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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FD_Trinitron/WEGA Nope. The only thing I will get that is sony.... ironically they EOL'd them quite a while ago. Oh, and thanks, I'm glad you like my desktop
  2. Sorry, no. If I could afford it I would have a nice large LCD, but this Sun GDM-5410 is my baby for now. The only CRT I could ever stand is the FD trinitron. Not even the diamondtron looks as good to me. (the NEC accusync 75F(?) is a FD trinitron too, but sadly the VGA connector got crushed and I can't get the VGA wiring right on it *cry*
  3. Way ahead of yah (I turn hardware DEP on by default and have since I first got my x2 a year ago).
  4. hm. sounds like Ill have to do some googling. sounds like I can run XP 32 bit on my a64 x2 and still have (and use) 4GB of ram, because windows xp 32 bit control panel says I have PAE.
  5. One very important and oft overlooked problem is overloaded/crap power supplies. Many 'hard to track down' problems are actually from this. It may be prudent to include in the list "make/model of power supply and how many amps it says it gives on all +12v rails".
  6. I thought this might be fun. Please post links where available, or describe the game... if it is one that others may not know about. My favorite PC games (before 3D acceleration and before win9x) are: Cyber Empires http://www.abandonia.com/games/206/CyberEmpires Doom Acid Tetris http://www.acid-play.com/download/acid-tetris/ Raptor: Call of the Shadows http://www.3drealms.com/raptor/ XCOM: UFO Defense http://www.xcomufo.com/ Quake 1 Scorched Earth http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scorched_Earth_(computer_game) Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commander_Kee...bye_Galaxy.21 So what are your favorite classic PC games? B)
  7. everything worked fine with all previous versions of this nlite ISO. I removed a third user (admin and guest are still there) and set it to log in to Admin on first boot, since then it has been doing this. OS is Windows XP SP2 RTM w/ all hotfixes.
  8. Now I know you are trolling me. Please go check the rules, trolling is against them.
  9. True. I meant '~50GB optical media' instead of blu-ray, sorry. I boycot sony as well...
  10. I'll give you links which explain it then try once more to explain why it is a performance bottleneck to you since you asked so nicely http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DDR2 DDR2, DDR, and SDR have a dedicated bus at a set rate for their memory. It is not a peer bus, it is a point to point bus. There is a set amount of bandwidth available between the memory chips and the memory controller (built into the CPU core nowadays). The highest bandwidth officially available for DDR2 AFAIK is PC2-6400 meaning 6.4GB/s. Dual channel can double this, but there is no commonly implemented solution to increasing it further in a DDR2 based system. This is critical to my point. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCIE PCIE x16 has a theoretical max bandwidth of 4GiB/s (4000MB/s). Any single video card that is on this bus is limited to that speed of transferring data between it's ram and the system ram. http://www.nvidia.com/page/geforce_8800.html The onboard bandwidth of the flagship video card from nVidia is 86.4GB/s. In order for video data (any GPU accelerated video) to be rendered, the raw data has to first be transferred from system RAM to video RAM through the PCIE bus to the video card RAM, then the GPU can render the data. Rendering is a VERY GPU <-> GPUmemory intensive task, this is the very reason there is such a high bandwidth bus between the GPU and it's dedicated ram. In a shared ram situation, the comparatively very limited RAM <-> GPU bandwidth is going to be saturated when doing intensive video tasks, even when doing less intensive tasks, the bandwidth available between the CPU and system ram will be lessened. The extent of this depends entirely on the amount of bandwidth the GPU is using it's allocated system memory for rendering tasks.
  11. You would be surprised how many people still know about vacuum tube electronics. Ah, the grand old DG. I remember seeing one in the college near where I grew up, they still had it running as of 2001, managing the dialup ISP somehow. You have a K6-2 400... yikes. I don't think I would ever want one of those again... I think the oldest AMD I could stand running would be a duron now... however I have a few PIII based boxes here (mostly duallies). Why don't you get an upgrade? just curious... not suggesting top of the line, maybe a nice PIII-933 with 256MB or such. They go for under $100 or so complete on craigslist now. ~edit~ Oh, and Welcome!
  12. You totally don't understand the mechanics involved if you believe that.
  13. If you are up for some engineering and coding work, I have an idea Ive been kicking around for years. Take a couple blu-ray burners and set them up with an autochanger. Make 50 disc disc packs (like say CD reel cakeboxes upside down). think of it like the old disc packs when hard drives were brand new. The system could be set to parallel burns of two discs at once, then do a full verify to make sure the disc burn went well, toss bad ones directly to the trash... you get the drift. As I said it would require engineering work and some serious programming, too, but it would be one heck of a way to do what you ask.
  14. Yes, software. Software that is ran in the CPU and the GPU. They still send data direct to video card RAM for additional rendering, therefore, there is still serious activity between the GPU and its ram. That is my very point. EXACTLY! you can see the bandwidth available when the video card is COMPLETELY IDLE! My whole point is that it is never completely idle in windows, and most people are doing something that at least uses a lot of system memory <-> video memory <-> GPU bandwidth, which using the same already starved system memory bus for this really agggrivates the situation.
  15. He was still asking about explorer. That is what I was speaking of.
  16. Replace your PSU with one that can handle the load. this is a telltale sign of an overloaded PSU.
  17. big problem. Before I left for walmart to buy food for the month, I decided to try it without automatically entering passwords. I entered changeme manually for administrator, and the thing did the EXACT same thing. could not log in, but no warning or issue when entering the pass etc. What the heck is going on... It wont let me put no pass in there either. Ill be trying Default1 soon.
  18. As I said in a similar thread just a couple days ago, you can use GeoShell which completely replaces explorer (or at least used to when I used it) or search the net for vorck. that guy has a way to remove it too.
  19. hm. I changed it to "changeme". let's see if that fixes it.
  20. Vote: none of the above. DropMyRights for IE(v6) and only using Opera are enough to keep all that crud off my system.
  21. you are saying that a flood would ruin a set of hard drives in an attic? x.x that would be some flood...
  22. this is the first setup Ive ever done... if you need the file it's in the completed splash screens (or whatever) section in the appropriate sticky thread...

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