resources at my disposal include my main machine (xp pro RTM sp2, ath64 x2) which I could hook both drives into the PATA channels and still boot windows (my os drive is a sata 320GB with the space to take all data off of the ailing partition) and before anyone says it, that was my backup. the 320gb in my main system just got a loose connector so I had just moved all my data to the server drives in order to RMA this drive. d#$n the luck...
  15. Cool! How bout pics or model & brand? You have piqued my curiosity. If you want a heck of a hdd at a heck of a price, check this one out. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16822148140 I have one, here is a test on it. All I can say is I am very impressed with this drive! If I had cash I would get four more and set them up in my server in raid5. As for CD/DVD drives, I use Lite-ON. They have DL DVDRW drives for under $30 at the egg. As for cases, I actually use the 'ultra wizard' and I got mine from tigerdirect. They have an outlet store near me. I got one without the PSU and ordered a PC Power & Cooling PSU direct from their site (the silencer 360).
  16. When something is that messed up and nothing else works, the best idea is to uninstall and reinstall the program. I doubt anyone else will want to help if you refuse to do this troubleshooting step... (I intend no malice or friction, I am simply stating what I feel to be a given fact)
  17. I have done this before. Make a system with both controllers in it and install drivers for both (some controllers need a drive on them for this to happen some do not). Use that for the master image. (I do this with ghost 2003)
  18. USB2 in practice only transferrs at <30MB/s. you may want to re-think this if bandwidth is important.
  19. Best PC game ever?... I guess I can pick one, but I have to list the runners up, too. To me gameplay is everything. A good example would be mech4 mercenaries, there are serious bugs and shortcomings but IMHO the gameplay still makes up for it in spades. I prefer single player content (or botmatches) to online play for non MMORPG games, so that heavily weighs on my choices. 1. Asheron's Call 1 2. Bungie Oni 3. Half Life 2 (including ep1 addon (OK I know its not an addon technically but it is to me)) 4. Railroad Tycoon 3 5. Half Life 1 and addons 6. UT2003 7. Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries 8. StarCraft 9. R.O.S.E. Online 10. F.A.K.K.2 11. Quake 3 Arena 12. UT Classic (Non-GoTY) 13. Scorched3d 14. Quake 1 15. Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2 16. Cyber Empires ~edit~ Sorry, had to. I forgot about a game.
  20. Uhm the java handler is pretty deeply embedded into opera... best bet is to do a fresh install of opera.
  21. Uhm... that is a mini ITX mobo. And on his forums I have a post about a s754 mini ITX mobo that is available, too.
  22. Ringfinger: google scorched3d. modern graphics version. After you play it you don't want the original scorched earth anymore (*GASP!*)

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