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  1. I use Adobe Reader 5.0.5. I have Foxit Reader 1.3 installed, but I never use it because it prints blank pages, and I never bothered to change the default for viewing to it.
  2. Tell us how someone can get in when there is no service accepting outside connections.
  3. An important update was released in October for a security vulnerability that is now exploited by worms. No user interaction needed! I think this update requires SP3 to be installed, but don't quote me on that.
  4. I'm using RICHED20.DLL now. I snagged it from the Microsoft Installer 2.0 update package. This does fix the problem. It also gives me multiple undo capability and Unicode. MSDN says that if I use the control in Unicode mode, it will expect Unicode messages. What does this mean? Can someone shed some light on this? EDIT: What it actually says: "In Rich Edit 2.0, if you create a Unicode rich edit control (one that expects Unicode text messages), you must specify only Unicode data in any window messages sent to the control."
  5. It does not work on mine. Tested with Dependency Walker: USER32.DLL: GetMonitorInfoW MonitorFromWindow (Delay-load) MSO.DLL is missing (Delay-load) USP10.DLL is missing (Delay-load) UXTHEME.DLL is missing
  6. My main computer is running on a Pentium II 233 Mhz. Apart from embedded Flash (I use the stand-alone player and YouTube downloading services) and Java, I can do anything I want.
  7. That's quite a terrible idea. This couldn't be further from the truth. Windows 2000 = Windows NT 5.0 Windows XP = Windows NT 5.1 They're brothers/sisters, in a way. Windows 98 is from a totally different codebase. Different kernel, different design philosophy. Exactly. This is now even true for Windows XP, though there are still worms and botnets out there that can infect your computer without doing anything. Which is just false. Because his PC could become part of a botnet and contribute to the ever-growing problem?
  8. Your thread title fails one of the board rules. Anyway, I think we've had this discussion already, and the logic is flawed. Security by obscurity doesn't really work. Not to mention that Windows 2000 is closely related to Windows XP, which is still in wide use.
  9. Some? According to Nathan Lineback, the only difference between OSR 2.0 and OSR 2.1 is that the USB updates are on the CD of the latter.
  10. Argh, it does still have the problem. Maybe I should give up on RICHED32.DLL and use RICHED20.DLL instead.
  11. I still have no idea how NotepadEx fixes the bug, though it must be some hack, as the other day the horizontal scroll bar wasn't calculated properly. Probably because of tabs in the file. However, I've tried the RICHED32.DLL file in the RICHED9X.EXE file that MDGx provides on his site, and it seems to not have the issue.
  12. You call Firefox light on features, Opera having a lot of them, and SeaMonkey bloated? Urgh, bad comparison. SeaMonkey is rather complete, not bloated. If something is to be called bloated with features, it's Opera. But it runs great, so no one is complaining.
  13. I recall hearing about compatibility problems on all OSs with flash drives larger (or starting at?) 2 GB because of a change in the standard to accomodate this size.
  14. Sounds like strings from an MSN Messenger version.
  15. NUSB doesn't work on Windows 95, and likely never will. PassingBy is making an attempt, but when I tested months ago it didn't work so well.
  16. I just use my ISP-provided webspace. Maybe others should as well?
  17. I download YouTube videos through an online service and watch them on VideoLAN. For everything else I use the stand-alone Flash Player 7.
  18. There are two USB patches, actually. There's the USB supplement, and an update. Both are on the CD-ROM. After that it should detect new hardware when you insert it, and then you point to the drivers.
  19. 95C doesn't have IE4 integrated either. It's only integrated after the whole install process, at reboot, by running the IE4 installer. If you remove the CD-ROM after Windows installation, you'll never see it. What did the D and E versions offer?
  20. I ran eMULE many years ago, and it worked fine. Can't speak for the current versions.
  21. There's also security and privacy in Win95. What made you think there wasn't?
  22. Win9x != Win98SE. Stop saying Win9x when you clearly mean Win98SE. There are posters here on other Win9x systems.
  23. crahak, you're ignoring whether the OS version was successful or not. With DOS these are incremental upgrades. No, Windows 2000 was for business. Why do you think there are Windows 2000 Server versions that are almost identical to the client version? Microsoft has always maintained a home and business line-up. Win9x, WinXP and Windows Vista are for home users. WinNT4, Win2000, Win2003 and Windows 2008 are for business. Ignoring the fact that WinNT4 had gotten a long run and 6(!) service packs.

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