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  1. Even with the toolbar, it's still IE. Insecure and horribly out-of-date with regards to web standards. Just a shell on IE. It doesn't make it any more secure. Yes, you can use the Mozilla engine, but if you want to have a native Windows application that embeds Gecko, you go for K-Meleon. Another shell for IE. You should stay far away from IE. It's horribly insecure. It's better to have a secure program than having to have shields up (that consume extra CPU and RAM), don't you think? This "loyalty to boxes that navigate web pages" is more important than you think. Well, it's not if it's just about the GUI, but there are several rendering engines out there. IE's is named Trident, which has horrible support for web standards, is far too care-less about coding, and promotes proprietary garbage like coloured scroll bars and glowing text. Gecko, Presto, Merlin and KHTML are much, much better. And I thought this thread was about getting IE7 on Win98 SE.
  2. Yeah, I'm also still waiting for a discussion on this. Here's something I learned about. Apparently you can have support for Unicode applications on Windows 95 if you install the Microsoft Layer for Unicode, known as Unicows. So that's one thing out of the way.
  3. Hi there, I'm new here. I joined because because this seems to be the place where most Win9x users gather. I still use Windows 95 OSR 2.5 on my 8 year old PC. Best of all, I modified the install files several months ago so that there's no IE at all! I use SeaMonkey as my browser. Before that, I used to have IE5 on my system (never had IE4, so didn't experience the horror of Active Desktop), even though I wouldn't use it. I use this PC to surf the web, get e-mail, do IM, play some games, and recently, web design. It does this just fine. Recently I became aware of Windows 95 updates. However, the resources available didn't offer a comprehensive list of them. So I made one myself based on ERPMan's Windows 95 page. I intend to add unofficial updates later, as well as the USB updates. Are there others here who still regularly use Windows 95? It seems to mostly be a Windows 98 crowd.
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