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  1. 300x200 (or near that) is the top image size allowed here like that. Are you using windows Vista? What DVD decoder/player software is installed? PowerDVD? winDVD? --what version of it do you have?
  2. it is super socket 7. socket 7 @ 100FSB and a few other (multi voltage) capabilities. note in such old mobos, it is done with jumpers or dip switches manually and great care must be taken to set them correctly for the cpu intended.
  3. Because their site doesn't have any, they only have drivers for the modems they make. I think the sound chip is only available to oems. toshiba's site.
  4. Aha! I wondered how long it would be until someone named my favorite Sonic character - and knew what my av was, too.
  5. That's a good bit of the reason I am so blatent with mine (custom title and changed username)... I got tired of having to correct people
  6. I have actually used both of those. I find spacemonger easier to use then sequoiaview, and treesize is a bit of a different purpouse/takes a different angle toward it, but I use that one too
  7. LOL! What I noticed was that netscape was going "Naa, Naa!" when it got cancelled in favor of firefox, and they are kindasorta the same program. OK so I am not being exact or precisely true... but you gotta admit...
  8. That there is a 'report' button on your own posts?
  9. There is this article on freenode that says all about this kind of thing... something about "temperature". the original location on freenode's website I just thought this would be a good addendum to this post.
  10. Next time, please re-read the post and look at the screenshot as this is a mini review not an exhaustive one instead of trying to bash a program you don't even know the features of? Everyone else seemed to notice it right off...
  11. I have the same nVidia drivers. I find them to be much less 'user friendly' and have trouble remembering the application to 'glassify'. I find this program to be much more user friendly and less buggy.
  12. I noticed that when I first got it, I thought it added to the image's 'cuteness' and entertainment value
  13. Doh! forgot that little bit of info. K6-2 would be much better then the cyrix, but a s370 mobo is dirt cheap nowadays...
  14. Oh. when in *nix (FreeBSD in my case) I use noatun.
  15. Why not go to their site and see if there are new drivers for it?
  16. it sounds like your flash screwed up the cpu voltage autodetect and/or the cpu detection. Have you tried flashing the bios again with the newest version, and also one version older?
  17. Hm. I assumed he was getting low memory because of running out of swap space, and the swap was set to a dynamic size. Good idea to check instead of assuming, I didn't think of that.
  18. This has been a standard "read before posting" link on at least 12 of the forums I frequent. What the $#$%? The OP was asking for it and I replied with the answer. Why are you giving me static over answering the OP's question?
  19. Excuse me? I was trying to give you honest and helpful advice in a humorous manner.
  20. Uhm, you don't have to see the background though everything. as a matter of fact the default for all windows is 100% opaque. If you wish you can only 'glassify' one window and have every other program you use 100% opaque.
  21. Patient: "Doctor, when I hold my arm like this, it hurts!" Doctor: "Well, then don't hold your arm like that!"
  22. I can only say "various sources on the internet". I have scoured the net for years to find my favorite since before google even existed until now. I honestly couldn't give a single URL for them - and some of them don't even exist anymore on the net I think. Since I do not have the rights to them I wouldn't feel ok at all redistributing them, sorry.
  23. I have actually never had it cause explorer to crash. What were you running at the time?
  24. You may get some good use out of spacemonger... http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=88162

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