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  1. I patched the 78 build but,.. I see this browser is logging mouse movements In Process Explorer, I/O Total Delta Bytes show fast numbers when mouse is moved on top of browser pages (regardless or active or inactive window). Any new tab first attempts to contact *.cn domains I guess, still some things remain unpatched
  2. Hi [h.265] Is there any hardware accelerated, 2020 updated decoder out here? that works in MPC-HC like players etc? I was trying play some videos recorded by iPhone which were encoded in HEVC. Somehow, Last XP LAV decoder decoder build didn't play with acceleration (resulting in very high CPU usage) I know, I can change compatibility options in iPhone Camera settings as last resort but,... out of curiousity and for the sake of future playbacks, just wanted to try asking this place
  3. I cannot make Serpent Basilisk.exe default browser because links and pages.HTMx will bypass -profile context while executing .EXE I also hate loaders.exe Why Basilisk.exe cannot have option to save and first read settings from Basilisk.INI (as portable mode detection? something that MPC-HC does?)
  4. That's still disgusting to make users read huge unnecessary FAQs. Having this Portable option in Installer itself is Anytime better then making users ask here IMHO edit: I do respect your work BTW
  5. Thats disgusting, why Roytam1 wouldn't think of adding portable option in the first place I don't like this type of workarounds if it was up to me, i would put entire settings on cloud and load it using cloud sign-in
  6. Hi How do i run this browser in portable mode? because everything i run this on a different computer, i've to set everything from scratch! Any command line context?
  7. Win10 is horse shit! PERIOD! Bill Gates needs to be reinstated I hate that ball headed guy who did amazing damage thus far, selling us out and all
  8. Hi Is there a possibility that WinNTSetup can provide option to use Win7 Explorer by pointing to an ISO of Win7 or something?
  9. [RevoDriveX3] Is there any unofficial PCIe SSD XP driver out there? Or is there a way to use Win7 driver on XP? in 9x member's projects, I see KernelEx, is there something like this on XP that can allow access to the drive??? or a Patch?
  10. dencorso == RLoew???

    1. submix8c


      You are SOOOO hilarious!

  11. OK, something is wrong... i've this modded W7 OS (Tiny7, which you can search at the usual place) and your app failed to install that OS (but OS installs fine from CD boot)
  12. dencorso, you live in Brazil?

  13. Fan-Tastic.... downloading downloading downloading...
  14. I was hoping for DirectX 11/12 to be available for XP (since DXVA2 etc) is interesting. Browser-wise, I've moved to Portable Opera. It was a headache when all bookmarks, emails, browser settings were suppose to be set upon every nasty OS install. At least, this is not longer a problem in portable apps...

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