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  1. Most people don't buy a new OS just because it's out. They get a new OS through the purchase of a newer computer, because the older one either broke or has become 'slow' (as if computers age and slow down...) because of their malware collection. Indeed, to faithfully print them on a piece of paper!
  2. Nonsense. Every website should be subject to the same security measures. Websites get hacked and often host third-party content that can also get hacked. You aren't 'safe' anywhere. More nonsense. Gecko is open-source, so flaws get fixed all the time, even when not exploited. Mozilla's strength is that it fixes known vulnerabilities quickly. Even quicker if it's exploited. The time that you are vulnerable while using Gecko-based web browsers is very, very short. That's your own fault. P2P opens a huge repository of untrusted, and often malicious, programs. You didn't mention how you got infected the second time.
  3. Except that was only a part of your original point. It was only one of the web technologies you cited, and the only one you're right about. Because it's something we're all familiar with and can talk about. Not many?! Are you on the same Internet as me? For example, every official video game website ever made since 2003 or so. A good chunk of store websites as well. About PDF: I don't see much wrong with it, really. Even with Acrobat Reader 5, I can still view all of them. Plus, one year ago it has become an open, documented standard. The reason that PDF got popular years ago is that it prints the same on most machines.
  4. Eh, Firefox likes to consume RAM, but not SeaMonkey. I've been using it for years with first 32 MB, then 160 MB of RAM. The add-ons you listed are also available for it. Personally I don't have Flash installed at all. As for a light-weight secondary web browser, there's OffByOne.
  5. Since when? You did say "flash files". Anyway, you can't get to them if you don't have Flash, unless you use a third-party service to download the FLV files. Graceful degradation is one of the best features of the web. If a website is properly coded, all the following is true: Can't display images? You'll get the alternate text describing it or showing what it said. Don't have JavaScript (enabled)? You'll miss a convenience feature or something flashy, but you'll still be able to access the content. Don't have support for some CSS properties? The page might look a little weird, but will otherwise work. With Flash, instead, I'm completely locked out of the content.
  6. This is why I don't consider Flash part of the web. It's a proprietary plug-in. False. Flash was already there long before YouTube, and some mainstream websites were already using it. Sites like Newgrounds already existed that offered tons of Flash content. Flash is proprietary. You can't view Flash objects' source code and source media (not legally, anyway). The web is based on open standards. Also, it doesn't resize to the viewport, and it doesn't degrade gracefully (which is a problem for blind users (like Google!)).
  7. There are few IPv6 routers available for the consumer. I was mainly saying that 6to4 exists, and is a solution. As I said earlier, Flash is not part of the web. It's a cancer. Of course. They were probably using CSS that IE6 (you were using SlimBrowser, right?) doesn't support, but IE7 and IE8 can. A showcase for bad browser sniffing and bad design, but not actual incompatibility. By now you're not talking about web technologies anymore, so I wonder why you're addressing this. Excuses. What nonsense.
  8. CRT monitors are flexible. They don't have a native resolution. Different refresh rates are also supported. Be careful to not switch to a refresh rate that your monitor doesn't support, as that could damage it.
  9. Since it's a key that only explorer.exe uses, I'm pretty sure it is used by the IE-corrupted shell that comes with IE4 and (optionally) with IE5.
  10. You don't seem to know what you're talking about. HTML has always been backwards-compatible, and HTML5 will be backwards-compatible as well. The web browser does not need to know anything about PHP and ASP. They're server-side scripting languages that output file contents. In most cases, HTML. Flash is not part of the web, and I'm not sure if backwards-compatibility is even in its nature. It's a proprietary framework that doesn't even run all that great on GNU/Linux. You really think the Win9x community can't do it itself? That it's a talentless bunch? When I look at the history of HTTP, HTML and CSS, I see this isn't true at all. They 'change' quite slowly. Nonsense. There are routers that can do 6to4. That is, to be connected to an IPv6 Internet while being part of an IPv4 network.
  11. Drugwash, this is an LCD monitor. They have a fixed refresh rate of 60Hz. They're also pretty crappy for older games, as they have one native resolution. Every other resolution it tries to emulate, which in most cases will make it look like the screen got smeared with vaseline.
  12. I searched my registry and this key doesn't exist on my system.
  13. Multibooter, that doesn't answer eidenk's question. What EXECUTABLE code are you downloading? Music clips don't contain such a thing (unless, of course, it's some proprietary Microsoft format with some scripting).
  14. I don't use eMule or any other P2P program, so I don't need those additional defenses.
  15. Even without an anti-virus program? Because I think we're talking about Windows 98 on its own here. You'd be surprised how difficult it is to get rid of these. herbalist, I personally haven't encountered a site that refused me just because I use Windows 95, but I know they exist. I actually have a custom user agent string that is the result of doing away with old cruft: SeaMonkey/1.1.16 (Win95; en-US) Gecko/
  16. Oh please. Security through obscurity is never the answer. Old worms and viruses still roam the Internet as well. You're assuming that old software without support isn't usable and that everyone needs multiple processors cores. I don't think we do. "only" DirectX 9? I would like to point out that DirectX 10 is still relatively recent, especially on Windows XP. Software support isn't dead yet, by the way. Commercially, perhaps, but not open-source.
  17. How was it ahead of its time? If any OS was, it's BeOS.
  18. Don't forget to update your nightly Firefox again. A security update of SeaMonkey has just been released.
  19. Oversized toolbars with a Windows icon in every window is not my idea of an ultimate GUI.
  20. I've discovered long ago that, strangely enough, GDI+ works on Windows 95. Does this mean that there is a possibility for your COM extension to work with the Windows 95 shell?
  21. No, they are all using the same version of Gecko, their core.
  22. I read (parts of) the article through Slashdot. Of course, I never abandoned Windows 95.
  23. SeaMonkey 1.1.15 and Thunderbird were released two days ago.
  24. Because using the Win95 shell with Win98 opens a whole other can of worms.

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