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  1. Just got the 4 gigs of ram the other day. Im stuck at 3.0 cuz i cant adjust the processor voltage on my board. solid state drive is the next thing on my wish list.
  2. I keep getting the same error with it making 143kb file. I get the same problem even when im not using files from my system. Ive tryed on Vista x64 and XP x86. Ive uploaded my log. Logs.20080729_001421.7z
  3. im thinking he is talking about xp mce with the mce cd being the second cd.
  4. slipk487


    im not sure if there is anything like that to rebuild the cd. you could use 98lite to take out what you dont want and then if you know anything about imaging you could image your drive. then you could use a cd to restore it and its much faster then installing windows.
  5. you should use hfslip and the hotfixes listed here to update your 2k4 build.
  6. just now seen the post. problem is i graduated and no longer work at my school. its just a standard win2k with sp4.
  7. im about to graduate on thursday and that is also when i lose my job with the school so i will have to get a new job before i can upgrade my computer. i have never really followed intel but usually hear there better overclockers. just dont have much experience overclocking yet. all i need now is the cpu, mobo, and ram. i also have a Thermaltake Big Typhoon heatsink which will come in handy while overclocking. but i think ill take the intel route when i get the money.
  8. well i haven't had the money for a new mobo, ram, and cpu. i did get an 8800GT tho. finally got my computer to overclock and it was the most stupidest thing that stopped it. i dont have a floppy drive in my computer so i disabled it in the bios. well after enabling it i was finally able to get it to overclock. i have it at 2.2 @ 38C. just dont have the time to really go at it. graduating on thursday so after that ill be able to sit down and push it to its max. just going to have a lot of trial and error.
  9. you have to have at least sp1a to install sp3. dont matter what sp you have if you slipstreaming and if you using mce you cant intergrate it right or media center will downgrade and break features and if you manually install it will also break features. for mce the only option is to allow automatic updates take care of the job.
  10. sorry it took so long to get to. I've been busy at work and haven't had a change before to test the error again but i have the error now. it happens during the installing drivers portion.
  11. im pretty sure its the size it takes up once installed not one the disk. the wim files on the vista dvd are compressed then expanded onto the hard drive during install.
  12. then if it goes the same way it did for me this is what i did. i got wmp11 and ie7 plus there updates because i wasnt sure if sp3 had all the updates for wmp11 and ie7. then you put those in the hf folder that hfslip makes. then you would just have the sp3 exe in the hf folder to. after that just run the script and follow the directions. after it finishes you will have your xp with sp3, wmp11, and ie7 in the sources folder. as long as all the hotfixes are for the spanish version then your set. all you have to do now is use nlite if you want to customize it and then just burn it to a cd.
  13. i used hfslip to integrate ie7, wmp11, and sp3 into my xp gold cd with no problems at all.
  14. just use something like winrar or inno setup to make a installer for it that would place it were u want and to make shortcuts
  15. ive ran chkdsk and the problems still occur at the boot up.
  16. im setting up a old laptop with a wireless card and now everytime i boot it up i get 2 errors. it says that a device dile that is specified in the SYSTEM.INF file is damaged and the 2 files are vnetsup.vxd and vredir.vxd. i have no idea what do to to fix those errors during the boot up process. both of the files are in the system folder.
  17. how much bigger is it. you might be able to burn it if u enable overbrun or w/e its called. my advice would be to use nlite first to remove any components you know you wouldn't need.
  18. ill post it tomorrow when im back at work edit. didnt work today so ill post the error on monday
  19. its a file that i know is in vista but have no clue why its looking for it. get the gameux.dll from here and place it in the sys32 folder and see if you get that error still.
  20. its easy. this is what you have to do. it doesnt matter were u have your files on a cd but the easyest way is to have your drivers in a subfolder in the directory were u have DriverForge.exe lets say this is your setup X:\DriverForge\DriverForge.exe X:\DriverForge\Drivers\(anything in here or subfolders deeper) you directory would just be \Drivers Question of my Own. Does this work on windows 2000 because when i try in run it on Windows 2000 i get some kind of error after i hit start.
  21. you wont be able to use more then 4 gigs on any 32-bit os. im not sure if you could upgrade xp to server. i would suggest that you take a look into the Web Server 2008. if you want to be able to use more then 4 gigs of ram just install the 64bit version of it instead of the 32bit.
  22. there is no official TweakUI for x64. Neosmart Technologies was the company that made the x64 version of TweakUI. its the closest thing you will find to an offical TweakUI. http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=6
  23. i have a x-fi extreme gamer. suites my needs perfect. i use it for gaming, music, and videos. i haddnt come across any problems running it in both x86 and x64 vista. i would say anything about the extreme gamer is a bit overkill but its all up to the user. dont know much about the extreme music card tho. i know that on the extreme gamer the felxijack is also an optical output but you need a special adapter from creative. the nice thing about the ASUS card is that it has a hardware decoder/encoder for Dolby®/DTS sound. i have read nothing but good review for that card to. was thinking of getting that card but when it came down to getting a sound card i didnt have much cash to spare. still saving up to upgrade. thinking of getting that card. the only problem with that card is that it only supports EAX1/2.
  24. Score 4.8 Processor - 4.8 - Opteron 170 stuck at 2.01 GHz Ram - 5.1 - 2x1GB G.Skill Graphics/Gaming Graphics - Both 5.9 - 8800GT Superclock Primary HDD - 5.4 - WD 250GB
  25. what drivers keep having a unsigned driver policy error and is there anything like the ignore driver siging policy that you can enable with and unattended setup or even have the usp modify the winnt.sif.

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