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  1. Win10 is horse shit! PERIOD! Bill Gates needs to be reinstated I hate that ball headed guy who did amazing damage thus far, selling us out and all
  2. Hi Is there a possibility that WinNTSetup can provide option to use Win7 Explorer by pointing to an ISO of Win7 or something?
  3. [RevoDriveX3] Is there any unofficial PCIe SSD XP driver out there? Or is there a way to use Win7 driver on XP? in 9x member's projects, I see KernelEx, is there something like this on XP that can allow access to the drive??? or a Patch?
  4. dencorso == RLoew???

    1. submix8c


      You are SOOOO hilarious!

  5. OK, something is wrong... i've this modded W7 OS (Tiny7, which you can search at the usual place) and your app failed to install that OS (but OS installs fine from CD boot)
  6. dencorso, you live in Brazil?

  7. Fan-Tastic.... downloading downloading downloading...
  8. I was hoping for DirectX 11/12 to be available for XP (since DXVA2 etc) is interesting. Browser-wise, I've moved to Portable Opera. It was a headache when all bookmarks, emails, browser settings were suppose to be set upon every nasty OS install. At least, this is not longer a problem in portable apps...
  9. You know, 2K files may solve it IF 2K doesn't have these problems (link mentioned in first post) and most of these problems i see, probably comes from registry or the way explorer.exe was modified in XP to read/save settings in registry but i clearly remember reading w98 saves folder window size and reads it right from registry. If someone from around here, has already faced these, solution may exist "somewhere" First thread post was to directly ask for solution, this thread however asks for "XP Member projects" (given the common goal for modding/replacing OS for better usage, i thought this place may link me to such area easier, if it exists). @herbalist: Wasn't XP support ended already??? You go to neowin, mention "XP" anywhere and they will stampede on you... (even laptops, computers etc stopped preinstalling XPs). I've found GUI mod projects long back (FlayAKite OSX, Inspirat etc) surely something must be "out" there...
  10. 9x members? is there xp member's proj somewhere? Some bugs are not likely to get fixed by MS XP... Can some files from 9x get used in XP? which can fix something from above link? I've given up on google...
  11. 01. Default folder size: Just create new folder, double click and see the size. How to change this "default" size so every new folder or unopened folder open with user specified size? (I don't want to open, change size and close to save OK??) 02. Browse window size: This is the window we see when we SAVE/OPEN files. I found "FileOpenPatcher" on Internet but it only saves height, NOT width. Does anyone know of decent patch for COMDLG32.DLL??? 03. How to disable these empty folders???: %ROOT%\System Volume Information, %PROGRA~1$\ComPlus Applications. Don't tell me what it does, because i already know and have disabled them (also services associated with them) 04. How to save size & position of removable devices such as USB sticks?: On harddisks, open+resize+close saves folder size but this does not happen with USB sticks etc...
  12. Hi I tried to install XP to partition (all default settings, no tweaks, winnt.sif used) and it just... pauses at black screen (after bios) After this I tried the old version 1.4x and it worked as usual...
  13. that bad huh? not that i'm interested in some war or something... but one does get questions about disconnected news... i'm almost resident there and... could not have known (without your linking)
  14. Thanks for the link @ reboot.pro wonko, but, how come this v 2.0 was not even mentioned by original creator? Excuse me but,...Did i missed the part where JFX became "was_JFX" there?
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