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  1. it sounds like the OP decided to install another copy of XP to one of the two remaining drives while the original drive was still the boot device, thereby when he removed it the OS was still on one of the two remaining drives but the bootblock was still on the drive that was removed.
  2. I know this very, very well. this is one of the big reasons I reccommended him to run his HDDs off of the PCI PATA controller and his opticals off of the onboard. This is the EXACT same situation my dual P3 server that is pictured is in, so I have a bit of an inside view of his situation.
  3. Why not build a mini ITX form factor computer, and put in some hard drives yourself? just an idea, like mashie did. Check it out, it's really worth it!
  4. The limitation is indeed 137GB. This is the very reason I said what I did in my first post... To break the 137GB limit, google "48 bit addressing" or "137Gb limit"
  5. That is Si units which are pretty popular in many areas due to manufacturers wanting to make their device look faster or like it has more space. 1 GiB = 1,000MiB = 1,000,000KiB = 1,000,000,000 Bytes 1GB = 1,024MB = 1,048,576KB = 1,073,741,824 Bytes Not labeling Si units as such is misleading and someone should enforce it, TBH.
  6. Where the hell did you hear that? it is 133MB/s (megabytes per second). Even the fastest HDDs cannot transfer data that fast off-platter. Uhm, no. It is 60MB/s (60Megabytes per second, or 480Megabits per second) And that is per controller. Most controllers are (were last I looked into it) chained together and not in parallel, so that means 60MB/s total between every USB2 device you have. In addition to this, USB tends to not be able to perform at that rate and a more realistic speed is 40MB/s. I already told you of the way to work around that, and I told you the ones on the motherboard need not be the ones the hard drive(s) is(are) hooked to. The PATA cables are somehow going to be more bulk then USB cables, converters, power for the converters, and cable to the HDD from the converters? First, faster drives do not reduce CPU load. As for all the speeds, look up as PATA is *NOT* 33MB/s. Ribbon cables? who needs ribbon cables for PATA? http://www.pctoys.com/840556017325.html I also do have a dual slot 1 system, so I know exactly what you are dealing with with the dual xeon system (I have worked with xeons as well, they are taller but beyond that the same basic size and shape two slot 1 P3s) One of my main points is that most of your information is either severely out of date or just wrong. Please, for your own sake, do some additional looking! Not doing so will only hurt you in the end. Here is my dual P3. You'll notice I put it in the smallest case I have where the PSU hangs over the dual P3 CPUs. I did this for two main reasons: 1. to prove that a dual CPU machine need not take much space and can still be neat, 2. because I wanted to have my server take as little space as possible. There is only one drive in it in this picture, but I have three PATA drives in it now, and a zip drive and floppy. It is just as neat now as it is in that picture.
  7. Please check the posting rules. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=61853 Pay special attention to #6: provide as much information as you can.
  8. Another nice trick is to take a screenshot of the computer and put it as the background then set the taskbar to the side and autohide on, and hide the desktop icons. A nice addon is screenshotting an error message too. *I.....CAN'T.....CLICK.....IT!*
  9. I voted admin. but I am somewhere inbetween on my system. I use DropMyRights for several high-risk programs that I do not personally use just incase something gets into my system so the damage done is limited. I tried a user and power user account but I got so sick of the problems that created. Zxian got it right, some braindead programmer thought that gem up I'll bet.
  10. Here you go, this is the one I use. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16816124001 The only thing is you may have to get UNIFLASH and find an old version of the card BIOS is your motherboard is quirky with it. I had to do this to one of them, if you need the BIOS for one or help flashing it (if you decide to get one or three) I will be glad to help.
  11. I think I know what you are talking about. I saw it in passing once on a client's system way back when DOS was king. It was named "summer games" or something similar.
  12. looks to me like your javascript handler is fubar. Try doing a clean install of opera and using it's standard setup for a while (without your addons).
  13. The nForce3 chipset has 9x/me drivers on nVidia's site right now... And IIRC it takes s939 CPUs, so you could concievably stick the brand spankin newest athlon64 or Opteron in it and have full support.
  14. I agree, honestly. The only hardware firewall anyone truly needs IMHO is already present within the very nature of any NAT router.
  15. As the others have said, you need to purchase a NAT router, available almost anywhere computers and computer parts are sold (even wal-mart). The instructions in the router box will tell you how to get everything set up. IPs are like addresses. No two computers can have the same address or the information (network traffic) will not know where to go. Trying to set two (or more) PCs to the same IP can and will result in all sorts of havvoc that will not be localized to just your machines usually. In short, it could bring down the whole network.
  16. Nice lineup! I never played descent, but I played terminal velocity. I actually got Descent3 from a vidcard purchase long ago but never tried it. Which duke nukem was your favorite? I loved 2 but 3D was a bit...nasty at times. (can you imagine a woman playing that game? I did and liked...most of it, just parts made me wanna hurl.)
  17. Accepted. If you feel I wronged you in some way, I apologize.
  18. I wasn't attempting to fight, I was attempting to help someone learn how something really worked... It wasn't about what I like or don't like, it was about how stuff works and trying to help someone learn. I actually do use onboard video in light load systems. My point was that it will lower performance and may have not been the best thing to reccomend, also that Memtest86 cannot show the bandwidth loss of a shared memory video card configuration. I was done with the whole bit as soon as I saw for certain that the other poster was not simply mistaken but was attempting to troll. Once I realized that, I was done with the whole exchange.
  19. You don't seem to understand. most motherboards (even old ones) come with 2 PATA channels, some come with 4. Each one of those can take a master and slave drive. I simply never put a slave on any. When I need more drives in a system then there are channels, I add more with PCI cards, one channel per drive I use. A lot of the time I don't even have hard drives hooked to the included motherboard channels because the add in cards don't usually support booting from anything but the hard drives on them but the system BIOS does for the PATA channels that are on the motherboard. I have had systems with two PATA cards in them and four PATA channels on the motherboard. That gave me a total of eight PATA channels to work with, and I had eight drives (optical, zip, and 6 hard drives) in the system.
  20. Because it doesn't allow you to put it off until the OS has been installed. I actually have RunOnce set up to open up the 'xp-style' account manager on first boot. I want windows to be completely installed and ready to go before any input is required.
  21. nVidia and ATi drivers have an option for that in their control panel.
  22. If it is an issue with the slave hack, why use slaves at all? I haven't had a drive as slave in a computer since 1999 or so. Master/slave is a horrid hack that never should have been implemented IMHO. Besides, PCI PATA controllers are cheap as dirt now anyways. I got a couple sil0680 based ones myself just laying around incase I need them.
  23. Mayhap I could have my name, if it is possible, please? Jaqie Fox ~edit~ Thank you very much!
  24. Linux? hm. the only penguin in my house is Roto-router (WRT54GS) so no X there. BSD? Wehn I run BSD I am always in XFCE4. I do compile KDE-Lite though for Konsole (LOVE that!) and a few other K apps I like... and i run them in XFCE.

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